Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep 5

Ruhi is walking while chatting with her friends. A boy is coming from opposite direction, someone calls him, he looks back. They both bump into each otherand fall down. Ruhi is shocked to see the boy’s face (Arjun). They look into each other eyes,  Ishq Mein Marjawan…..  playing in the background.

Ruhi says much to shock to herself – Papa!

The boy pushes her. They both stand up. The boy- Hey, do I look like your dad yo you?  Why are you calling me papa. I’m not much older than you, not at least close to your dad.

Ruhi- I.. I am not calling you papa. I was calling…  uh.. my papa to come and teach you a lesson. Who stands in the middle of the way?

– Ms daddy’s girl, you have two eyes. Use them to walk. It’s you who bumped into me. You should have look at your way for obstacle.

Ruhi- Mr. Obstacle, first of all I am no Daddy’s girl. I can handle my situation alone. And second of all it is a road for walking. Not to stand like monument. It was you was standing in the middle of the way. It was your fault.

– I wasn’t calling for my dad. You were. And I wasn’t standing like monument, I was answering back to my friend.

Ruhi- but you…

Ruhi’s friend: Enough enough. It’s nobodyvs fault. Let’s go, we are already late.

Ruhi’s friend takes her away. She looks back and watches him going. She turns. He looks back and watches her. He turns.

Ruhi’s friend- Why do you fight so much.

Ruhi- Sophia, who was that idiot?

Sophia- That’s Rehan. He joined our class recently, a transfer student.

Ruhi- From where?  He looks a little bit senior.

Sophia- I don’t know. Isn’t he cute. Listen…

Ruhi doesn’t pay attention to Sophia. She thinks – who is this Rehan?  Why he looks like papa. Is it a coincidence or some sort of conspiracy?

Akash is outside of raichand mansion. He is keeping an eye on it as a pest control worker from opposite side of the road.  He hears two people talking.

– Tara ma’am and others came this morning.

– They were supposed to come tonight.

– Yes,  but they came earlier. That’s why there is too much loads of work now. 20 years, and nobody was here. And now you have to make a ready for people to live.

– I thought they are going to stay here for sometimes.

– Haven’t you heard Lakshya sir is joining the police force. They have come to settle here for once and all.

– Let’s go. We have tons of work. Got to finish it fast.

The two man leaves. A car comes out of raichand mansion. Lakshya is driving it. Akash gets shocked to see Lakshya.

The rehearsal is going on at Ruhi’s college. Ruhi is with the production team of the play. She is telling others about the items she brought. Rehan comes there and pick a item and goes. Ruhi stops him

– oh hello!  What are you doing?

– I need this lights.

– These things are not for you. It’s for the play. You can’t take these.

Rehan comes a little closer to her.

– I am taking these for the play. If you still have problem, talk to the director.

Rehan leaves. Ruhi tries to stop him but couldn’t. Ruhi notices the director of the play talking to others about the scripts. Ruhi goes to him.

– Jai, that boy Rehan…

– Ah Ruhi,  I forgot to tell you. He is the new member of your team. He will take care of the lights.

– What?  We are in the last stage of the preparation. How can you assign someone new now?

– Don’t worry he will manage. And you have started the lights work lately, right? And the previous boy in your team, Nihal, he died last week. You needed one.

– Nihal didn’t used to come properly anyway. We ourselves have managed his works till now,  we don’t need a new boy.

– And now you have an expart to losen your work load. The play is in a few days and you need to complete your work. Just work with him

Jai leaves with the others. Ruhi tries to tell him something but couldn’t. When  the crowd moves she sees Rehan standing a little far, smiling at her. Ruhi sighs.

Akash is inside of the house in disguise as a electrician. He sees the photos on wall. He sees garland on Virat and Aanjali’s photo. He finds Tara, Lakshya and Vani’s photo and shocked. He is about to leave but finds Tara infront of him. He freezes. Tara is talking to Sara. He leaves.

