Woh Apna Sa 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna lives as Arjun with Jia

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Scene 1
Bini says Akash what happened? Who were you thinkning about? He says when will tell Jia everything. That Krishna and Arjun.. Jia says what are you talking about Krishna and where is he? Akash says Krishna saved Arjun and took him to hospital. He went out to investigate. Jia says I want to thank him. Akash takes his parcel.

Akash opens the parcel. Bini says who sent it? He says I don’t know. It is a fish. Akash reads the letter. Thanks for always being with me you are so special. He says must be some patient. She says wow special gift for special friend. HE says what are you trying to say? She says you know what am I saying? He says I am not interested in your guessing game. He leaves. Bini says he got angry at me when he is cheating? Nisha says calm down and focus on observing him more.

Krishan tries to sleep with the bandages. He recalls his moments with Jia. He sees her photo with arjun. Jia comes in and says you didn’t sleep? She says you never left me like this before? Krishna swipes her tears. Jia says I love you. He nods. Jia says you should sleep. He nods. Krishna sleeps next to her. Jia looks at him. He sneaks out when she falls asleep. He looks at her. Nisha sees them and says he is being close to Jia. I have to do something.

Scene 2
Next morning, Krishan comes downstairs. Akash says where is Jia? He says she isn’t in room. Jia comes in with a doctor and says Arjun he is here for your dressing. Akash says I would do this. Doctor says we would dress it daily. Jia says we shouldn’t treat our patients. Jia says we will do dressing after breakfast. Lets go arjun.
They take Arjun to room. Doctor opens his bandages. Jia sees his face. Bini screams.. Jia runs downstaris. akash says bini are you okay? She says my stomach really hurts. Jia says it should be food poisoning. SHe says please take me to hospital. Jia says lets go. They all rush to the hospital. Krishan takes off the bandages. Nisha says what are you doing. He says enough. I can’t help you in all this anymore.
Precap-Police comes to Jia and says we want to tell you something about Arjuun. You filed a complaint about him missing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. hi Naz good to hear from you; girl i am so fed up with the one storyline thing in all the serials that i have lost interest and i am not that avid watcher of the serials anymore; you want to tell me the more we the viewers express our opinions the more the writers giving us the same shit my gosh is there no end to all this repetitive nonsense, by now we the viewers could write storyline for ztv because we know just what they the writers are thinking you could say we are inside their heads by now; we know this because of how all the storylines are linked together so why watch these serials when we could watch something else do you know i never saw jodha akbar from the beginning so i am watching that now on another channel and i am enjoying it so far anyway i will be on the forum ever so often; girl look how long these serials running and they could never end happy they always move on to another storyline and like i said nisha is definitely from the catline family because she could never die and impossible things occur like falling off a cliff or getting stabbed in the heart and they always bounce back talk about resilience LOL i remember when abhi threw pragyas ass out of the house after he blamed her for dadis demise pragya walked off a cliff and imagine she was pregnant at the time and not one thing happened to her or the child talk about impossible well girl these serials have it LOL and the writers dont care a damn as long as they are making the monies; will chat again soon my dear friend.

    1. Lol…..happy to touch base with you Sapphire, it’s been long. I’m watching Jodha Akbar all over again on CNC3…..I agree with you, all the serials have been juiced out and the same thing over again and again. How have you been dear? I’m doing good so far by the grace of God, minor pain here and there, you know how it is. I’m watching Ap ke Aajane see, Kaleerein and ISA…Mehak and KKB on the same page…new chapter. Take care friend…till i chat with you again..btw, im watching world cup football these days…no game like football for me.

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