Kumkum Bhagya 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi challenges to snatch Kiara from Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to answer his question as Abhishek Mehra is not asking this, but Kiara’s father. He says when I came to hospital, Nurse told me that you are Kiara’s mom, I told her that you are my Pragya and not Kiara’s mum. He says I didn’t know that I will get to hear my life’s biggest happiness from someone else’s mom. He says I heard Kiara and your conversation in the hospital and was confused thinking if he shall be happy or sad. He says Kiara is our daughter, and you have snatched 1000’s of happiness which I was waiting for…to hold her, raise her up, her first birthday, gift etc, you have snatched everything. He says you didn’t tell me before, but why didn’t you tell me when you met me. He says although he has a daughter, but he thought himself

fatherless. He says when I was telling you about Kiara, you didn’t melt and tell me about her. When Tanu wanted me to accept her baby and said that Nikhil’s baby is mine, you wanted me to accept that baby and asks why she didn’t feel any sympathy for him, and didn’t tell him about his own daughter. He says do you want me to yearn for her die. He says I will give you the same pain which you gave to me. Pragya says no. Abhi says I will take my daughter with me, and says I would have taken you with me if you had told me before, you have kept Kiara away from me for 7 years, now I will keep you away from her all life.

Pragya recalls her dreams and says she is my daughter, you can’t do this. Abhi says where it is written that a father has no rights on her daughter. Pragya says she is my daughter, I gave her birth. Abhi says she is my daughter too, I gave her blood. Pragya says I kept her in my womb for 9 months. Abhi says you have kept me away for 7 years and tells that he will take her. Pragya says she is not your daughter, but of Mr. King. Abhi is shocked and says she is my daughter, I know. Pragya says you know the truth and you are misunderstanding. Abhi says I know this is lie.

Servant asks Kiara and Sunny to have milk. Kiara and Sunny ask something else. Servant says he will give what Pragya asked him. Sunny tells Kiara that he heard his parents talking about her and were telling that your real father was someone else. Kiara is shocked. Aaliya takes King to his room. King says I am married. Aaliya asks him to become serious and says I asked you to know about Pragya’s past. King says I tease you, joke with you, but there is no way to talk about Pragya as I trust her fully. Aaliya says it is foolishness to trust someone blindly. King asks her to tell someone new and asks not to manipulate the things and don’t add any spice. Aaliya says I thought your wife told everything. King asks her to come to point. Aaliya says your wife is a cheater, and she might be in your heart, but she has someone else in her heart. King gets Kiara’s call. He says my daughter called. Aaliya says she is not your daughter and goes. He picks Kiara’s call and she says I am scared after knowing something. King asks her not to be scared with any ghost film. Kiara says she wants to know something and asks if he is her real dad. King is shocked. Pragya tells Abhi that King was always with Kiara in her pain and happiness, and never left her. She says he is best dad for her.

Abhi recalls his moments with Kiara and says you are lying. Pragya says I am saying truth. Abhi says if she is not my daughter, then why do I want to call her daughter, want to hug her, and tells that we have resemblance with each other and says when I hugged her, I thought she is my daughter. Pragya says she is Mr. Singh’s daughter. Abhi says she is my daughter and I will not believe you. Pragya says you are doing wrong. Abhi says Kiara and I will meet for forever. Pragya says I am her mum and is saying that Mr. Singh is her father. Abhi says you don’t believe your words and says my love, life and relation is with Kiara. Pragya says you can’t prove that she is your daughter. Abhi says I will prove. Pragya asks him to prove. Abhi says you have 7 days to love her, and says I will prove that she is my daughter, and says when my 7 years punishment ends, then your forever imprisonment starts. He asks her to accept the challenge.

King asks who told you that I am not your real father? Kiara says Sunny told me. King says I am your real father and asks her not to think all this and asks her to ask her heart. He says you are my princess and asks who is your father? Kiara says you. King asks who loves you the most. Kiara says you. King says even I love you the most. He says once I come home, I will tell my princess her favorite story. She asks her not to tell anything or talk anyone. King thinks Aaliya might have told someone and Sunny must have heard. He thinks to teach her a lesson so that she don’t try to ruin her name. He thinks I don’t care for himself, but cares for Pragya and Kiara. Tarun takes Neha to side. Neha says you got courageous and tells him that she has won in the thugs of war and will rule over him. They have a talk. Mitali sees them talking and asks Neha to come. Neha says sorry to Tarun. Mitali takes Neha from there. King asks Chachi, did you see Aaliya? Chachi says no. She thinks King is asking about Aaliya rather than asking about Pragya. She thinks Abhi and Pragya meeting secretly. Pragya walks out thinking of Abhi’s words. Abhi looks at her from the other side of balcony. Song plays jab tak jahan me subah shaam hai……..They come face to face and looks at each other.

