Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 20th March 2013 Written Update
Part I
Ashu leaves to bring the kit. DB stops & asks where he is going. She asks if Nidhi is not well. Ashbi say that Ashu is going for an emergency.
Ashu wants nidhi to test at night itself, But Nidhi says that they will do it in the morn. Ashu is not happy ‘ but says ok ‘ & tells Nidhi to wake him up before the test.
In the morn Nidhi wakes up & sees Ashu waiting for her to get up ! Ashu asks her to do the test & wishes her luck. Nidhi kisses him & goes for the test.Ashu is prancing around the room . Nidhi comes out with a glum face. Ashu is worried and asks what hrappened. Nidhi confirms that she is preg. They hug each other joyfully. Nidhi says that they should tell everyone

Ashni come out & take blessings of DB & BB. They ask why. Nidhi & ashu look at each other and each is asking the other to say the news. Finally Ashu says that Nidhi is pregnant. DB & BB are happy to hear & congratulate Ashni. DB breaks the news to CS. Nidhi says that she will surprise Anji. Nidhi calls Anji & tells her the same thing has happened to her. Anji asks what. Nidhi says that she is also preg. Anji is excited & says she will come now. But Nidhi says that she is going to hospital for blood test. At the hosp Anji & she abt how nice it is that both are preg at the same time & that thier kids will grow up together. Both discuss about how they are feeling. They discuss same sympoms. Nidhi says that they can fool their hubbies by acting as not well. Ashu overhears & warns that he will tell Ranga. He says that the results will be out tomorrow.

Ashni return. Nidhi says that the tests should have come today only. A phone comes ‘ ringtone is Chanchan. Nidhi gives an intro for Chanchan ‘ the new- serial which is coming on Sony.
At home Ashu is offering Nidhi milk…but she says she hates milk. Ashu says that she should drink for the baby. Nidhi says excitement is so much just about knowing about the baby ‘ what will happen when he/she is born. Ashu says he will leave the job & tend to Ndihi & the baby only. Nidhi drinks the milk.

Part II
BB is having medicine. Ashu asks him to go to sleep as test results will be out the next day only. DB asks if the results are out. Ashu says that it will come next day. DB asks him to go in & take care of Nidhi.

Next day all are having breakfast. CB comes and congratulates DB. DB says she will allow him to come in only if he gives something for becoming a Nana. CB fools her & enters. He blesses Ashni. They all have tea together.

Part III
Ashni is in their room and Nidhi suddenly feels sick & vomits. She says that she wants to have something khatta. She goes to the kitchen & has lemon. Ashu is waiting in the room. He asks her if she has acidity. Nidhi says she is having same symptoms as Anji..He gives her water & asks her to take rest. Nidhi asks for her phone. Ashu says he will tell her when the report comes. Nidhi sleeps while Ashu keeps his hand on her head.

Ashu goes out ‘ the phone rings. It is the doc. She says that the report has come. Ashu asks for the result. She says that the pregnancy report is negative & Nidhi is not pregnant. Ashu is shocked

Pre Cap
Nidhi asks Ashu about the report. Ashu tells her that she is not pregnant. Nidhi is stunned & dismayed. So are Anji & BB

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