Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update. Kulfi unable to sing

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

with Security guard pushes Sittu out of the gate and refuses to allow him to in. Sittu says he is Sikander’s relative but guard doesnt believe him. Sittu tells him its necessary to meet Sikander so the watchmen gives him newspaper and says to buy ticket and see him. 
Kulfi is getting hiccups continuously and Sittu also gets hiccups. He talks to himself and consoles himself that he will soon find Kulfi. Sikander enters Kulfi’s room and says her that someone is remembering her. Sikander tells Kulfi when he remembers someone he sings and feels relieved. Kulfi says she also does same. Sikander tells her to sing. She is about to sing but Amairya comes and gets angry for loving and singing with Kulfi.
Amairya goes angrily and locks her room. She starts throwing things. Sikander is requesting to open door but she doesnt. Sikander is about to leave when she opens door and calls her dadda. Sikander kisses her and she demands ballons from him. He leaves.
Lovely and Minty are coming in car when Lovely gets breathlessness due to stress. She is tensed because she has to make Kulfi sing backside Amairya in concert without letting anyone know. Minty is also worried and says her friend that he has landed herself in big trouble and now she is also partner in her lie.
Sikander brings Helium balloon for Amairya. She is very happy. Sikander explains her to not cheat and practice nicely to be a good singer. Amairya promises his dadda that she will listen to him.
Amairya goes to trick Kulfi again. She lets go one pair in air and Kulfi is thrilled. So Amairya tells Kulfi that she can take air inside her and fly higher like ballons. Innocent Kulfi gets convinced. Sikander is searching pendrive and finds it. He listens to Kulfi’s recorded song. Sikander cries out of happiess and feels the song is sung by soul. He recalls to where did he heard this voice somewhere.
Kulfi inhales the Helium and tries to fly but cant fly. Amairya says that planned flopped inspite of trying hard. When they both hear Sikander whistling. Both of them run to main hall. Sikander is looking at Kulfi and sings her recorded song ” Giri Dhadam”. Kulfi gets happy and feels Lovely made Sikander listen to her song so now she can sing. She is about to sing but her voice is damaged due to inhaling Helium.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Amairya just like her mom,hope they get what coming to them

  2. I hope situ get in n tell him about nimrat

  3. Mellu

    but amyra ‘s plan will backfire to lovely I guess, I hope so not will happen

  4. There was the same story where two lead girls love to sing one is awesome n another just ordinary singer but life long she used that poor girl voice bcs of some circumstances n that serial was big flop..serial name was Meri awaz ko mil gai roshini….if writer thinking the same like that story then very soon this show going to big flop n boring. …star plus cnt show positivity in the storyline just negativity n more n more villains entry……

    1. Hi cutie u r here ? I don’t know anything about that serial bt in this searial both girls r cute

      1. Yeah dear tsmsp is going off air then just watched this show few episode when kulfi reached mumbai to find her father skinder…..earlier what happened dont know……bt read story on this site n I recognized the old show which had similarly story bt difference is only that war between two heroine n here between child..


    where is the song naina ghar hai saawan ka from.? i cant find it anywhere

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