Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 10th July 2019 Written Episode Update : Kulfi introduced as Kulfi Mohendar Singh Gill


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 10th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sikander being asked to introduce both his daughters. Sikander enquires about Amyra from Kulfi.
He leaves to find Amyra while Lovely thinks if Sikander will forgive her. Mia announces everyone will get interesting information about Kulfi.
Sikander is searching for Amyra while Lovely finds her in the bathroom. Lovely doesn’t tell him about her. She explains the real dream of Amyra and tells him she doesn’t want to remain Kulfi’s sister.
Sikander still concentrates on finding Amyra and finds out a letter instead. He reads out Amyra’s message about leaving if he announces Kulfi is his daughter.
Lovely is worried about Amyra and says she has gone through a lot. But Sikander is not ready to do wrong with Kulfi again and keeps on searching for Amyra.

They see the ribbon from her dress, which was tied by Lovely as part of her plan. Lovely emotionally blackmail Sikander for showing her his love.
Sikander climbs up the stage with Kulfi. He remembers Lovely’s plea to save her daughter and starts his speech.
Kulfi is excited to get her father’s name, but Sikander shocks everyone by announcing her name as Kulfi Mahinder Singh Gill.
Kulfi gets shattered to hear this while Amyra is delighted with her successful plan. Mia is also shocked to see the sudden turn of events.
Amyra approaches the stage and joins them all the while smiling and being happy with her success.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. i hate Sikander so much. Such a weak spineless man who has never the courage or the principle to do the right thing. Ever. Starting from Nimrat, Kulfi and even Amyra. He gave nothing to Nimrat and Kulfi and never had the guts to teach one good thing to Amyra. Kulfi was angry at him for what he did at the Holi party but then Sikander had that accident so everything was forgiven and forgotten. But the truth is cry baby Sikander deserves no love or forgiveness. Now too he is only going to cry a river and say sorry to Kulfi but never give her any happiness. Does he have no shame, announcing his own child as his brother’s? really? Kulfi already faced so much in school. Now she has to listen that she doesnt even know who her father is. This show should end. Who is watching this trash anymore even?

    1. You are right. Always kulfi is suffering. Poor kulfi.😭😭😭

  2. Helen Funmilayo

    Sikarndar, is the most foolish actor I have ever seen. Even if a stupid writer writes something so despicable, how dare you. So so bad. Rubbish.mtsheew

  3. u know I just keep on feeling more and more bad 4 kulfi like srsly how can you do that 2 ur own kid that’s just messed up on so many levels

  4. DISGUSTING DISGUSTING DISGUSTING. I’m too angry too say anything else

    1. Why kulfi has to go through so much amayra is evil an so is lovely shikander to

      1. I hate this show now

  5. Sikandar is the main st stupid and dumbest person ever. Amyra walking in with that stuoid grin and he’s still too stupid to realise he’s been manipulated. How dare he always c want forgiveness from Kulfi instead of teaching Amyra a lesson and calling her bluff.
    Kulfi should have screamed outb that I am Kulfi sikander Singh then run out and not look back on a wimp of a father. He, Amyra and Lovely deserve all the unhappiness in the world and never be happy.

  6. Am beginning to lose interest in this serial. How can a girl be so despicable? Its not teaching anything good to d kids. Is like telling them never to be good that evil always wins. As for Sikander, am just speechless for d stupid character.

