I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 65- tu kya jane

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Here comes the next update with a new rise hope you guys gonna like it.

Ignore all spelling typo and grammatical mistakes.


Whole hall gets filled with darkness Anika shut her eyes tightly. She start mummering Shivaay but non report her back a pin drop salient accurs but after few second only wheeze( to breathe loudly and with difficulty) of Anika filled in the hall. She start stepping back when two strong hands holds her.

“Aarohi with remote turns on the lights”

Bhavya” Anika di open your eyes light is back”

“Anika slowly open her eyes wipes her sweat” she stares Shivaay rudely and start stepping out when a voice fixes her feet

” Going abroad ma’am without passport” Aarohi reporting to Anika with deadly voice

Anika” check her pocket gets shocked to find it empty she turns and finds Aarohi playing with it. Give my passport back to me”

“Aarohi extend her hand” come and take it.

“Anika orders Bhavya” Go and get my passport from her.

Bhavya” shows her tongue to Anika ?????”

Aarohi” come yourself , take your brand new passport and fly to Italy”……

“Anika shouts” Just give it back to me i’m telling you

“Aarohi lighten up the lighter ” Your brand new passport with new name Right? Is all set to get roasted….. run and safeguard it

Anika” Nooo!!!!

Aarohi ” but i did that see….. passport catches fire

Anika” She runs towards Aarohi don’t do that she about snatch it when………..”

“Aarohi tightly slap Anika”….. A for Aarohi ka Ansh Anu….. Anika falls on the floor and blood exude from her lips.

All gets shocked to see Aarohi eyes blood shot red

“Dev shouts” Aar…….

“Aarohi shows her hand to all” bussss ab koi beech may nahe boley ga( now non is going to say a word)

“Anika trembles on floor” with Aarohi voice….

Aarohi” har rishtey nay tumhain chot di thi na to us rishtaye ko saza do khud ko nahe. Bohat shok hai na khud ko dard dena ka aaj humein tumhein dard aur dard ka eshaas karwatey hai”

Anika” breathing heavily”

“Aarohi marches to Anika” i told you don’t make me angry but you have turn so willful that you……

“Anika pushing herself backward” i’m not scared off you

“Aarohi makes Anika stand squeeze her shoulder tightly” just because of me you are knotted with these relation and just because of me you are trying to free yourself from these relation. So today i’m gonna teach you meaning of relations and what relation you knot with them.

Anika” let me go”

“Aarohi slap Anika B for baba ” she drag her to Dev ?

Dev crying” Aarohi! Leave her look at her condition.

Aarohi” No!! I warned you that stop her yourself otherwise i’ve to show her myself….
Now speak out what relation you have with them?

“Anika gulping with fear” ba.. ba

“Aarohi clutching Anika” just baba..

“Anika nodding negatively”

“Aarohi shouts” then what?

“Anika shudders in Aarohi hold” Anu’s baba

Dev” Aarohi please stop”

“Aarohi slap her again” B for Billuji

Shivaay” Maa! Please

“Anika gazing Shivaay”

Aarohi” your knot name?”

Anika” my husband”

O jaana plays

“Aarohi slap her again drag her to Gauri and Chanda” C for…..

Chanda” tries to hug Anika but Aarohi pull Anika back”

Aarohi” wait Chanda let me make her understand today value of relations.
So who they both are ?

“Anika coughing” chutki and Chanda. She’s my sister and she’s my friend

“Aarohi slap her again”…..D for

Devi g crying” Aarohi beta bus kar do”

“Aarohi wait maa g let me teach her impotance of life ” Aarohi brushing Anika face… kon hai yeh dono.( she points towards Devi g and Bhavya)

“Anika sniffs” dadi g and doll

“Bhavya cries about to run from there when Aarohi stop her”

“Aarohi drags Anika to center slap her again pov” this for having morel from Vanhi she was piosioning your life and you where intaking them with love.

