It’s Complicated ! But Simple

Ok ! So let’s start with it. Well today it’s 18th April’2017 . So yeh I exactly know what you are thinking . See it’s not easy to understand what everyone says to everyone. Well am I too fast ok I now know what to say. KKK I know I am too ununderstandable. So listen . What did you do in the morning? It’s a usual question and I know it so tell me. Ok I know your answer you woke up brushed your teeth had a bath and blah blah blah… Isn’t it right. And now I ask you what did you do the whole day ? All of you won’t answer the same ? Right ? Now that comes the point. Why ? Maybe because you all did something different . Right. Ok that’s a no. I will tell you. Wait . When I asked you the above questions what did I mean and think. Do you people know? Why? Because all of you have different understanding. What I asked was with an intention , which only I know . But the answer you gave to my questions was with your understanding . So now you know what I meant with “It’s not easy to understand what everyone says to everyone.”

Now let’s relate it to our great Indian T.V shows. First let’s go with our popular Sony tv show “Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise bhi”.

Sona was talking to Jatin , as a friend right. But Dev thought it was something more… And here comes understanding . Dev saw and he thought he understood it fully. But did he? Sona knew her intention and was understanding for Jatin as a friend but was she recognised correctly by Dev? You will say na . That means Dev is wrong is he? Let’s wait for your Answer.

Ok guys now I have written much for an intro and also let me know the shows you people watch and you use to watch so that I can give you more examples. Do let me know whether you like it or not????

  1. Manya

    Post soon

  2. Aarti32

    Interesting..Post soon..

  3. well I don’t think so that dev was completely wrong in way he somewhere still loves sonakshi nd feels jealous seeing him with another person so it’s his only mind made story enabled by his mind to accept that she’s no more that person whom he loved so much .
    also dev also got dejected by her as she left him although he ordered her to go away but in heart he wanna Ro stop her nd want her to be with him but she left .. which leaves dev devastated nd he thought that both 2 important people of his life ditched him so in a way he’s right if think on dev’s side he always tried to make everyone happy he had a bad childhood that’s why had a different equation with his mother which he unable to explain sonakshi but he also loved her more than anything else he cares her , he tried to become a good hubby he never thought to choose between his love n maa… but both of them make him to choose between them…
    many people thought dev is mama’s boy jo vo ek tarike se tha or sabhi ko isse problem thi but can u tell me when a man becomes joru ka gulaam tab kisi ko problem nhi hoti aesa kyu?? jese vo sonakshi se pyar krta tha in same way vo maa se b krta tha nd pyar to pyar hi hota h.. jab so mas apne hubby se b zyada apne bache ko pyar kr sakti h to then ek bacha b to apni wife se thoda zyada pyar apni maa ko kar sakta h… Jab ek patni apne pati ko kisi or k sath dekhkr jealous hoti h uska reason yhi Ro hota h na ki use apne pati ko khone ka darr hota h similarly ek mas ko b hota h apne bache se durr hone ka , or hm sabhi jante h bacha ko sabse ache se uski mas smj sakti or vo use qki bachpan as hi vo bond ban jata h to phir dev b apni maa ko zyada smjega na .. lekin vo sonakshi ko b smjne ki try krta h usne try krna to band nhi kia tha na !!!
    DEV Kahi na kahi aaj b yhi maanta h sonakshi sirf uski h …
    no muje lagta h somakshi me maanana chod diya…
    I want to ask one question ladkiya apne dost p zyada trust krti h na?? vrna vo dev se b puch sakti thi khatri k bare mana vo unpredictable h lekin ye sab jhamela to na hota?? ek baat bolu agr jatin ne sona ka trust ek baar tod diya na to vo use maaf krdegi lekin dev ko nahi kregi kyuki vo uska dost nahi h !

    aap bologe kesa ladka h ladkio ki tarah bakbak krta h so sorry pkane k liye

  4. Darshana

    Interesting..firstly i was a bit confused of what u want to say but then ya i got that point…according to what u i don’t feel dev was wrong..although i didn’t at first…interesting
    keep posting

  5. Priya12

    Interesting yaarr…post asap

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