Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 4th March 2013 Written Update

Nidhi and Ashutosh were on a call with the inspector. Inspector told them that the man they had arrested, got arrested earlier too by Nidhi. So he was taking revenge from her. Inspector further assures them that there is nothing to worry. They cut the call and Ashu ask Nidhi if she remember something like this. Nidhi tell him that she had done that many times but never thought that someone will got to this extent to take a revenge. Nidhi asked Ashutosh to relax and that now everything is well so he has to go to conference Ashutosh relents but give in. He started to get to to go to bed but Nidhi stopped him and asked that tonight none of them will sleep. (Saaiyan music in bg)

Next morning, Ashu checks on divya’s condition. Nidhi sees ashu touching divya and tried to look away. Ashu tells Divya that now he has to go and Nidhi will look after her. Divya shooks her head and said that she can take care of herself. She further ask ashu to be back soon and she will give him a surprise. Ashu said he will be waiting. Nidhi escort ashu to the door and get all sad. (Tere bina jiya jaye na bg goes on) Ashu says he has to leave, Nidhi says, why he is talking to leave. He will be back soon. Nidhi ask ashu to call her after reaching bangalore. Ashu asks cheekily that shouldn’t he call before taking off of his flight. Nidhi asks him to call in the night. Ashu says ok. Nidhi asks him should she come to airport to drop him off. Ashu jokes that now she is talking to leave him. Nidhi pouts and reply if its in her hand, she will not let his go away from a minute. Ashu bid adieu and move forward before he turn and Ashni wave bye to eachother. Nidhi receives a call from Daksh who asks her to come to hospital asap. Nidhi agrees

Nidhi gets in Daksh cabin and ask him what happened. Daksh tells her that they both need to work on a fesibility report to get funds for hospital and they have 48 hours to do that. He tells her that it is imp so that’s why he called her at such short notice and further adds that now Nidhi’s next 48 hours belong to him. Nidhi looked at him and he quickly change his line saying that he meant the her next 48 hours would be spend with him, working on the report in his cabin. Nidhi get to the work straightly.

Ashu reaches bangalore and check in Receptionist gives him conference details, room key and badge and informs him that he has his assistant waiting. Ashu gets stunned hearing about assistant and tells her he is not informed about having one. Lubna enters the scene and tells Ashu that no one get informed for her. She fulfills everyone wishes on her own and tries to get near to ashu while applying his badge. Ashu tries to push her away. Lubna tells her that she is being appointed for him and thats why she has booked ashu room’s next to her’s so she could help him anytime. Ashu tells him that’s not needed but they both left for conference room.

Nidhi was working continously and Daksh wonder isn’t she missing her husband or in being his company, she forget about him all together. Daksh tries to get her attention saying that isn’t she hungry. Its lunch time. Nidhi realizes about time and tells him that she was too much involved in work that she forget about time. Daksh asks her that is it cause she is enjoying his company as much as he is enjoying her’s. Nidhi backed off and tells him straightly that she works with dedication so she don’t look at her surroundings. Daksh gets tongue tied for a moment.

In bangalore, ashu met the other doctors in conference and lubna keeps on sticking to him. A photographer was taking pics. Lubna asks him to take her pictures with Ashu. Ashu let her get some pics clicked with himself but she tries to get too close to him and so he push her off saying that its enough in a polite way. Lubna tries to explain that she want to have some memories of her working experience with Ashu. Ashu denies saying that he might get that written down for her rather than pics. He tries to get back to his room when Lubna asks him that she can accompany him. Ashu denies and left. Lubna goes to photographer and as for the copies of pictures. Photographer agrees

Daksh is standing in the room looking at Nidhi working and tries to get close. He leans in when Nidhi’s cell ring and his too beeps. Nidhi picks up the call of ashutosh excitedly and start firing her usual 100 questions about why he called her so late, flight was on time on not, he gets to the hotel, how will he eat, is hotel room clean or not etc. Ashu laughs and tells her that he got late cause of registration process and further informs her about the assistant that was provided to him. He starts making Nidhi jealous that his assistant is very s*xy, have great height, nice looking…Nidhi fumes in anger and put his call on hold. Daksh sees her ammusingly and asked with a concern face what happened. Nidhi tells him about Ashu’s assistant and further says she is not the jealous kind of wife but why is Ashu telling her about that assistant. Nidhi controls herself and get back on line when Daksh tells her that he got some pics from the conference. Nidhi tells ashu that she got his conference pics and went through them on daksh mob. She sees ashu n lubna pics andget angry. Daksh sees his plan working and smile evilly. Nidhi tells ashu that now…now…now…She is no longer afraid of his assistant. Daksh’s face fell down hearing it and he look at Nidhi with shocked expression. Ashu asks her why? Nidhi replies cause that girl is not his type. She knows his type and there is only one girl that he can approve of and that is in Lucknow. Ashu laughs and agrees saying exactly Doc. Nidhi and Ashu wish each other bye along with take cares and Nidhi again get back to work.

The sharp-shooter came to Bharadwaj’s cabin and take a seat. Mr.Bharadwaj asks him what he is doing in there. The man replies that his man is still in lock up and the deal isn’t finsihed yet. He warned Bharadwaj that the man got arrested hasn’t take any name yet but it willn’t take much time before he says smething. He tells him that he has some other sharp-shooters too who can complete his work. Bharadwaj ask him to stay calm as police is keeping an eye on Verma house and next attack might get them in trouble. He ask the sharp-shooter to wait for his command and they will take down there target somewhere outside. The sharp-shooter agrees.

It was night time and Daksh ask Nidhi to stop working now as its really late. Nidhi tells him that she is just trying to finish a section today. Daksh says that she can do that tomorrow. She has aready worked much for today and he just called for coffees and lunch. Nidhi replies: If you say so. Daksh invites her for a dinner and Nidhi apologie saying that ashu is not here, she is not in mood. He asks out for coffee and she denies once again. Daksh made a sad face and says that Nidhi dont trust him. Nidhi says its not like that. Daksh says her that she has to prove that. Nidhi replies that she will prove when time will come. She leaves his office saying that baba must be waiting for her and bid bye. Daksh evilly thought at the back that Nidhi’s trust on him will prove bad for her as whatever gonna happen in bangalore tonight will surly make her loose her trust over ashutosh for life and will break her marriage

Precap: Lubna tells daksh that ashu is not taking any of her hints of seduction. Daksh gives her an idea. Ashu drinks a glass of orange juice that has some sleeping medicine in it. Lubna enters his room and Ashu faints on the sofa.

Update Credit to: cool_SK

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