Ruhi introduce everyone in her group with Rehan. Than she says

–  Guys remember, the play is in three days. After college tomorrow we need to finish our work. Let’s go home.

Ruhi is on her way home. She is thinking about Rehan.

– That boy Rehan, he looks exactly like Dad. And he is a new comer in college. He is in my class. He is even in the play, in my group. This can’t be a coincidence. There is something wrong. I need to talk with Akash Vaiya.

Ruhi enters the house and sees Akash packing bags.

Ruhi- Why are you packing or bags?

Akash- We will not stay here anymore. We are leaving today.

Ruhi- What! Hey, slow down a bit. What are you saying. Where will we go.

Akash- She is here. She is back. We need go.

Ruhi- Calm down. Sit here. Now tell me, who is here?

Akash- Tara.

Ruhi is shocked.

Richand mansion

Vani is looking at her purse. She remembers the events happened on the mall. She remembers how Akash gave it back to her. Lakshya comes.

Lakshya- What is in the purse? I’m noticing since you have came home from outside you are just keep looking at it.

Vani- Today someone in the mall trued to snitch this from me.

Lakshya- What?  You are telling me now! Tell me how he looks. After joining my first case will be this.

Vani- But a man stopped the thife. He gave me back my purse.

Lakshya- Oh, that’s you are unable to keep your eyes down from the purse. Next time when you meet him, say him thanks from me.

Vani- I don’t think I will meet him again. I don’t even know his name.

Ruhi is sitting in a chair. Akash is standing beside the window.

Akash- I knew she would come back one day. And now she is here. We are not safe.

Ruhi- But why would we be in danger. She doesn’t know about us. We live way too much far than Raichand Mansion. What’s the trouble?

Akash- The trouble is….

Akash stops and bring Ruhi in front of mirror.

Akash- The trouble is our faces. The very moment she looks at them, we are dead.

Ruhi- Our faces? I understand mine but what’s wrong with yours?

Akash sighs.

Akash- Do you remember Abhimanyu?

Ruhi-He is the one who taught mom to fight in a special martial art from, right?

Akash- Yes. That’s his photo.

Akash shows a picture of Abhimanyu to Ruhi. She is surprised.

Ruhi- But he looks just like you. Wait, you looks just like him. Is he your..?

Akash- I don’t know. And I am not at all interested to know. I never saw him. He helped your mom when she was in trouble. I respect him for that. But apart from that if he has any relation with him, I don’t care.

Ruhi- What?  But he could be your

Akash- Ruhi, ever since I can remember I was in slum of here when I was a kid. My mom died when I was young. I grew up alone until one day I met Aarohi di. She loved me. She stands in the place of my parents in my life. I only care about her and you. No one else. But the problem is I looks like him,  a known face to  Tara.

Ruhi- I understands you don’t wanna know about your relationship with him. But it’s about time you should find out. What if you meet Tara someday and she asked you how come you have the face of the man whom she murdered. Don’t you think you should have an answer?

Akash- I am in no mood to meet Tara. And that’s why we are leaving today.

Ruhi- Akash bhaiya, you can’t do this if you are scared. You are not thinking straight. We don’t have enough money to move somewhere from here. Where will we go?

Akash looks at her.

– You know we are planning to move somewhere else from a long time. When we will have enough money than we will leave. But till than we have to stay here.

Akash goes and sits in the sofa.

Ruhi- We just have to make sure that we don’t come infront of Tara.

Akash- Not only Tara, Virat and Aanjali’ son and daughter is also here. And they looks like there father and mother. We need to stay away from them too. Specially you. They don’t know the past, that’s why they won’t recognize me. But you looks like Tara, if they sees you once, they will inform  Tara.

Ruhi- Ok,  I will make tea for you and we will discuss our plan after that.

Ruhi goes to the kitchen. She starts making tea. She thinks

– If I tell about Rehan to him, he will definitely want to go away from here. I have to solve the mystery of Rehan myself.

Next ep- Ruhi and Rehan looks at each other. There is a lots of lights behind them. Akash is going somewhere, he meets vani.

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