  7. Disgusting. Outrageous, inhuman. Ugly and wicked. I was happy finally with a temporary change when we got rid of Chandan and Bhola and the real Sikandar back, especially with a changed Lovely (or so I thought). But it didn’t last long. Crying baby is back with the same idiotic and stupid personality. Lovely will never change. How dare she ask Sikandar to save her daughter, and ignore the fact that Kulfi is his daughter? How can she do this to Kulfi when Amyra is alive today thanks to Kulfi? How blind can Sikandar be not to see the manipulation of his evil wife and why does he give in to that spoiled brat of Amyra? How stupid is he not to realize that this was his wife’s doing, after all that she did in the past? How stupid is he not to realize that he has to correct that spoiled brat? How dare he spoil the reputation of his brother and bhabhi without even talking to them about it? I used to like him and feel sorry for him, but now I feel, he deserves to be with Lovely and Amyra and never find peace and happiness. It’s all his doing. But I feel so so so bad for angel Kulfi. This story hurts to much that at times, I feel if I were to meet both girls in person, I would hate Amyra. Luckily it’s just a story.

  8. Writers why ????

  9. Very disappointed with this series, I don’t know why they have to put up with Amayra n lovely, Sikandar is very foolish man can’t even stand on his ground, kulfi should run away from there n go back to her friends who care for her

  10. Such a stupid father Sikandar never have guts.just like Mia men this serial writer is also after trp ,so they never care for Kulfi ,now Kulfi should runaway from this house and go to remand house and from there she should start singing again. Stupid serial stupid serial stupid serial,I hate this stupid Sikandar

  11. this serial is just as garbage this nonsense doesn’t happen in real life instead of waiting 5ime here and money on foolishness do something creative like read a book it’s actually better than rubish

    1. Yes you are true Amyra little girl so cunning just like her mom,tv serial wale ko new little witch or vamp milgai

  12. Nonsense. One child have all worries and sadness in life and other will get whatever she want. No logic. Totally pathetic. This Serial is getting too much bored.

  13. Oh, when is this serial finish? This is the dumbest and the most horrible storyline. Please leave that time slot to something valuable. You guys are abusing children emotionally here. Children should never watch this since this is a totally bad influence. Take this off air soon. Not worth watching

  14. Request the channel persons to finish off this serial bcoz this serial starting on a good track became popular among kids and now what are they trying to show that the kids can manipulate any situation for their benefits and loose inner goodness by hurting others. Please try to show some positive qualities that the kids can imbibe in them or else cut off this crap…..how can the kids working in this show handle so much of negativity… seriously I don’t allow my kids to watch this show anymore….

    1. It also shows that beinrg a spoilt brat and being hurtful is the best way to get what you want.

      This Kulfi is the kind of behavior they have for the suffering Bahus in the other series.

      Kulfi should run away. Let her dead mother’s husband (who he has never acknowledge by the way) love his “only” child amrya.

      So disgusting.

  15. Luv today’s episode…..best episode ever….

  16. everyone is perfectly correct so stupid i stopped watching since long …thank god saved my precious time instead wasting after such a stupid show..

  17. Kulfi should run away and live with the kids from the reform school. Honestly this show should not continue. Sikander proves over and over that he is only father to amyra who isn’t his own child and who they have raised to be horrible and ill mannered and who will no doubt try to kill kulfi soon.

    Kulfi is better off an orphan with the reform kids! She won’t have to suffer this second class treatment in every storyline. This is the last. I SHALL NO LONGER BE WATCHING THIS SHOW.

  18. The serial is repeating same thing and track again and again by giving different angel. I will say writer is smart and we the audience are fool to watch it. Because we watch it and liking the track that kulfi is not getting her right they are creating these all again and again.

  19. Please ye show bandh karo… lovely aur amaira Ko nikalo….ye kya hai Apne bacche Ko side kar k dusre k bete Ko apnana….aaj kal log Apne bacche Ko bada kar le vo bahot hai….aur yaha ulti Ganga beh Rahi hai….Amara ka role khatam karo

  20. Please ye show bandh karo… lovely aur amaira Ko nikalo….ye kya hai Apne bacche Ko side kar k dusre k bete Ko apnana….aaj kal log Apne bacche Ko bada kar le vo bahot hai….aur yaha ulti Ganga beh Rahi hai….Amara ka role khatam karo…

  21. Animal understands language of love but look at you Divya worst than them …….

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