Kuldeepak 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Manjila says to Dai what did you bring here? She opens Dai’s closet and starts rummaging. She finds a bag and opens it. It is full of Chiragh’s toys. She says what is it doing here? vidya says chiragh plays here. Dai says it tore so I stitched it and placed it in my bag. Manjila says don’t lie. Dai says why are you all accusing me? Diwan says Ba doubts that you do blackmagic on Chiragh. Manjila says not doubt. I am sure. Dai says how would I do that. and on chiragh? Ba checks her bag more. Dai is scared. she says if you doubt me then look in my whole room. Look in all my closets. Manjila says I will. She looks in that closet. Ba closes her bag. Manjila finds a weird puppet in her closet. She says this.. Everyone is shocked. Manjila says why is this puppet wearing Chiragh’s clothes? You do black magic on him this way? Diwan takes it. Manjila says I told you all. You have the proof now. Dai ma says if you people doubt me I will leave this house. Vidya says Dai ma please.. Manjila says let her go. Vidya says you know what she has done for Chiragh. She risked her life to save Chiragh. Manjila says I know the reality. This woman can’t stay here for a second. Dai says I don’t want any problem in this house because of me. Chiragh will turn five tomorrow. I will leave once he sleeps. If I go in front of him he will cry a lot. Paresh says she is right he will cry. Manjila says he will cry anyway. No one will talk in between. This woman has to go. Right now. They all go out. Diwan says I am sorry Dai ma. I can’t say no to Ba. He leaves as well.

Scene 2
Dai is leaving the house. Chiragh is in balcony. She looks at him and does something with eyes. Chiragh comes in the room and breaks his family photo.
Vidya and Diwan are coming to room. Vidya says I dont’ know how will Chiragh react. He might not even celebrate his birthday. Diwan says I won’t let that happen. Vidya says his birthday shouldn’t be spoiled. He says it wont.
They come to room. Vidya says chiragh where are you? He is sitting on sofa. Diwan says why are you sitting in darkness. He is surrounded by glass pieces all over. Viyda and Diwan run towards him.
Diwan picks up Chiragh. There is a glass in his hand. Vidya takes it from him. Chiragh is not responding to them. Diwan says something. Chiragh says what happened? Diwan says how did this photo frame break? He says I don’t know. I will ask dai ma she will clean the glass. Diwan and VIdya look at each other. Vidya says no I will clean it.
Diwan says and we will decide what you want for your birthday. Chiragh says is dai ma asleep?

Scene 3
Dai ma comes to her cottage. She says my chriagh will turn 5 tomorrow. My mission will be accomplished. I can go back there anytime. But see Yashodin I will burn this book. She burns that book.
Yashodin opens his eyes and says that book.. It didn’t reach Paresh. Dai ma burns the book and laughs.
Her sound waves go to Chiragh’s room and he wakes up from sleep. She does some black magic and Chiragh starts walking. She says tomorrow is my day. Chiragh is going outside. Mili sees him. She says where are you going at this house chiragh? He turns back and Mili gets scared. Lights start sparking. She screams and comes to her room.
She says Bhagat please wake up. He says what is wrong so late? She tells him she saw Chiragh going outside. She says when turned back lights fused. I am very scared. He says don’t worry. Chiragh sleep walks. Like in those movies.

dai says I will have to go back to that house. She burning somethings and doing black magic. She says I have to go back before his birthday. She sees a puppet and says sorry chiragh it will hurt but once mission is accomplished everything will be good.
Chiragh comes to Dai’s room and says dai ma where are you? He starts crying and looking for her. Vidya wakes up. She wakes Chriagh up to. They both run downstairs. Chiragh is looking for dai ma everywhere. He sits with sofa and cries. Everyone looks for him. Diwan says he is here. Diwan picks him up. He says Chiragh has fever. Manjila asks Alpesh to call the doctor. Dai keeps doing her magic. Chiragh murmurs dai ma..

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Its not diwan its Dewang and not yashodin but yashodhan

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