Kuldeepak 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Yashodin walks towards Dai, she says my dark lord give me power. She throws fire towards Yashodin. Yashodin falls back. She hits him again and hi thrashes with a tree. Dai says I told you you have no idea of my powers. Yashodin holds his locket firmly. Yashodin stands up. He walks towards dai. Dai multiplies herself and she is everywher around yashon. She laughs and says do you have powers like these? Dai hides againand laughs from behind his back. He throws sindur at her. All the witches come and stand in front of yashodin. Yashodin picks up Chiragh and says I won’t let anything happen to you. Dai attacks him. He falls down and chiragh falls too. He faints. Yashdin runs towards Chiragh.. He sees Chiragh at his back. Chiragh is screaming for help. he sees Chiragh everywhere with each witch. Dai laughs. Dai says you will never find Chiragh. All the witches hit Yashodin with their rods. Dai laughs. He is badly injured. The witches keep attacking him.

Vidya and Diwan are on their way. Diwan says I am confused should I go right or left? She says right. She recalls her moments with Chiragh. Vidya says nothing would happen to Chiragh. Diwan says if dai ma has good intentions. Nothing would happen to him. And that dai.. I wont’ leave her. Don’t worry.
Dai continues with her magic on Chiragh. Yashodin lies there injured.
Vidya and Chiragh get out of the car. He says are you sure this is the right place? She says how can I forget? Our child was born here. They both look for Chiragh everywhere.
They see ashes there and stuff. Diwan says someone was here. Vidya sees Chiragh’s shirt on the tree. They both are shocked.
They see more of Chiragh’s clothes. Vidya starts crying. she says I want my baby back. These are chiragh’s clothes. Where did she take my son. Diwan says please don’t give up we will find him. He sees more clothes with a mala there. Diwan is dazed. He says this is Yashodin’s. His clothes and mala here? We came here to find Dai and Chiragh? What is yashodin’s connection? They look around for Chiragh.
Dai ma comes running towards them. She has tied yashodin. Chiragh is fainted. Vidya says what happened to him? Diwan says tell us. Dai says he is scared. He will be conscious. Diwan says why did you take Chiragh from party? Vidya says tell us. Dai says we have been deceieved. I would give my life to save Chiragh. Dai says Yashodin kidnapped Chiraggh and took him here. Diwan says then why didn’t you tell us? She says I didn’t have time. If I stopped to tell you he would have ran away. Vidya says please go home. Dai says you are right. THat Yashodin is very clever. I saved Chiratgh from him somehow. I saw devil in his eyes. Yashodin is trying to break free. Dai says lets go from here. Diwan says I won’t leave that Yashodin. You all trusted him and he did this with our child. They go fromthere. Yashodin breaks the ropes and tries to go after them. A witch hits his head.

Scene 2
Vidya says thank you dai ma. You saved Chiragh’s life second time. Diwan says thank you. She says I can even give my life for Chiragh. She says in heart I did what I wanted. She recalls they asked dark forces to come and they entered inside Chiragh. Dai ma said, today my mission is accomplished. Chiragh has become the king of dark world. Chiragh opens his eyes in the car. His eyes are all red. He looks in Dai’s eye from the mirror.

Precap-They all come home. Chiragh enters the house and lights start sparking. The crows start crying.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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