Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 4th March 2013 Written Update

Massa is begging Radhe to let Lucky go, but Radhe leaves and the family follows him. Outside KN, they brothers are looking for Radhe but does not see him, they split up and start searching for him. Adi and Karthik are looking and Radhe is behind them but they do not see him and they leave, Radhe leaves in the opposite direction. The family are comforting Nimmi when the guys come back they say they haven’t found him and Nimmi goes to Bittu and is begging him to get her Lucky back, just then everyone is shocked to see Radhe standing before them, he is alone, Shibu goes and point shis gun but Radhe tells him not to as he will kill Lucky.
Shibu puts his gun down, Nimmi goes and begs him but Radhe does not relent. Massa then goes and begs she tells him to spare Lucky but Radhe tells her he doesn’t care. Lucky is shown tied to a chair and he is crying. Radhe is shown looking at Shibu’s gun and then he lurches and takes shibu’s gun from him, he points it at Shibu and then at the family, he then tells them not to follow him and he starts running.
Karthik and shibu both start running but Shibu tells karthik not to as radhe may hurt him, he says he will go after him but Karthik doesn’t agree, they both start running after Radhe. Lovely suspects where Lucky must be and they leave to find him before radhe hurts him.Lovely and the rest of the family finds Lucky and they rescue him from the room.

Radhe is running and Karthik, Shibu, Karantiya, babusa and Massa are after him. Karthik tells Massa to not go but she is scared if radhe will hurt any of them. Karthik and shibu including Babusa run after Radhe, Radhe shoots Babusa in the leg and continues running. Karantiya reaches babusa.
Karthik runs after Radhe and they have a fight to which radhe beats him, Shibu comes there and radhe shoots him in the hand but shibu does not give up, he fights with radhe and falls to the ground, Radhe is about to shoot him again when Massa comes there, she holds the gun and tells Radhe to not to and to forgive them but during the fight, the gun goes off, Massa is shocked, Radhe is shot in his Belly, he falls in front of Massa,a nd lies on the ground, he looks dead. Massa is just shocked, as well as Shibu.
The rest of the family reaches there, and everyone is mega shocked including Komilla. Massa takes Radhe head and laces it in her lap and she cries.
An ambulance takes Radhe’s dead body away and Massa goes to shibu, she tells him to arrest her but Shibu refuses, he says he can never do that, the other sons try and tell Massa she does not have to and that they will take th blame upon themselves, Massa does not accept and she tells Shibu to arrest her, she forces Shibu and he calls and takes the hand cuff and places it on massa, all the bahus and everyone is sad. As she is walking away, Massa folds her hands and begs a teary-eyed Komilla forgiveness, komilla hugs massa and they both cry.
Massa then leaves in the police jeep, while the family are in tears.

The months are passing and then its one year later…
Babusa, Massa, karthik and shibu comes home, and everyone is happy, (seems like the charges were dropped and Massa is home officially).
The entire family is very happy to see massa, massa is smiling but the her smile expresses her sadness.
Komilla is upstairs and she is dress in a bland saree, like a widow (it hurt me to see her like this ), she holds Radhe’s picture and is sad.
Downstairs, the family are welcoming Massa, when they see komilla coming down with her suitcase.
After taking everyone’s blessing, Komilla leaves, everyone is sad and you can clearly see they pain they are in. the scene ends on the entire Kaushik family standing together.

Precap : The new entry (the don character) is seen and he is bullying another man

Update Credit to: Rozey17

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