Abhi says today is the last day for enjoyment for you as tomorrow challenge will start. He says you have to lie many times to hide the truth. Abhi asks King to tell him about Kiara.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Agar ek samay aisa aaye ki abhi ko kyara aur tanu, dono me se kisi ek ko chunanaa ho toh abhi confuse ho jayega aur bahut sochane ke baad woh tanu ko hi chunega….aisa hai abhi. Agar abhi sach me pragya ka wait kar raha hota toh woh tanu se shadi nahin karta…King sach me bahut achha hai, joh pragya ka achha sochta hai…abhi ki tarah nahin ki bas tanu ka achha soche….

    1. What are you talking about? Abhi is right in his place and Pragya is right in her place. And here Pragya is wrong because she is keeping his own daughter away from him. What he said is true. Yes he married Tanu but he never touched her as a wife. Yes Abhi knows kiara is his daughter and Pragya is hiding it but Pragya is dragging it to much. What Abhi said about Pragya how when she found out that Tanu was pregnant and she faked it saying it’s abhi’s than Pragya was the one who told Abhi he has to accept the baby. She was ready to break the marriage because she believed her lies and it was due to misunderstanding so yes Abhi is correct. If Pragya can tell him when to break the marriage than Abhi can decide what to do with kiara life. You can’t deny the fact she’s his blood. What Pragya is doing is wrong. She felt no sympathy for Abhi when Tanu was pregnant so why should Abhi?

      1. Pragya’s choices regarding Tuna’s child were for the protection of the child. She thought of the child and the child’s life.
        Currently again, Pragya is in fear of her child’s safety. Further…she is dead to Abhi remember? Have you ever been dismissed from your family and your life?

        Also notice that Abhi does not think about he child…excepting for pleasing his own selfish ego. It’s all about his ego. His demands. The bully, Abhi does not think. And we all know, that Aliyah tells him what to think. A psychopath.

        That does not make for safe parenting. He cares more about his ego and his demands being filled. He has not thought at all about what is right for the child.
        By the way, having the same blood is no guarantee that actual parenting will happen.
        Abhi is a selfish brute who is incapable of thinking a thought all the way through to the consequences. Abhi is a child himself, controlled by pschopaths. Notice that Aliyah and Tuna fish have everything they wanted?? Abhi is too dangerous to be allowed near children because the psychopaths and Mithal are always arounfd him. You do not allow children around a mentally deficient bully and his psychopathic controllers . That would be child abuse. All abusers can pretend to ‘play nice’ for short periods of time.

  2. Very depressing turn of events. Now the writers want to torture a young kiara. This series is not a love story. It is a torture story. Emotional torture for the viewers.

  3. I don’t like Abhi anymore, I hate any man who will want to take a child from the mother. I now see Ahbi like Ahlia very self centered and arrogant. I wish Pragya will take kiara and move back to London. She is better off with King. He loves her now. I really don’t want the mehra family to destabilize kiara’s life. She has escaped death once already. Please writers give us a happy ending. Ahbi is supposed to be on his knees begging Pragya for all the horrible things his family has done to her. His sister killed Bulbul and he knows it ! What a selfish lover!

    1. I completely agree. Abhi has not rite to claim Keiara. Selfish for wanting to hurt Pragya. I don’t like him anymore. Always selfish. where was he when Pragya and keiara needed him?

  4. suggestion…have kiara gather everyone in the family except King to stand under the chandelier and then cut the rope….THE END!!!

  5. It feels abhi is a psyche. His love is always in the form of torture. A husband who insults a wife,misunderstands and further leaves her trusting others. How can we decide he actually loves pragya. He should surely ask for fathers rights but he should also know that itshould not effect her childs career and mind.When pragya actually needs him he was never there. What grounds does he asks for rights.If you trust other people more than your wife what he expects from her.