Tumhain apnay hathon say khana sirf hum khila sakhtay sirf hum.

Anika” falling weak getting dizzy”

“Aarohi slap her again” And F for family…. your complete family and you are not Orphan you are not Orphan….. Aarohi squeezing Anika and shaking her hard.

All these relations you can’t purchase them from any market did you get that. Relations are not bought nor sold.

You have your family and you have beautiful relation with them. Did you hear meeeee?

Aur N say phel yeh sab ataye hai.

Anika” hmm”

“Aarohi makes her sit on couch” bring water for her i’m not done yet with my lessons.

Shivaay” quickly gets water for Anika and make her drink it”

“Anika gets bit conscious about to stand but Aarohi pushes her back”

“Aarohi just listen to Anu” what you think i just came ten days back? Hai?

“Anika still not meeting Aarohi”… ….nods yes

“Aarohi squeeze her face tightly” it’s being a month , a month i’m here.

Tumhein sab yaad raha , sab agar koi bhoola to hum bhulaye kyunnnnn?

“Anika gazes Shivaay with shock”

Shivaay” cries”

“Aarohi pull her face towards her” and i’m watching you since that and trying to making you understand that stop playing with yourself but you keep on playing with your life you were taking drugs and alcohol…… Aarohi slap her again…..You tried to commit suicide.

Kaha tha humnay k Anu humain gusa nahe dilao agar humain gusa aa gaya to tum bardaasht kar nahe sako ge…… Aarohi bang her hand on table.

Anika” gazes Aarohi hand”

Dev” Aarohi! It’s enough please spare her for now”

“All pleading Aarohi to spare Anika but Aarohi deny their pleading”

“Listen to me for last time Anu tomorrow with a new rise your new life will rise. You have to do what i’ll ask you to do”…..Aarohi again to bang her hand on table before her hand gets hit with table Anika puts her hand on table so it doesn’t hurt Aarohi.

“Aarohi turns her face and pat her forehead” cries….

After few hours

“Maa!!….. Anika is not in room.. Shivaay reports to Aarohi”

“Aarohi shockingly” What!!!!

Dev” Aarohi now see what you did?

Aarohi” wait Dev she can’t go anywhere she’s inside RM”

Devi g” how can you say that?”

Aarohi” because i’ve changed passwards and non no them except me”

Shivaay” but what if did something with herself”

“Aarohi angrily” is baar woh esa kuch nahe karye ge.

“Dev to Shivaay” let us check the whole mansion call Gayu too we need their help

Scene shifts to basement

Anika looking the whole basement filled with Aarohi pictures.

What you think of yourself Huh? Koi itni pyaari bhi nahe hai ap ok…. that Anika will love you to the depth of seas or like sky got it. I don’t care about you…… koi farq nahe parta Anika ko koi bhi nahe parta itna pidu sa bhi nahe. Kitna, itna sa bhi nahe ap ko kya laga tha k ap us Anu ko chhod kar chali jaye ge to…….

“Anika shouts” what you said?

Ke kisi k chaley jaye say zindagi rukh nahe jati. Hai nahe rukh jati nahe rukhti zindagi per kisi aur ki zindagi nahe rukhti ho ge per humari to larkhara he gayi thi phir bohat sambhal khud ko per akhir to larkharay huwa insaan har he jata hai.( yup u are right that when someone leave us life does not stop it keep on going but that will be someone else too not me my life got stagger then i quite pretty handle myself but finally i collapsed)

Aur woh koi cheez nahe thi k kho gayi to hum baba ki Anu, un say kehatey k humein dusari la dey humein Maaaaaaa ko khoya tha aur ap may humein khud ko kho diya tha. ( And it was not a thing that if it was lost i should order baba to get it from market for me i’ve losted you my mother and i’ve losted myself with you)

She caresses then start singing.

tu kya jaane, tere bin jee na sakenge
tu kya jaane, tere bin jee na paenge

tu kya jaane, tere bin mar jaenge
tu kya jaane, tere bin mar jaenge

Anika splashes paints on wall and starts painting her pain.That ASR is really bad she said she don’t want you in her life but what she knows or what others knows that Anu only wants you in her life.

