Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona and Ishwari select bedsheets and ask Dev which one he likes. He selects Sona’s selected bedsheets and says Sona’s selection is always best. Ishwari gets disheartened. Sona says she will change Dev’s room with bright colors and make it colorful. Dev continues paising Sona. Iswhari returns home sadly. Mamaji asks how was her outing, if she enjoyed icecream. Ishwari sits silently. Mamaji asksif she ate so much icecream that she got sore throat. Nikki comes and asks why did not she bring her choc icecream, sees bedsheets and says they are very pretty, how come she bought such bright colors while he gets only dull and simple colors. Ishwari says it is Sona’s selection. Mamai realizes why she is sad. Once Nikki leaves, he asks Ishwari she should stop getting sad. Ishwari says she is not sad.

While dropping Sona home, Dev asks Sona to tell at least now those 3 words. She says I love you. He says it is you were right, he told her mom will like her and he knows his mom well. She says he should give some time for mom as it is difficult for her to adjust if someone enters life suddenly. He says mom is happy though and continues chatting and calling her khargosh, etc.

Ranveer’s bhabhi tells mom that they will find money somehow for her operation. Ranveer comes and says he has arranged money. Bhabi asks how. He says he is not buying flat and broker told he will return advance after deducting 5000 rs. Bhabhi says he does not have to do that, they will find money somehow for mom’s operation.

Ishwari selects jewelry and clothes for photo session. Radha wearing facepack and asks when is he coming. Ishwari says 10:30 a.m. Radha asks if she needs facepack. Ishwari says no, she is fine. Neha comes and hugs Ishwari. Ishwari gets happy. Radha says even she is here. Neha asks how is she. Radha says she is fine. Ishwari shows her pearl necklace and says she will wear this. Radha says she did not see her so excited before. Ishwari says after Dev’s papa left, they are clicking family pic for the first time, so she is very excited.

Sona tells Bejoy that she needs to talk something important. Bejoy reading newspapers says Kolkota municipal elections are happening, nothing is more imporant than that. Sona says she thought daughter’s wedding is more important for a father. Bejoy asks whose daughter’s marriage. She says his daughter’s marriage. He is surprised to hear that. Sona says she went out with Dev and Ishwari today and Ishwari accepted her. Bejoy gets very happy and says he will give this good news to Asha and surprise her.

Sona gets ready for job. Elena gives her gift pack. Sona asks who sent it. Elena jokes Tom Cruise and asks if she has any other boyfriend than Dev. Sona shies and opens gift to see hand written card. Elena asks what is written in it. Sona says she should not read it. She herself reads it. Dev calls and Sona says he does not know even to write poetry. He says he wrote what he felt like and asks her to reach home before 10:30.

Neha goes to her room and sees it same as she left, says mom has kept everything same except mirror. Radha says a lot has changed in this house. She asks what. Radha says Dev is in love. Neha is surprised and asks who is it, if Nikki and Ria know about it. Radha says whole house knows, even Radha knows. Neha asks who is it. Radha says nutritionist/Sona. Neha is more shocked and asks if mom is happy. Radha says yes. Neha then goes to Dev’s room and asks why did not he tell her. Dev asks about Sona. She says yes and asks if mom is happy. Dev says yes very much and says let us go down for photo session, even Sona will be part of their family photo, she does not know that. She thinks if mom does not know or Sona, she does not know how mom will react.

Family together pose for a photograph. Dev comes late with Neha. Ishwari asks where was he. He goes aside nd SMSes Sona to come soon. Sona is in auto. Neha asks Ria if situation is under control. Ria says until now yes. Sona comes and Dev asks her to join. Ishwari is shocked.

Precap: Ishwari says she needs one more photo. Dev says he will call Sona. Ishwari says when she did not mind Sona clicking pic with family, Sona should not mind when her family clicks pic without her.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Esme

    Aylaa ye kya kar diya dev babu ne

  2. Esme

    Hey priya..ma was right. …what a guess

    1. Priya9876

      No she is not..
      1st of all to dev ne too kaha sare le lete hai..
      Ish- are dukaan kholni hai kya?? Chall koi ek pasand kar…
      Dev select sona’s choice nd said ” bright colors h to kuch change ko ga ghar pe..”
      Sona- nhi ye bright colors to maine Nikki, Riya k room k liye select kiya tha…. Aapka room to bahut classi hai to hum ye light shades hi lenge… Then iswari ji realx a little bit…
      But dev suddenly ha aap to mere sirf shirts k color change karna chari hai.. Dekh le maa ye mere sare kapde change kar degi…

      Nd Ma ne kya likha hai–
      ” Sona says she will change Dev’s room with bright colors and make it colorful. ”
      ## this is totally wrong aisa kuch v bhi nahi kaha hai sona ne….

      My god MA TO pura meaning hi Chang kar deti hai..?

    2. Esme

      Priya today I have understood one thing Nothing is better than something wrong…

  3. Esme

    Emo torture on sona will start soon…..who will save her???