    1. true I don’t like him anymore. this is too much. and when are we going to see why he marry the shark.

  6. One more addition to the villain in the Mehra family. Abhi
    Pragya what the hell is wrong with you. Where is your spine please stand up like you usd to before the leap it’s about your daughter damn it get up and blo*dy hell give the Mehra’s back for all they did to you and your family . Let Abhi go to court for custody and then there you can open up the past and all the evil , murder kidnappping attempts made on you. How bulbul was killed and how abhi just kicked you out and married the woman who tried to kill you so many times and how they hate kiara and how she would be at danger in Mehra mansion let all the 3 ie Tanu aliya and Abhi be behind the bars ..marry king and go back to London He is much of a man than Abhi .. Abhi is getting sick day by day

    1. I agree with this comment 100%…good analysis.

    2. Alka, if all what u said happened the film is end so the writer does nt want d show to end now dat is why she made Pragya dumb

  7. Marie Raphael

    Lord, I can’t believe this serial is so depressing.
    A little girl has whose world is perfect begins to question the identity of her father because sunny heard disha and purab talking.
    ( Kiria has a mother who will cross the milky way for her, a man who raised her, love her, care for her, fulfill every wish of hers, give her a home and identity) it simply shows ungratefulness’ as a child. )
    ( king isn’t her father but performed all duties as a father)
    The man who just went inside an spit in the woman, because he longed for fatherhood his wishes should come true. There is a difference between wanting, longing etc.
    Pragya is one dumb ass stupid, shameless and disgrace.
    She is like a statue in front of Abi. The man she loves for seven births. How stupid.
    Own your big eyes woman’s and stop romancing or sharing eye lock, honestly even your sad song look is so f**king boring.
    I can’t see you as a woman, either in reality or tv show so weak, all the murder attempts, kidnapping, car accident with your mom( she became paralyzed for a while) doesn’t that mean anything to you ? No wonder your daughter might run off from you, because she ain’t care for you just like you aren’t paying heed to all things that happen to you, your mother and sister because of sindoor in your forehead and your selfish craving. You are like one of those woman whose husband abuse her, but still she chooses to say because she is afraid of good treatment or walking away.
    Your sister was pushed to suicide, a car ran over you, I can’t count the times you were humiliated.
    Lastly you became inauspicious , murder of his dadi, you were thrown out, you became dead for him. You forget all of that so suddenly?
    All of a sudden you are wrong for not allowing abi to became a father? Yet you couldn’t lunched any nuclear weapon on his talk you just stood there like a statue.
    Purab is responsible for that, she could have shut his stupid wife mouth but no everytime she gets angry when its about pragya and abi because she want them to unite, their love is true, pragya is depriving abhi of his rights as a father. Her instincts telling her that kira could never be kings daughter etc. They all want abi to be happy but about pragya, bulbul should reapper and she should see how it feels?? If bulbul to reapper in soap land it will be like her marriage to purab isn’t valid and bulbul and aliya should team up on her, then after all of that lets see if she still wants purab , or would do like pragua?

    1. I agree with this comment 100%…good analysis.Marie, you too couldn’t have said it any better…i agree with that sindoor reference..because of the sindoor, they should live with the spouse through kicks, cuffs, slander, murder attempts, rape, insults etc… This is the most frustrating serial ever on Indian TV…

  8. Too much. Like any judge would allow a child to enter the Mehra Murder Mansion. All Pragya has to do is tell the truth about her history with this family of murderers. Can you imagine? Even Mithali will target the child Kiara. “Well, those two interfered with Neha’s life so I will interfere with Kiara’s life” Can you imagine that monster amazon anywhere near your child? Leaving a child with Abhi and his ‘wife’ who s*xually gets off on hurting children and the elderly?
    Abhi, his sister, the sl*t leech and Mithali are animals of the worst kind. They are human animals that become creatures from hell and the four of them should be put down. The emotional highs and lows of this production are just so ridiculously silly that there really is no real engagement. After all, being appalled by the stupidity is finally, not a response to the characters, it is a response to the producer and writers. Why do the writers and producer always have to decide that every conflict must become a challenge, a competition. That’s criminal. Abhi is a criminal monster and will remain a criminal monster. “Let’s ignore the facts, let’s have another fight to see who will win” The basis of this show is to always fight. To victimize further. To destroy, more. No resolutions …like normal humans are capable of choosing. Pragya’s now famous look of bewildered fear has become incredibly stale and tired. Overused, it no longer evokes sympathy.