Koi nahe janta koi bhi nahe janta shayad ap bhi to nahe janti thi ke Anu k liye us ka sab kuch ap thi sirf ap agar ap janti k Anu k liya ap kya ho to ap us raat hum say door na jaati.

tu kya jaane, tere bin jee na sakenge
tu kya jaane, tere bin jee na paenge

“Anika screams at the top of her voice”

I told you don’t go but you didn’t listened me. Whyyyyy? I was pleading you. Maa dekho na dadi kehti hai na k jab sab say pyaar cheez tod jaye yeha kharab ho jaye to bohat badi boblem ho jati hai. Dekho for the first time Maa say Aloo puri jaal gayi. It’s not good sign but you…..she breaks the frame.

na jaana, jaane najaane
mere dil ke sahaare
mujhe chorr ke
mukh morr ke

Anu ko sirf Maa chahiye….. sab thay sab…. Anu k baba, dadi aur golu aur bolu per Anu ki sirf Maa thi Maaaa. To phir kyun humein bina bataye chali gayi.

tu hi mera apna re
tujh ko yeh pata re
nahi torrte
dil jorr ke

(Note: Anika keep on painting and narrating her past)


Aarohi” Anu please don’t cry like this i’ll be back in two days”

Anu” why you are not taking me with you? Are you gusa with Anu look i hold my ears but either take me with you or either don’t go”

“Aarohi calming Anu” see ur chutki and doll are younger then you see they are laughing at you that see our Aloo didu is so big then us but crying like this bolu(bhavya)

Anu” Maa! They are not awear of your fragrance that’s why they are smiling but Anu is awear of your fragrance if i’m that white rose than you are fragrance of it and without fragrance flower dies”

tu kya jaane, tere bin mar jaenge
tu kya jaane, tere bin mar jaenge
tu kya jaane, tere bin jee na sakenge
tu kya jaane…

“Aarohi stops in the mid” Dev! Have you hear this voice.

Dev” No! I didn’t hear any voice”

Aarohi” Anu is singing”

Shivaay ” what ? Maa Anika is singing but we have check all rooms”

Gauri” Maa! Basement is left”

Aarohi running ” she’s in basment ”

All runs after Aarohi

“All reaches basment” Aarohi slowly open the door and all walk inside.

“Aarohi gets numb to find her portrays on wall.”

“Shivaay feels some liquid touching his feet” Maa! See this.

Aarohi” Anu is painting but where she is? ”

Dev” points towards room”

Anika you didn’t listened me…. you lied to me. Anika pat her head with wall and sings

tere bin aise ujrain
ujre na koi rabba

Aarohi” cup her mouth cries vigrously listening Anika ”

“Shivaay with heavy thoart” Maa! Ap kyun chhod kar gayi thi aur kesa chhod kar gayi apni Anu ko?

“Gayu questioning Aarohi” Maa! Please tell how you left Anika di and why she’s not ready to forgive you.

Dev” Aarohi tell them”

Aarohi” about to speak when Anika voice shocked them”

“Anika spoil whole painting ” you cheated me you made me fall in sleep


“Aarohi smiles” ok fine i’m not going happy”

“Anu kisses Aarohi” yup i’m really happy. See Golu aur Bolu Maa is not going. So you two can kiss Maa come.

Aarohi” Anu come lets sleep for hour”

Anu” Maa!”

