Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulfi falls in trouble

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sattu trying to run after the train. Kulfi wakes up and recalls Sattu’s words. She thinks of Nimrat. Nihalo catches Sattu and asks where is Kulfi, you can’t handle a little girl. He says leave me, my kid is alone, where will she go, I will find her. He runs. She runs after him and collides with some. Flour falls over her. Sitaram scolds Nihalo and says come to me when you control Sattu and Kulfi. He goes. Dhadak dhadak….plays… Kulfi smiles seeing outside the window. The man asks Kulfi does she have ticket. Kulfi answers. The man asks her name. She says which my mum kept for me, I m coming from home. She gives round answers and confuses the man. She goes and looks out of train. TT says you shouldn’t stand alone, who is with you.

Amyra plays with her dog. Sikandar comes to meet her. She smiles. He says I didn’t talk to your mom yet. She says mom is angry, she went out, if she sees me talking to you, my life will be over. Lovely’s mum comes and sees Sikandar. He asks for some time. She says fine, just finish it fast, Lovely would be coming. TT says ask your uncle to keep ticket ready, I will come and check. She asks the man have you seen my uncle, did he come to find me. The man says no, did he board the train. She says yes, he could make it, my ticket was right here, where did it go. Her locket falls. The man says her uncle will be coming with ticket. TT scolds her and asks for ticket. She runs and hides from TT.

Sikandar shares his childhood memories with Amyra and asks her to have icecream. She says I just eat sugar free icecreams, I don’t eat unhealthy things. He says your uncle and I used to bet who will eat more parathas, I used to win. She says I will put on weight hearing this. He says fine, next time, I will get whatever you like, promise. Lovely comes and throws the icecream away. Kulfi thanks the man. The man says I helped you, you will help me now. Kulfi agrees. The man asks are you a boy or girl, get all my luggage under the seat, fast. She arranges the luggage. She says my uncle must be looking for me, I will go back to my seat. The man says you won’t go till anyone from your home comes to take you. Kulfi says how can you stop the train, just driver can stop the train. The man shows his watch and says it stopped, I can stop this train too.

He counts and train stops. He asks her to fan air, he will sleep peacefully. She fans air. He sleeps. Train starts again. She says magic. Sattu reaches the station and asks about the train. The man says it will stop at Mumbai now. Sattu cries and says I did late, how will Kulfi manage alone. He prays for Kulfi. Lovely scolds Sikandar. She asks him to stay away from Amyra. She calls him a liar and cheat. She says we have no place for you in our lives, I asked Amyra, she has chosen me, not you, just stay away, get out of here. Her mum stops her. Kulfi fans air. She gets her ticket. The man wakes up and scolds.

The man asks Kulfi shall I save you or not, just get into this bag. He takes Kulfi out. He kidnaps her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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