  9. Pragya don’t need to remind Abhi that he threw her out 7 years ago, he needs to be a man and raving like a damn cry baby, he’s the one who let Pragya go, so now he wants to be a father he has to learn how to be a husband first

    1. Exactly, Maureen. First he needs to become an adult. That means cleaning out his home of all filth. I do not believe that he will ever be allowed to grow up by his owners… Aliyah, the sl*t and Mithali.
      The producer herself wants to see any chance of normalcy destroyed. ‘Love’, compassion and trust are not a part of Ekta’s world. Competition, lust, greed, murder and never-ending conflict is the way, the only way that criminals feel alive.

  10. @ somu Abhishekh has no right to claim his child remember he Abhi is the one who through Pragya out of his life

  11. HaHA! Perhaps the world is finally getting tired of the tawdry minds, like Ekta Kapoors…and yes, even that of the Kardashians!


    The reason I bring up the Kardashians so much is because Ekta Kapoor and this production seem to run at the same level of tawdry, belligerent and demeaning attitudes.

  12. Leisa s morris

    Aaarggghhh y y y. Im so fed up of these writers as a mother I woulda launch several missiles at abhi dat he wouldnt even know where ti duck and hide. Who tell him dat kiara would even want to live with him? Yes she likes him but her mom is her world abd king right after.. wat kinda man tells a kids d truth lije abhi did? Once sgain its all about him and his wants his desires. Wen he dodnt want pragya he threw her aewsy now he talkin bout rights, stueps. Writers stop makin pragya a damn footstool and let her stand up dor her rights

  13. Abhi just acting like his sister. Don’t understand him he claims that he love Pragya but given her all the miserable that she can handle. The creators they’re making the show dreadfully ridiculous

  14. I’m not allowing by BP to shoot up because of Ekta Kapoor… She thrives on controversy, just like Donald Trump, really f**ked up psychos in real life. All I want to say right now is that neither Abhi nor Pragya are without blemishes….this isn’t real life but if it was, I’d say Pragya should never have come there to live. With certainity Kiara’s identity couldn’t be hidden from anyone especially the piranhas, any human associated with Pragya must feel their wrath, why not Kiara too?? I also agree that the court case should be a blessing in disguise if the writers have their heads screwed on properly..and I hope that Pragya opens her goddamned mouth and spill our everything that she’s been subjected to in the past from the piranhas…and if Abhi has balls in his pants, he’d believe her this time and throw the stinking piranhas out of his life because it’s because of them that he’s been robbed of 7 years of Kiara’s life, Pragya is not only to be blamed, in fact she’s a victim of Ekta’s dead brain cells, which is so distasteful that Pragya’s character has become tainted and ridiculed in the process. Sigh…Pragya would forever be the poster woman for abused women, even when she’s right, the blasted woman cannot defend herself, all she does is stutter and frown and my goodness, this has actually aged Sriti as well, she looks so stressed out. If only she could get up and walk away from this serial! She deserves better…its because of the Balaji banner she stays on board, she sells herself short…Sriti can do better but say what, some people just enjoy others walking all over them, I guess it’s stimulating..

    1. Loved your last sentence Naz! I was wondering yesterday if Sriti Jha was actually smarter than the whole crew and was using her natural gift to fool everybody into some power for herself. I doubt it. Do actresses in India become stereotyped after a role of this length? I agree with you seeing her aging as well. But she remains the consummate professional in her work. I still believe that she is the star. I never saw Abhi as being a good actor. He has improved incredibly with the director working with him. Abhi was definitely a better actor than both Alia and Tuna. And please, don’t let this Ekta Kapoor production affect your BP! : )

  15. Uff…Its the same story line of kasam there pyaar mei…

  16. Abhi has always been a villain and an idiot to boot. Pragya was a character with a lot of developmental potential but they turned her into a sobbing wreck. Neither Pragya nor Abhi are healthy for Kiara she should just stay with King.

    Who wants to make bets on the reincarnation track that we know is coming?

    I think Tanu will kill AbhiGya, Aaliya will marry King to keep her golden ticket Kaira who will be Abhi’s sole heir. Aaliya and King will have a son who resembles Abhi….

    EK is predictable.

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