“Dev takes Anu in lap” Maa woke up earily but you didn’t let her go see it’s evening now so let maa rest and you too sleep then after dinner…. icecream”

Flashback pause

“Shivaay and Gayu” gazes Aarohi with shock

Aarohi ” bend her head down in shame”

“Anika and when i woke up my whole world got upside down”…….. words echoes in Anika ears…… Mr DSR your Wife Mrs Rajput is di…….. Anika screams loudly and cover her ears……. aahaaaaah ??? kaha kaha nahe dhunda tha ap ko…..

aise bichhrre
bichre to yeh jaan bhi ujre
kuch hai phir saans hi ukhhre
ukhre kahoon kis ko yeh dukhre
dukhre meri jaan ke tukre

“Aarohi calls her out” Anu

“Anika gets shocked to hear Aarohi voice” she glups and hides”

o saari duniya se pyaare
ham ro ro haare
hath jor ke
sab chor ke

“Aarohi cup Anika face tightly” Anu open your eyes just look into my eyes for once. And why don’t meet my eyes?

tu hi mera apna re
tujh ko yeh pata re
nahi torte
dil jor ke

“Anika arching her neck” Nahe na

Aarohi ” kyun nahe”

“Anika cup Aarohi hands” just go from here i plead you.

Aarohi” humein ek baar dekho to sahi. Aur kyun nahe dekhti humein batao humein?”

Anika” nodding negatively”

“Aarohi rise her voice” Anu just open your eyes right now

“Anika shiver with Aarohi voice”…. She slowly open her eyes fixes orbs in Aarohi orbs.

Anika get lost in Aarohi ” she keep on gazing Aarohi. Her eyes twinkles”.

Shivaay” gets shocked to see spark in Anika eyes”

Aarohi” Anu”

Anika” hmm”

“Aarohi cries” kyun nahe jeena?”

“Anika keens down cries” mama

“Aarohi brushing her face” kya baat hai Anu. Maa ko bhi nahe batao ge.

“Anika cup Aarohi face sings”

ab tu hi bata de
bata de, kese jeena hai sikha de
sikha de, bewafa hi bana de
bana de mujhe koi bad-dua de
dua de ya tu zehr pila de
pila de par yun na saza de
rabba, dekh tu aa ke
bani duniya khuda re
tujhe chor ke
munh mor ke
tu hi mera apna re
tujh ko yeh pata re
nahi torte
dil jor ke

“Aarohi hugs Anika tightly” forgive your maa.

Anika” humein phir nahe maarey ge na?”

“Aarohi crying” dard ho raha hai?

“Anika breaks the hug sobs” Nahe humein dard nahe huwa per ap lagi ho gayi.

“Aarohi pulls Anika in hug” you are not stone you also gets hurts and your wounds pains when someone hurts you. Now stop crying see Baba Golu and Bolu crying but billuji is laughing

Anika” billuji g ….. Shivaay Maa nay bhi ap ko billuji kaha

“All hugs Anika tightly”

“Anika smiles widely” close her eyes

tu kya jaane, tere bin mar jaenge
tu kya jaane, tere bin mar jaenge
tu kya jaane, tere bin jee na sakenge
tu kya jaane…

Next day @ 8pm

“Aarohi addressing to Anika” come and have your breakfast

“Anika marches to Devi g”

“Aarohi give stern call to Anika” come here

Anika ” but there is no chair”

Gauri” Anika di you take mine”

Aarohi” just come here”

“Dev in low tone” Aarohi it’s enough

“Anika comes and stands next to Aarohi”

“Aarohi pulls her down makes Anika sit in her lap”

All gets super happy

Shivaay” Aww! so cute”

Anika” what are you doing i’m not kid and see all are laughing leave me”

“Aarohi don’t show me just stay quiet….. Aarohi stuff morels in Anika mouth”

Shivaay” Maa! Mujhe bhi ”

“Anika kicks Shivaay”

Shivaay” Aaaaahhhhhh?”

“All in union” what happened? Shivaay/ bhaiya

Shivaay” Anika k….(Anika cuts)

Anika ” kuch nahe huwa….. hai na Shivaay…….. she nods”

“Shivaay reciprocates ” yup nothing happened

Anika” Good nothing happened saliently have your kaali coffee”

“Shivaay sipping his coffee pov” Anika i’ll take revenage for this you just watch…..

