Kumkum Bhagya 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Disha asks Abhi to remarry Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi coming home and falls down in the hall. Disha runs to him and asks why did he drink and when? Abhi says when did I drink? Disha says you are not in your senses. Abhi says I don’t want to be in my senses. He says Pragya’s love gives happiness at first and then becomes unbearable. Disha asks what happened? She asks if he met Di? She takes to room. King is thinking about Abhi and Pragya. Door bell rings. King thinks to talk to pragya about marriage. Pragya comes inside and tells that there was much traffic. Kiara says Kiara and my relation can’t break so I want your and my relation…..Just then Neha comes there. Pragya says she didn’t get bridal wear till now. They go inside. Disha asks Abhi why did he drink today? Abhi says I want to live with Pragya, when she is with me, I want to commit suicide and die. Disha asks what happened? Abhi says this hope is dangerous, it becomes reason of life and death too. He tells her that there is no medicine to heal inside, so he had a drink. He says how I will make my mind forget it, and says my heart will cry. I want to end this heart and mind war. Disha asks what happened? Did anyone say anything? Abhi says Pragya is going to marry King. He says from where did that joker come in our lives. He tells that King asked him to stay away from Pragya and Kiara. He says how to stay away from pragya and Kiara when he knows that Pragya is his wife and Kiara is his daughter. He says what to do.

He talks to Pragya’s pic and cries. Pragya tells Neha that Chachi will give shagun with her hand. Chachi hears Neha coming there and pretend to sleep. King says this ritual is important, I will wake her up. He calls her. They find her awake. King calls her. Pragya says she will wake up in sometime. King says he will put cold water on her and starts the countdown. Chachi gets up and asks him not to throw water. King asks if she was awake. Chachi acts and says she was sleeping. She asks Neha why she came? Neha says she came to take the bridal clothes. Chachi gives her clothes and says Tarun will make you wear mangalsutra tomorrow. She gives it to Pragya asking to keep it. Pragya admires it thinking about Abhi. King asks if she liked it. Pragya says that’s why she brought it. King clicks the mangalsutra pic and goes. Abhi says he wants Kiara to call her Papa, but now Pragya and Kiara will not return, I will be alone. He says king feels that Tanu is my wife and I have no rights on Pragya. He says it is kumkum bhagya’s relation and not a joke. He says he told me that he will marry Pragya and asks if it is halwa. Disha asks will you marry her?

Abhi says I am already married to her. Disha asks will you remarry her and says your bhagya is connected with kumkum and nobody can separate you both. Abhi says king told that he will marry Pragya. Disha says did Pragya tell, no and says marriage can’t happen until she want. She says we will not let these complication happen. She says if you tell King that you are already married to Pragya then he will ask you many questions. She asks him to marry Pragya infront of King. Abhi is drowsy and says King told that he will marry her. Disha sprinkles water on his face and says once you marry her, Kiara will come here with Pragya di. Abhi says King said that Kiara is his daughter. Disha gets angry and asks him to understand. She says to set your life, to make Pragya return in your life, you have to do something. Abhi says I will do.

Chachi tells Tarun that she wants to tell truth to him and don’t want to keep him in dark. Chachi tells Tarun about Abhi-pragya and king-Aaliya and says whoever goes to that house, his mind get corrupt. Tarun says I will not back off. Chachi says something is going on between Abhi and Pragya and between King and Aaliya. Tarun says it doesn’t matter to me, and says everyone has the right to get their love. Chachi is surprised and thinks he also come into Kalyug siyappa. Abhi gets shocked hearing Disha’s words. Disha asks him to marry Pragya and lectures him on marriage. Abhi says I know its meaning. Disha says your divorce didn’t happen and talks about Tanu. Abhi says my marriage with Tanu is not marriage and asks her not to talk about her. He says Pragya regards King as her husband, why will she marry me.

Abhi asks Pragya not to cut his words and just to listen after marriage. Chachi comes and asks whose marriage?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Y anyone needs to make abhi decision if he truly loves pragya no one is needed to take decision if he believes her truly that she won’t marry anyone than me she loves me truly y y y abhi y are u been butchered like this did pragya said to u she is going to marry king

  2. He says Pragya’s love gives happiness at first and then becomes unbearable…..Yeah. OK. What a load of crap!! That house must reek with the stench of manure that comes out from those peoples mouths and actions.

    1. The worst part is that the way Disha and of course Alia and Tuna fish all think, is exceedingly similar to the way the elites make decisions for our lives. Their selfish demands require other humans to become meatbags (Pragya) to be used or discarded as needed. If you are not a criminal elite than you are not a human. Nice teaching of false beliefs. Ekta Aunty must be so useful for Modi’s unspoken dreams.

