Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 20th March 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Meera announcing her mom that she’s not going to London instead will be going to Delhi.Her mom asks why she says she does not know.
She cries and her mom tells her to stop her madness and everything ended with the death of Ani she says it was not her madness but it was her love her mom asks again why she wants to go,she has flashback of the phone call she received.She says she wants to see Ani house and meets his family.
Nandini is plucking flowers and sees Nupur all sad sitting in the garden.She asks her what is the matter Nupur says for breathing also she needs the permission of her dad,she wants to runaway.She asks Nandini if she does not feel the same?Nandini is shocked.

Nandini looks at the house with teary eyes and says how could she ran away since childhood she’s living in this house this is where she got married and today…
Nupur says sorry and tells her if ever she has any news of her dad.She asks Nandini if she does not has any grudges with Balraj as he seized her house.Nandini says because of Balraj help today she’s staying in her own house.
Meera is preparing to leave and her mom trying her best to stop her and tells her why she’s going to search for Ani family when he never committed to her.She asks Meera why is she leaving her own mom for Ani.Meera retorts and says that she’s here only to sell their house and takes her to London.Her mom continuously tries to stop her but in vain and her mom tells her she’ll understand the pain of a mother the day she’ll have her own child.
Meera tells her because of her attitude and she’s always in search of success that her dad,disappears or left them.Her mom tells her not to leave Ani family are strangers and begins to cry and she says sorry.Her mom says she’ll always be worried for her.

Meera collects all her belongings and the gifts pictures as well a recordings of Ani and hearing the convo she begins to cry.
In BM(Balraj mansion) Ani younger sis is reading a film magazine and her elder sis in law tells her it is Balraj(B) rule no film magazine is allowed.she takes the magazine and tells her to hear a bhajan cd before leaving she puts a cd and it is an old recording of Ani,Nandini and all the others hear it they rush in the hall Nandini thinks Ani is back and sees it is a recording she faints.Balraj comes and says nothing should happened to her as she is preggy.
B sis in law acts as if she’s very worried for Nandini.She goes in the kitchen and says that she was also preggy but never acted as Nandini.

In the kitchen there’s a tiff between B sis in law and the daughters as Nandini needs to eat ladyfinger and the B son in law did not buy it.Pallavi asks her hubby to be serious.
Meera is on her way to Delhi and is thinking about her mom words.
Rimmi brings her colours to Nandini and asks for help.Biji comes to check on Nandini who says she’s well and Biji gives her the toys and anklets of Ani.Nandini asks if ever Ani used to wear anklets Biji says yes. Nandini is very enthusiastic and suddenly feels a tummy pain Biji tells her to lie on the bed and thinks about B words.
Meera on her way to Delhi pays a cup of tea to a lady.

Agasthya arrives home at night and his bro asks him his money back.Agasthya tells him where is he standing in all these to look at the house, His bro tells him the house belongs to Nandini father B snatched it and the business also belongs to their father whom B dumped.Agastya goes to talk about the house with B.
B tells Agasthya(A) that it was a deal that the house will be in the name of Nandini son who’s to be born.A asks if ever this does not happens,B says Nandini dad will take away the house from them again but he’s very sure his grandson is coming. Nandini sis in law brings milk for her but finds her unconscious on the floor the glass falls from her hand and the other members rush to see what happened to Nandini.

Biji and one of her sis in law are taking Nandini to the hospital and Meera is in a taxi as the driver does not know the exact address she tells Meera to inform and she decides to ask to Biji as both are waiting at the traffic signals.
In the hospital the doc says he’s sorry biji asks for Nandini whereas B asks for the child.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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