“Anika sipping juice pov” bagad billa

Shivaay pov” Rajputani Talwar”

“Anika hit glass on table”???

Aarohi” Anu”

Anika” you called me Rajputani Talwar”

“All cup their mouth” ? he said Rajputani Talwar

Shivaay” maar gaya main toh??

“Anika puts hands on her hips” kis nay bata in ko yeh naam.

Dev” Shivaay!! You are gone now…… ”

“Shivaay splashes water on Anika” runs

A”nika shouts “Chuimui Singh Oberoi and runs after him.

“All cackles loudly”

Aarohi” gazes all with tears”

“Dev cup her hand” thank you for a beautiful rise.

Aarohi” with a beautiful chirp”

Screen freezes on Aarohi face

Precape life to get filled with colors


Thanks for your likes and comments. Keep giving us more and more to post the next update.

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  1. 2day also u forgot to give english translations fr main lines which explains the emotions… dont think im complaing i just luv this plot

    1. Nati

      Sorry sorry today i’ll do it for u. Thanks for your comment.

    2. Nati

      Sukeer dear take this only for u and thanks alot for loving my plot . I hope now all emotions are clear to u.
      After reading do tell how they were?

      ?har rishtey nay tumhain chot di thi na….( every relation has pricked you so punish that relation not yourself. U get really happy by pricking urself. So today i’ll tell you what pain is and it’s feeling)

      ?Tumhain apnay hathon say khana ….( only i’ve the right to make u eat)


      ?Tumhein sab yaad raha….( you hv remembered everything and everyone but hv only forgotten me.. whyyyy?)

      ?Kaha tha humnay k Anu humain gusa nahe…..( i warned you Anu don’t make me angry if i got angry then u won’t be able to bear my anger)


      ?farq nahe parta Anika ko koi bhi  nahe……( Anika don’t care about you did you get that not even an inch what not even an inch. What you thought that you will leave me and….)


      ?Koi nahe janta koi  bhi nahe janta shayad ap bhi……( no one knows no one may be even you were not awear of this Anu only needs you. You were everything of her. And if you were awear of this then u would hv not gone far from me at that night)


      ?Maa dekho na dadi kehti hai na k…..( mother see na what grandmother says that when something very close to u gets spoiled or it gets broken then it’s not good. See for the first time you hv burned Aloo puri)

      ?Anu ko sirf Maa  chahiye….. sab……( Anu only wants her mother. Everyone was their but Anu only wants you only you then why without informing me you left)

      ?Shivaay with heavy thoart” Maa! Ap kyun chhod kar……( Mother tell us why u left her alone and how? )

      ?kaha kaha nahe dhunda tha ap ko…..( where i’ve not looked for u)


      ?humein ek baar dekho to sahi….( just for once look at me. And why u don’t look at me tell me why)

      ?kyun nahe jeena?”( why u don’t want to live?)


  2. Yaar pahley wali anika was good arohi should be punished for what she did with anika and anika should go abroad please bring this like anika is playing with arohi so that she gets her passport back and she could flee abroad please ????

    1. Nati

      Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I’ll think on this………..till than keep reading and don’t forget to comment

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely… The song is so beautiful

    1. Nati

      Thank you so much Nitu you are my big support. ??

  4. Amazing interesting waiting for the next update soon

  5. Please tell me the username which U used for the wattpad and i like this story very much

    1. Nati

      Thank u so much dear u made my day with ur comment. Welcome to Nati di ff. But dear she posted only one epi on wattpad.

  6. ItsmePrabha

    Starting mein bohoth bura laga laga jab Aarohi anu ko Thappad laga rahi thi tab…aur poora basement scene is so emotional and Heart breaking…But dining table scene was soo good….Just Loved it..Shivika were awesome in that scene…Will be waiting for the next..

    1. Nati

      Thank u soooooooo muchhhhhhhh love you????

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