Ek Deewana Tha 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajan asks Akash-Shivani to re-think about their future

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Ek Deewana Tha 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

KK grabs Radhika’s hand and says, Sharanya please don’t leave me. Radhika turns and looks at him. She gets some unclear flashbacks. She asks him what did he say?

Akash asks Rajan what he meant by re-think about his and Shivani’s marriage? Rajan says he feels his movie project should be cancelled. Shivani asks what about her career? money that Akash has invested? Rajan says they will find solution for all those problems. KK is not in condition of shooting. Akash asks what that has to do with marriage? Rajan says he’s elder than him, he knows relationships better than him. They love each other, but they don’t have understanding. Like how Akash shouted at Shivani yesterday. He will never let Shivani marry him.

KK says he said don’t leave him. Radhika asks he took some name? She asks him to try to recall it. He says why does it matter? She says it matters to her. That name has been bothering her since long. She says forget it and starts to walk away. He asks her to stop saying only she can help him. She stops and asks help? He says since he has come here, strange things are happening. Someone is watching them from outside. He says he doesn’t know how to do painting and sometimes he makes paintings. That old woman in basement. She asks what painting he made? He thinks she won’t trust if he says he made her painting. He tells her, some random person’s.

Madhvi tells Shivani that they love her a lot and they don’t want her to take any wrong decision in rush. Akash says by them not marrying all problems will be solved? Madhvi says she understands they must be feeling bad, they might be finding them their enemies, but parents always want good for their children. She asks them to re-think how they were fighting. If they are fighting like this now, then what will happen in future? Everything is happening so fast. They should give some more time to know each other. Akash says everything was fine until yesterday. They think they don’t have understanding just because he shouted at her once? Rajan says it happened in front of them first time.. who knows how many times he shouted in their absence. Akash asks him doesn’t he and Madhvi fight? They didn’t see their fights, but they didn’t see their love either. When she was alone in London, only he took care of. Rajan says he took care of, so he thinks he fell in love with her? Akash says Shivani came in his life when he was alone. She became his reason of living. Akash gets little furious and tells Rajan that he cannot understand their love. Shivani asks him to cool down reminding he’s talking with her dad. Akash asks her she thinks her dad is right and he is wrong? He walks out. Shivani asks her parents what’s wrong with them? He shouted, so what? After that, he apologized as well. He loves her very much and she can’t live without him. He’s everything for her. If they don’t get married, then she will die. She leaves. Rajan is furious.

KK tells Radhika that he feels they have some connection. Just like how she felt strange hearing that name (Sharanya), he feels same since he came to this house. She feels he’s acting. He says to trust him, he is not acting. She says she can’t trust him. She knows it’s his new way of stopping her. She asks him to leave her room and closes door. KK says from outside, try to understand him. He feels they have some connection. Other side, Radhika thinks connection that he’s talking about has disturbed her life.

A chair is moving back and forth. Suvarna looks at it, but no one is sitting on it.

Shivani comes to Akash’s room and asks him to open the door. She says she loves him and she wants to be with him. It doesn’t matter what others say. She just felt he was little rude, so she asked him to cool down. Akash doesn’t open door. She says she won’t leave from there until he opens the door. She will wait outside. KK comes and asks what happened. She gestures Akash is not opening door. He gestures same for Radhika. Shivani asks him he loves Radhika? He smiles. She asks when that happened? He blushes. She asks it’s serious one, right? He says it will be serious love when she listens, but she is thinking about leaving. Shivani says even Akash is not opening door. They will have to do something. They get some idea.

Radhika calls Akash. He asks any problem? She says she wants to leave. The ghost / mystery person sitting on the chair in basement says even if she wants to go, she won’t be able to.

Precap: Radhika is shocked seeing someone’s (mystery person’s) eye. That person grabs her, covers her mouth and says “Sharanya” in thick voice.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. I do feel lyk it is the ghost of Vyom’s chacha jisko vyom ne acid se jalaya which explains the ghosts burnt type skin..he was also obsessed with sharanya…it can’t be vyom if akash is vyom as we can see through his blurry flashbacks..not sure though..

    1. If its then why they didn’t show vidyut ghost during season 1 I mean before leap?? When shiv was ghost he can’t touch anyone without any strong reason like saving sharanya etc.,!! and had very less powers but now the shadow can touch anyone and has some powers!! With so far what they have shown we can’t able to come to a conclusion that whether the shadow is a ghost or a person with some black magic powers. So let’s keep watching edt and continue the guessing untill the revelation….

  2. Now how Akaash to be vyom( if that mystery man is vyom)? I don’t think so. When he was looking krishika through hole aakshi was arguing with rajvi.
    Coming to today’s episode.. Akaash remind me atharv.. And shivani-krish bonding is so cute. Overall nice episode. But Precap is so interesting.. Hope today’s precap is not tomorrow’s precap.

    1. The shadow or ‘saya’ whatever it is , it cannot be Akash as we saw they were aall together when KK got hit..
      He can be vyoms rebirth…but if that is so who is the shadow.
      People are putting across the they that it could be Vidyut…but in his death scene we literally saw him melt away….Vyom waited for him to die …so how can he come back??

  3. I wish… If we could get aakshi fb scenes❤❤ today when Akaash said about their love ..I really wished if that was shown. But his intensity is enough???

  4. Think vidhyut is still alive and hiding .

  5. Don’t separate aakshi.. Rajan I’ll kill u..

  6. No no dont seperate shivani and aakkash

  7. Love the jodi of akash and shivani..

    The couple looks like that they are always made for each other…..

  8. Interesting precap…vikiram as usual was superb how can we hate him… so don’t make him as a villain in this season but give him dual role as negative vyom ghost and positive aaksh. Vikiram will surely rock in both roles.. and coming to the episode don’t reduce the show running time.Edt has amazing actors so give them more scenes to act and don’t drag the episodes with flashbacks!!!

    1. I know…but flashbacks will be for sometime only…also the actors get some free time to take a breather…as they don’t need to shoot that many scenes ….I think it would become more normal in a week or so

  9. Your Comment
    I feel he cud b vidyut , probably some other solution fell on him n he dint die n vyom cud b unaware of it…
    or he cud b Freddy… when must v helping vyom..
    probably they must have just confused us by showing that face, it must be kk n shivani who must have tried to scared radhika

  10. That thick voice used to given by vyom when he acted as possessed. I think its vyom only. And confusion is akaash’s flashes. Still there is no clarity regarding whether that flashes is of akaash’s or not. If he really getting flashes of past..why he is not thinking about why he is feeling strange when see radhika/suvarna/Rajan/madhavi/kk.. And why he is not recalling why he shouted at shivani. He says he himself couldn’t understand why he did like that. He is now totally unaware of that flashes. And he is not sharing it with shivani also. But on the other hand both radhika and kk getting flashes and they themselves thinking about that. So far there is nothing such is shown for Akaash. So I think vyom and akaash are two.

  11. Namik and shivani scene was too cute. I soo loved it. Precap was creepy. How these people are gonna save Radz

  12. Did anyone see Krishna Cottage? The ghost was living amongst them like a normal human… Maybe Akash is really Vyom’s ghost… Because there is no way Vyom could not die and still be looking so nice and young. As for the disfigured person… Can’t be Vyom if Akash is rebirth of Vyom right?

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