  3. Just a little ridiculous to hear Abhi complaining about people who lie. He, alia and his beloved wife Tuna fish are the biggest liars of all. As Abhi complains about how injuries ‘inside’ are so much worse, I wonder if he is capable of remembering how many of those injuries he has inflicted on Pragya all by himself, not even counting what his beloved Tuna fish and his beloved psycho sister have also inflicted on Pragya. Every day, throughout each day, that Pragya lived in the murder mansion. We can’t forget Mithali and her ablity to hurt people… on the inside, where it hurts so much more, as Abhi informs us. While speaking to Disha he asks how can he stay far away from Pragya. I would like to remind him that he already knows how to do this. He has already declared her to be dead. “Why?” he asks, “Why have you gone so far from me” . Abhi sent her away with humiliation, lies and hate. Abhi has still not realized that he should be looking at what causes his problems (whore and his sister the pimp of the whore). Sure, the only peace this man ever felt was when Pragya was around. He hasn’t figured out that those moments were because the pimp and the whore were not around. This man so desperately wants some happiness in his life. He thinks Pragya should provide that happiness. He hasn’t figured out that this situation has nothing to do with Pragya. If he wants happiness he needs to get rid of his pimp and the pimp’s whore. His whore. Abhi is a complete mess. But that is the way his sister pimp and the whore need him to be! And now Disha is making it clear that whatever king or Pragya may want or desire is not about them being people with choices to make, for their own lives. No. Disha has decided that the choices that others make for their own lives are just inconveniences/complications to be ignored so that Disha and Abhi can have their desires fulfilled. That’s all that matters. Abhi gets his way. In India, within family relations, when you want something/someone you hurt other lives without any censure to get what you want. And that’s just fine. The rest of the world calls that regressive behaviour, because it is. It devalues life. Gee. And Hinduism is based on valueing all life. Ekta Aunty tells us the truth about India. Right?

  4. Hi all.. Hello Akituster… Been reading silently and refrained from saying anything, I just waited with bated breath to see what King’s reaction would be when the shit hits the fan and here we reach, this point where the confrontation between Abhi and King is becoming very juicy. I’ve not hidden the thought that I’d love to see King become rogue and his conversation with Abhi looks like a duel is about to start! Niceeeeee…..you know why friends, because of the willful act by Pragya for not truthfully confiding to King, a man who gave her his unequivocal attention and protection… from the same man she’s openly romancing under the nose of her benefactor who’s been nothing but kindness personified to her and her daughter…for not telling him the awful truth from the beginning! It’s the fricking pu**yfooting I couldn’t handle, I’d hate anyone to to this to me… Pragya has been living since lie for almost 7 yrs or so…she’s been pretentious, deliberately kept a huge secret from King and had always downplayed the Abhi factor when Chachi tried pointing King in her direction. I’d started hating Pragya’s character since she was romancing her previous abuser and liking it too, does she have a conscience? No!! She just picked up where she had left off… Coming to Abhi, the pathetic man child, he thinks that he can just waltz in the carry on.. Correct me if I’m wrong anyone, if a couple takes a conscious decision to live separately and in this case Abhi threw Pragya’s ass out of his life…for the number of years they’ve been apart, isn’t the marriage null and void? Isn’t 7 years apart the time frame for a marriage to be automatically annulled? So how come Pragya and Abhi still believe that they are married? What about Tanu and I’m no advocate for the whore ok…Abhi has been co -habitating with her for 7 years too, isn’t that enough to say that they are in some cohabitating relationship and she has rights just like a wife, never mind Abhi hasn’t been banging on her door….pardon the pun…but they’ve been sharing a roof!!! I think that Abhi should go drown himself somewhere, either in alcohol, tears or the bathtub, Tanu should make everyone’s life easier by admitting herself to the mental hospital or marry Nikhil, don’t know which one is more enticing…and Pragya should elevate herself from her chains of abuse and become a woman of substance in the role of King’s wife, it’s her safest bet… I hope that King kick some ass from now on… Battle Royale is gearing up…

  5. As for Disha and Purab, they should just find a rock somewhere and make a few more children… Sometimes I feel like shooting them… Literally speaking!!

    1. not pueab my opnion is this disha how can a rockstar cant take his decision of his life whhe wants he took decision of keeping his love in hsi life y cant he decide himself whtherhe want pragya or not this pragya is a slave of mm she will even go to him if he want him or not

  6. Abhi should die from extreme depression and pain…he threw Pragya out of his life and now he wants her back and he’s so smart, he’s been making a play for Pragya ,trying to butter her up, dressing her for the kill, ready to pounce but here’s King who’s no pushover and I can’t wait to see King fight to the end..

    1. Well, Naz we definitely think alike. For a personality like Pragya, I felt some compassion as these personalities are trained from birth to create and insure happiness for everyone else. They have been taught that they have no other worth. But once you hit the age of 30 you should be asking some serious questions of yourself. If your partner had been physically abusive you should know that it is only going to get worse. I see the writers (Ekta Aunty) demanding the educated smart woman… middle class… being shamefully written as stupid. Pragya may be confused but after this much time she has no excuse whatsoever for her behaviour towards King…or Abhi. Why has she been leading him on? I do not wish to believe that a real woman in Pragya’s position would be so simply put… DUMB. That would be the erstwhile writers and the boss telling them what to do. The boss ‘lady’ Ekta Aunty, sure likes to remind people that they need to stay in their place…lower than her, of course. That’s getting pretty damn low. I truly hope that King learns the full truth the whole history, makes some phonecalls and destroys a few lives. (Abhi, Tuna, Alia) After all, King has more money. By all standards in this production and in India that means he is a superior person. More dollars, more superior. King has natural grace. Abhi’s ritalin driven behaviour, Tuna’s desperate mincing and Alia’s awkward looking movements preclude them from ever pretending that they have any breeding or grace. Eeeew! Just had a flashback of the tuna’s dance in that silver bag dress. the tatooed ankle matched so perfectly. I’m rolling my eyes of course. p.s. Good to see you here! Hope your wedding was fun and very graceful for the couple.

