Kuldeepak 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Manjila says Chiragh.. Diwan says why you do this with me? What is more important this pooja or chiragh? Manjila says we are doing this pooja for chiragh. Dai says this makes me so happy. Chiragh is ruining the peace of this house. Diwan says ba you don’t wanna listen another person’s opinion. Diwna says i can’t leave my son on the God we have never seen. Paresh says enough Diwan we know you are worried but you can’t say all this. Diwan gets a call and says Yashodin is conscious. Now we all will know what happened to Chiragh. I am going to meet him.
Vidya says promise me you wont’ get too angry? Diwan says I won’t kill him. Vidya says I will go with you. I want to know why yashodin kidnapped chiragh. Please give something to chiragh. He has not spoken or eaten. Shiela says I think he is scared and shocked.
Vidya and Diwan leave. Dai says I can’t let them meet Yashodin.

Dai and Chiragh are in the room. Dai says we have to make sure they don’t meet yashdoin. Yashodin is our enemy. We can’t give him another chance. Go and stop them. Chiragh says they have left already. Dai says you have powers that no one knows about. Go and stop them.
Manjila comes in with food. Chiragh says I dont’ wanna eat. Manjila says please eat. He says I am sleepy. Manjila says I will make you sleep come. Dai says I will don’t worry. Manjila says okay. She leaves. Dai says what will we do now? This manjila will come back to checkup on you. Chiragh looks at the bed. The bedsheet rolls and looks like a person.

Diwan says I wont’ let that yashodin do what he wants. He has to tell truth. Yashodin asked dad where was he born? He took Chiragh there to do magic on him. Vidya says I am mad at what is happening too. But we have to keep our eyes open. His behavior has changed. Our son is in trouble.

Shanya asks Alpesh what do you think Yashodin did all this? He says dad has complete trust in Yashdoin. Shanya says talk about what you think not dad.
Churagh comes and says why don’t they both go to their room. I am getting late. Chiragh breaks a vase. They both go there to see what broke. Chiragh goes out.
he comes in front of a car. A man comes out and says kid what are you doing. Where are your parents? have you been lost? Can you hear? Please tell me where is your house. I can drop you. Where are your parents? Chiragh says I am getting everything. Go from here. Chiragh looks in his eyes. He says where do you wanna go lord?

Vidya says we both want to know truth. We can’t do anything that will ruin things. We have to listen to him calmly. Vidya sees Chiragh in car. Diwan says what will churagh do here? He is home. how will he come here? She says when I hugged that child I knew that wasn’t my child. I can’t be wrong.
Chiragh asks the man to stop the car. He walks out. Chiragh looks at wire and they start sparking.

Manjila says let me go look for chiragh. Shanaya comes with her as well. They are walking upstairs. Manjila comes to room and says Chiragh? Dai says he is asleep. Manjila says he has to eat. She goes inside. The door is locked. Shiela says why is the door locked? Chiragh never locks the door.

Police stops Vidya and Chiragh. They say we can’t cars go unless this poll is clear. It is sparking. Diwan says but we have to go urgently.
Shiela calls Vidya and says chirag’s room is locked. Please come back only you have the keys. Diwan says you take the car and go home. I will go and meet yashodin.
Mili says to dai why are you so worried?

Chiragh comes to hospital. Chiragh looks at Yashodin. He starts coughing and he can’t breathe. yashodin tries to stand up and churagh falls. Chiragh gets up and tries to do magic on yashodin agian. yashodin can’t breathe but he tries to walk towards chiragh. chiragh controls his feet. Diwan is coming there. Chiragh tries to hit Yashodin’s heat on a wall with nails. Diwan comes in, He says yashodin. Answer me. Chiragh hides. Diwan says why did you kidnap my son. What did you do to my son.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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