Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update Gunjan proposes Sikander and Nimrats marriage.

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kulfi hears gunjan talk about remarrying Sikander with Nimrat, Bebe asks gunjan did nimrat talk to you about it, gunjan says no she didn’t but I know she will agree, Bebe says I know you want good for Sikander, gunjan says look he will love nimrat, because there is no hope left in this marriage now, Lovely hears that and applauds.

Mohendar and Sikander discuss about situation. Lovely says to Bebe and gunjan that we aren’t divorced yet and you talking about his marriage, call Sikander right away, Kulfi says please don’t wake him up he just slept, Lovely says shut up you are the problem, and you see your mom in this nimrat right, nimrat says please not kulfi, Lovely says shut up all, and kulfi you are friends with Amyra but still you let nimrat say and so you never can be friends with her, and call Sikander I will believe only when he says this relation is over.

Sikander and Mohendar walk out, Kulfi hugs him and says don’t be angry you will spoil your health, Lovely asks are you fine Sikander please look at me,you said you won’t end our relation, but look your family, Sikander says stop I will answer you, sikander makes a call to councillor and says make your report I want this divorce, nothing can help us. Sikander says lovely you always spoke about breaking us and two days back you left saying we aren’t together anymore and for last time I’m listening to you, you won and I lost, but just for the last time, Lovely says husband wife keep fighting, Sikander says I was your slave and now not anymore,you have crossed all limits now, you wanted me to choose right, I choose kulfi and end this marriage.

Sikander shows Amyra her crown and says remember you broke it and I mended it but if it breaks again I can’t manage to mend it and so is the relation between your mom and me and nothing can save us, I tried hard, to keep us together but now I can’t I lost everything, this divorce has to happen, amyra says dad you can’t do this, you promised me family no 1, sikander says I love you, I can’t choose either of you, sikander says no you don’t have to, we will give you our time one by one, amyra looks at Kulfi and says you will be with my dad all the time and I will get half, you all did this to stay with eachother, dad you divorced mom to stay with Kulfi, Kulfi you made my mom dad and me cry, I hate you,amyra runs away.

15 days later, Sikander sees a card sneak in his door, and many such cards already there, he collects them, Kulfi standing out of the door, both feel each other,Kulfi starts singing, Sikander smiles listening her song, all waiting outside sikanders room for him, sikander opens the door and joins her sing, Kulfi says you are angry right so you locked yourself in room and didn’t talk to me,sikander says no dear you aren’t at fault, every person is responsible for their sadness, and I have to take responsibility of my mistakes and do things right, first I will take divorce, nimrat very happy.kulfi says I’m going to call amyra, Sikander says not now, she is upset I will convince her later.

Kulfi helping gunjan in kitchen,nimrat joins kulfi in kitchen,gunjan says kulfi you make parathas but call me before cooking them, come nimrat. Gunjan asks Bebe and Mohendar to talk to Sikander about Nimrat, Bebe says we should give him Time, Mohendar says gunjan is right we need love,in our life, I will talk to sikander, gunjan says best thing is sikander and Nimrat she will bring happiness back in his life.

Mohendar talks to Sikander and says once this divorce think about your future, Sikander says no ways, all this happening to me because of my last mistakes and I already have two girls in my life, my all life is for kulfi and Amyra, Mohendar says and if someone wants to be in your life I mean kids will grow up and you should have someone in your life too, sikander says I had in,y one when I loved and I left her and now I can’t.

Pre cap : Kulfi says to Sikander you make so many good decisions for me, sikander says because I love you, Kulfi says I made one for you and promise me you won’t deny, Sikander says promise, Kulfi says marry nimrat.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. What a load of BS..So on top of the abuse of children now its a marriage while u are still married..whats up with these people..why the obssession with marriages..

  2. Lovely is now asking how can they get Sikandar married when he’s already married. How soon she forgot that he was already married when he married her.
    He’s a bigamist! I have a feeling Nimrat is not dead. These writer will bring her back in some illogical plot.

    Now Lovely is out of Sikandar’s life what’s stopping his selfish family from telling Kulfi’s truth?
    He need to divorce the whole lot of them!
    This Nimrat has already started with Kulfi…..she need to realize kulfi and Silandar are inseparably.

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