Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragya bails out Rishi and tells Abhi about Priyanka’s truth


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Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rishi is brought to Inspector’s cabin. Inspector asks Priyanka if he is the same guy who misbehaved with you. Priyanka recalls molesting him. Pragya comes to the police station. Inspector asks Priyanka to see and tell him if Rishi is the guy who molested him. Priyanka gets up and says yes, he molested me. Rishi says she is lying and I didn’t do anything. Priyanka shows the marks on her neck and says you behaved inhumanly with me. Abhi says I am helpless else would have taught you a lesson. Pragya comes inside and asks Priyanka to stop it. She asks until when you will lie and says these marks and her stories are wrong. Abhi says Priyanka is crying. Pragya says Rishi is not crying and that doesn’t mean that he is lying and says his life is getting ruined. Abhi says Rishi

is lying. Pragya says I can prove that she is lying. Priyanka asks why any girl will lie about this. Rishi says you tried to molest me, kissed me forcefully and then opened my shirt button. Abhi gets angry and is about to beat him, but Pragya stops Abhi. Abhi asks the inspector to do what is needed and says identification is done. He gets a call and goes out of the cabin. Inspector signs constable to take Rishi to lock up. Pragya gets a call and says I am coming.

Rohit and Bittu are outside the college. Bittu says Lakshmi devi is coming seeing Rhea. Rohit says Chamundi devi. Rhea comes to him. Rohit asks her not to touch him and says he is honest to Prachi. Rhea says you think that I am interested in you and asks him not to come to college again. Rohit tells me that he came to meet Prachi leaving everything in Hoshiarpur and you are asking me to stay away from Prachi. Rhea says I am not interested in you and you are safe with me if you want to get your love then stop coming to college. Ranbir comes to college and waves his hand at Rhea. Rohit asks who is this guy, I have seen him with Prachi.

The lawyer comes to the Police station and tells Pragya that he brought bail papers. He gives papers to the inspector. Inspector asks constable to bring Rishi. Rhea asks Rohit where did he see Prachi and Ranbir together. Rohit says here. Rhea asks him not to get friendly with Ranbir. Rohit and Bittu see Rhea going with Ranbir. Bittu says this guy has both the girls at his side. Rohit says this girl must have setting with this guy and she will not let anything happen between Prachi and him. Bittu says she must be jealous. Rohit says we got your bhabhi’s address, but we are bearing her as we shall keep our friends close and enemies closer.

Ranbir gives the purse to Rhea and says she has forgotten it in my house. Rhea says I forgot it really. She says I feel you are cute sometimes. Ranbir says when not cute then hot hot hot. Rhea gets shy and says bye. Rohit tells Bittu that they are in love.

Rishi is in police custody and thinks what Priyanka had said. Priyanka stares at him from outside the lock-up. Constable comes and asks him to come out. Priyanka tells him that she doesn’t want to hurt him and asks him to believe her, says she can take him out, but he has to do her work. Constable asks Rishi to come and says your bail is done. Rishi tells Priyanka if she heard and says he doesn’t need her and asks her to stay away from him.

Ranbir drives the car at a speed and then drives it at low speed. He calls Prachi and asks her to tell how much shall be the speed of the car. Prachi says she can’t tell even if she knows about driving and says she doesn’t like driving. Ranbir calls her lecchadi. Prachi says the word is nakchadi. Ranbir says you give a lecture and that’s why lecchadi. Prachi asks him to park the car at the side and talk to her. He stops his car at the side and asks how do you know that I stopped the car. Prachi says I have common sense? He asks why she didn’t come to college. Prachi says she is having a headache. Ranbir asks her to take care and call him so that he can increase her headache and says bye. He thinks if she is unwell. Prachi thinks she is having headache and Maa is not here to apply oil.

Rishi comes to Pragya. Pragya says bail is done. Rishi says today you have proved that you are like my mother. Pragya makes him introduce to a lawyer. The lawyer asks him to sign the papers. Pragya sees Priyanka coming there and stops her. She says your limit ends here and asks her not to move on. Priyanka says you have crossed the limits and got his bail even though you are a woman. Pragya asks her not to act. Rishi hears them. Priyanka says Rishi is lying and is guilty. Pragya says I know the truth and asks her to concentrate on her studies and career. Priyanka says she will get Rishi jailed and asks her to just wait and watch. She thinks if Rishi comes out then how I will do deal with his Nani and blackmail him to marry me and break relation with Shahana. Abhi calls Office and says he is not coming to the Police station.