      1. Shdn’t it read as Much superior, Akituster ? Will catch up later. ?

      2. how was her dance that day how do u expect that she was lie 90 age child in that dress

  7. pragya why u don’t understand king is far better than abhi for u and your daughter

  8. here in telly updates everyone are judging crctly i dont know if u gyc are i twitter but support fr abi and disha is more there rediculous no one is thinking frm the point of pragya reall feel pity fr her i feel oity fr abhi if he reallyb had waited fr her an seacrhed fr her without marrying that whore but i cant even feel sympathy fr him nows he isthe most greatest villian everyone in mm has guts to degrade insult shame an thrwe pragya out of house but no one has guts to speak before tanu great

    1. tee hee hee! tuna the great! good one!

  9. Shdn’t it read as Much superior, Akituster ? Will catch up later. ?

    1. Could be. I know it is awkward language. I reread it, after your comment. Excepting typo’s which have the red line below them, I don’t really edit. But you did understand the communication, right?
      : ) I doubt that I will start editing, Viji. I’m the type of personality that would add even more, hoping to explain the subject more clearly. You know me (personal opinions in this arena, anyway) by now!

      1. is tuna fish is really good or they are forcing her to be in that position reall confused wth the actress playing this role tanh she has been hate persoally

      2. Yes Akituster. Itz like we all know a little bit of each other in thz forum ?. As I once mentioned earlier, some of us in thz forum have similarities in how we value & honour things & how we view d right from d wrong distinctly. Itz only how we express ourselves individually thtz different. And only bcoz it wz u, I pointed out. Had it bn sm1else , I guess perhaps I wdn’t hv. I merely meant it in jest. No offense meant. So now I know tht u don’t edit. I do. Communication means a lot to me. Am quite particular tht I convey exactly sht I wish to. These r nuggets of info abt us, right. Btw, d top headline in d news feed today says, tht just like her sibling, d Producer hz a son by surrogacy on 27th Jan, tho thrz no official announcement frm her yet. For me, itz d narrative in d storyline & itz execution tht I comment on. Yet I honestly did think passingly why it wz on top instead of perhaps smwhr in d middle or so. Thtz all for now. Take care. Bye.

  10. Sorry. Shd read as Am quite particular tht I convey exactly what I wish to. ?

    1. Interesting VJ. I trust my instincts. I want to speak my personal truth/understanding so I let it fly. I worked very hard to develop that skill, when in my early 20’s. I was born able to see lights, energy flows inside people bodies and the flows that occur when people speak to each other. At age 3, I used to wonder why people would speak but the lights in their body would tell a very different story. At that age I did not understand or know the word ‘lie’. At age 8, I understood that others could not see the things I was able to see, hear, feel etc. I was different. As I was schooled, I understood that one of the things…all those flows were emotional energy. It became a lifelong study for me. As long as you are speaking with normal people who are open to new information …hearing it for discussion/learning… my experience tells me that life simplifies greatly when you speak what is naturally flowing within you and are resolute in being responsible for your words and actions. Every human has the ability to use these natural senses. I find that the majority of people I know truly appreciate my honesty even as it may bring uncomfortable truths. (I find I am ‘out loud’ on this site) The people who dislike me generally have something to hide. We tend to not participate in relationships. The clarity and information that this attitude and the ‘extra’ senses has brought me has offered me a quality of freedom. So this is a drop of information in the endless ocean that is me. Just like every other human. In the end we are all the one and same ocean. We each take very different paths as we walk towards this ‘knowing’. I have found it interesting that I am even on this site, as this show does a very fine job of stopping internal emotional flows within people. It stalls people from moving forward in their own natural progression.

  11. Iswarya. I’m sorry I don’t remember the episode #’s. After the leap at a wedding or some event Tuna wore a dress that I personally felt was defective in design and material used. I think some other viewers felt the same. If you had watched the series then you would know that the actress involved plays a very horrible character. Her acting style has changed rather recently. I’m sure that choice to improve/change was affected by viewer comments. Personally, I have strong reaction to her overdone lips. During this last track, I’ve noticed that she is currently not making her lips as the first thing you see, when you look at her. In a program of this style, decor music etc. the actress ‘s designer required some advice, which they did not get. Tuna did a dance in that particular scene. Her dance was laughable. Truly laughable, and this wasn’t a bit of comedy. Personally, I feel that Ekta Aunty, wanted this actress specifically so that the actress could be humiliated. This actress should not have been given the role, in the opinion of many viewers.

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