Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update : Lovely and Sikander patch up

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Dadi is brought home,Amyra runs to Kulfi and hugs her all are surprised,Amyra says thank you for saving my dadi,Lovely thinks why is she being so sweet to Kulfi may be because she sang, Amyra says dont ever do that again and leave without informing, Sikander walks to them,and says Amyra dadi and Kulfi are back all is good now,and hugs them and nothing will be bad now.

Kulfi in her room goes through her mothers book and says may be this has my dads information.Lovely says Sikander you aren’t wrong but i know what i did is wrong but my Amyra is my priority and will do anything for her,
i know you love her too but not as much as i do,and i cant see tears in her eyes and if something is wrong i may take it, Sikander says i get it but can’t get along with it, and we need to

get along with it,lets try and understand this point of eachother and both hold hands and hug eachother.

Mahinder walks to them and says Sikander do you know Tevar a new singer, Lovely remembers her dad talking about replacing Tevar with Sikander, Mahinder says Tevar has sang instead of you in Kapoors film.Sikander says why wasnt i informed, Mahinder says its been relised and he is been famous too, Sikander says its alright it had to go it went,im just worried about ma,she is worried about something did she talk to you,Mahinder says no and looks at Lovely and thinks we wish we could tell you we are worried about Kulfi your daughter.

Amyra dancing on a song, Sikander wakes up and says this will wake up ma,Kulfi also finding who it is and sees Sikander and both walk to Amyras room and see her dance,and start smiling,Amyra says dad says this is new singers song Tevar and i loved it,Kulfi says what kind of song it is,Amyra says its rapping,dad did you like me singing it, Sikander says yes,amyra says dad its so cool you try it too, Sikander says yes i will but your dadi is asleep so use headphones.

Amyra with her friends and discusses about Kulfi as her torcher, and says he is trying to take my place in this house and he has to leave this house and never return,her friends say dont worry we will help,Amyra says ve quick i cant act anymore as his friend.

Sikandar near Dadi,all near her,she gets,Dadi calls Kulfi close and pulls her ears,Kulfi says its painful don’t leave me,Dadi asks tell me where were you going leaving your dadi, Sikander says it was my fault i scolded him,Dadi pull his ear and says dare you i will throw you out of the house.Amyra jealous leaves the room.Kulfi hugs dadi and says never, Lovely says you are getting too attached to Kulfi she has to leave us one day,Kulfi thinks she is right let me show Sikander sir moms book,dadi says dont leave us and go,dadi insists on leaving bed, Mahinder and Sikander force her to rest, Sikander says im going cancelling all recordings and be with you.

Sikander makes call to agents and they insist Sikander on rapping, Sikanderpur denies and says im into Indian music and im not fond of them and neither sing, they say if Sikander doesnt cooperate they shall opt for Tevar.

Pre cap: Kulfi hands Sikander nimrats book and says this is my mother’s may be it has something written about my father.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks for this …it is such an amazing show this show tells the love bind between daughter and father .this show also based. On singing . I am very fond of this such an emotional show.?????????

  2. Yeah it is a nice series until the writers get a brain wave and butcher it up.

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