Priyanka comes to Abhi and cries, says Rishi’s maasi bailed him out. Abhi gets shocked and sees Pragya and Rishi coming out. He walks towards her and asks why she is doing this? He says that guy is the culprit. Pragya says if he is culprit then he wouldn’t have been out. He asks can’t you see he is evil. Pragya says can’t you see she is lying. Abhi says I saw Rishi running from office and his clothes were opened and Priyanka’s clothes were torn. Pragya says you don’t know what Priyanka has done. She says Priyanka had come to her house to tell me that she loves Rishi very much and asked her to get her married to Rishi. She says when I refused, she threatened to cut her veins. She says she is complicated and needs treatment. Priyanka says she is lying and says I didn’t do anything. Abhi says she doesn’t lie and asks why did you do this? Priyanka says I did this and asked her to get us married as Rishi told me to say this. Rishi is shocked. Priyanka says he said that he will die if I don’t do this. Rishi asks when did I say? Priyanka says he wanted to marry me as he doesn’t earn much. Pragya asks Abhi if he heard her childish excuse.

Priyanka says Rishi asked her to do this. Pragya says if you are truthful then wouldn’t have lied. Abhi says enough and says you wouldn’t have supported this wrong guy. Pragya says Rishi is not wrong. Abhi says you will know later that he is guilty and says you are going away from me because of him. Pragya says we went far long ago. Abhi says ok, you can support Rishi, I will support Priyanka. They walk separate ways.

Precap: Abhi tells Priyanka that Rishi can’t touch her and tells that he will be punished. Pragya tells Disha that one sided love’s end is very dangerous and says they would have been together if King had not interfere.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I can’t believe that if he is the same abhi who used to love pragya…if he’s the one who even after hating her planned a fake marriage of her with Suresh to unveil tanu and alia…so many love stories r cooking up side by side that we guys r totally confused that whether to feel bad about rishi , curse abhi, smile while looking at RanChi 🙄🙄🙄🙄
    In order to balance every emotion they have ended up messing it up completely…now I understood the problem of masses that everyday they watch the show at 9 just becoz

    No other logical show comes at that time
    And if, comes doesn’t have big stars
    Isn’t produced by big banner becoz they r not getting time from such crap
    They watch everyday with the hope that now today something new will be seen

    What’s the use of ruling industry when u have not given anything new to watch to viewers

    Till now no one came to know about all the shit…. next week will be occupied by family and their VFX expressing…their fight and all the melodramatic sequence 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
    #zindagi barbaad

    1. You are correct RV. Ekta knows how to be a winner. Kill any possible competition and immediately start appointing herself as the winner of the race. She has had the money and influence to set herself up… especially making sure that no competition arises. Suppressing India’s real talent by not allowing that talent to even enter the gates of the studio/building/office. And so that no one becomes suspicious, she brags about bringing ‘unknowns’ to the screen. What about some unknown producers, writers?

  2. What exactly was that cloth wrapped around and thrown onto mini-Aliyah/Rhea’s body? Is this actress so desperate for attention? She’s been hiding her tacky tattoo. She’s lost some weight and her botox doctor likely won’t overdo the lips again. But what is she going to do about the rabbit teeth? Her walk and deportment which clearly screams, “I do not have one once of ‘class’!”
    So Ekta Kapoor was told that she was too ugly to become an actress as a child so was pushed to become a producer by her parents. I wonder if that is why she continues to choose very very less than beautiful actresses. Maybe she’s trying to prove to her parents that very very less than beautiful women can become actresses. Who knows? I clearly do not like Ekta Kapoor. Her parents were wrong. The woman is not ugly in her face. Personality, well obviously. She’s a jealous wretch. I hope she gets over herself. Mind you, the very very less than beautiful women playing evil (Aliyah, mini-aliyah, Priyanka, Meera) do provide a good laugh while they prance around believing that they are beautiful. They dishonour the honestly beautiful women of the world… who do not require botox, surgery and Korean makeup technique.

  3. I believe strongly that viewers want kunkun bragya to end on a happy note. Dear writers and producers There is still some happiness in the world not only kidnspping, goons, terrorists or police stations. Let’s see some good family happiness for a change. I read not watch hoping to see ahbi and pragya happy again. I suspect thst to end the series the writers will kill them like they killed Dadi and bulbul. Disastrous!

  4. What is wrong with these two.. met after 20 years and none seems interested to know more about the other daughter… just going after nonsense..

  5. Pragya and Abhishekh look fine living as single parents they just need to know what the daughters who are separate to them doing in carrier or for their future life.

  6. Verma4

    Abhi thinks that no woman can lie even to get her way ?? How was Priyanka allowed to meet Rishi after attempted rape? Is it a prison or a zoo? Abhi has lost all his thinking marbles.

  7. Very very bore serial abhi did not understand pragya till all his full of life. The scenes are coming again and again no developments and no turning point still. What is thinking the director of this episode i think he create the new members and will go upto serial no. 2000. Ha ha ha please stop the serial very soon very boring to see the childish reasons and gallattas.

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