  4. Esme

    Emotional torture on sona will start soon….who will save her? ???? Dev babu plz give answer. U???

  5. Asmita...

    How stupid Dev is ?????

    Kitna over confident hai ???


    Mama ji trying a lot but this stubborn ishwari… She doesn’t want to understand anything…

    I seriously started loosing interest in KRPKAB now…

    I don’t want to see Sona suffering coz of stupid Dev…

  6. Asmita...

    When ishwari asks Dev to choose bedsheet… She was so nervous as she has given exam and looks at dev as he will declare the result and she is so tensed whether she will paas or fail…

  7. Asmita...

    Kis type ki maa hai ishwari… She just wants to cntrl Dev’s life as if he is a puppet… Ishwari never give importance to her sisters and always shows concern for Dev… And the worst part is that all sisters are ok with that… Trio sisters do not have prblm with this biased behave…

  8. I enjoyed devakshi scenes.but sad seeing Dev hurt by his mom.

  9. Esme

    Dev ask help frm me in writing romantic poems n u will never be disappointed. …I m such a helpful soul. ..heheh

    1. Priya9876

      Soo cute thought

    2. Esme


  10. Asmita...

    Sona’s family is so supportive…

    Elena was looking damn cute…

  11. It all started with GKB,then Ishwari and now Dixit sisters are also turning negative in this show..now I am really worried,looks like this sweet ,innocent couple will have to fight the whole world to be together..so sad after today’s episode:(

    Dixit sisters turning villain and reluctant towards their sweet brother’s love is a huge setback.

  12. Asmita...

    Dev himself is spoiling everything now…

  13. devsonakshi fan

    Cute dev and sonakshi scenes I fall in love with them

  14. Esme

    Miyaa biwi raaji toh kya karengi ishwari maa ji….what say guys priya.riyaa.haniya aka pinky.ayushi aka manya.zakiyah.palak.anshika n many others

    1. Priya9876

      Yaa all raji raji but dekh lo kya kiya pagal ishwari ne…. Sucide kar rahi hai….omg…..ye toooooo had hi ho gya… I saw in new promo…
      Mujhe bahut rona aa raha hai seriously,,, kya hoga dev sona ka…

  15. Today all Dixit sisters are concerned about their mom’s reaction against their brother love…It reminds of old age Royalty stories…when whole kingdom shows sympathy towards queen when his king brings another queen.:P
    So funny….

  16. Dev y can’t u understand ur mom. except u everyone riya neha mamaji Nikki &sona know about ur mom that she is too possessive & needs time to accept a girl in her sons life. don’t be too excited

  17. Dev Srsly ur such a dumbo ishji ka select kar deta toh kya hota
    And sona is so understanding
    And MA aap Ki kuan si train Miss ho Rahi hai i am not able to see episode on tv Cuz of timing and am dependent on written updates and ur rushing like something..
    Devakshi moments were cute
    And precap….

  18. Dev should stop over confidence on his mom…. Because of his behaviour sona suffering… Oh oh sona… Sorry for u… And u r so cute always

  19. Hehe..he was not willing to select between both but she forced him to select one and than got a gift from dev…??
    Mamaji gets everything straight straight and correct correct…
    Even NRN gets everything about ishwariji but our great wall of china(dev) did not get it???

    1. Priya9876

      Thanx Shalini for liking my dp

  20. Hii guys my name is linki i am a huge fan of devakshi can i join the fan club

  21. So he says he knows his mom well…he cant even see what his mom wants…he is just thinking to force his mother to accpet his love by not even giving her some time to adjust…he is spoiling everythimg with his hands

  22. Ishwari’s behaviour is too bad towards sona

  23. Ngkrishnakumari

    The father daughter bonding is amazing love the way they understand each other
    Devakshi scene rocksssss

  24. Ngkrishnakumari

    Hate this ishwari how mean she is neha & riya are not happy on devakshi because of ishwari
    Love today epi especially devakshi & bejoy sona scene
    Iswari is selfish nowadays she act like radharani in diferent way but one motive

  25. Shivi

    Everybody’s like Maa is not happy what abt Dev….nobody seems to notice his happiness.. He is just an ATM who gives money

  26. Aaru

    Dev pyaar mein andha ho gya h..usko kuch dikhta hi nhi h..ab lagta h kal jab Ishwari aisa bolegi, ki Sona ko bhi use bina unka pic lena bura nhi lagta chahiye, to Janab dream world se bahar aayenge..

    1. I guess there is nothing wrong to fall in love. It happens once and the feeling is wonderful and short -lived .Once you are married and gets into a family set up ,life comes to normal routine and gets boring sometimes..Ishwari should understand his son’s passion and involvement in this new feeling and let him enjoy every bit of it..
      he should have his fair share of happiness after 28 years as all this time he was busy arranging happiness for his family.

    2. I”ll totally agreed ? with u…….. First time dev think abt his life nd happiness…. What’s d wrong in it….. Dev is not dumbo….. He is totally in pure LOVE ?

  27. Aaru

    Sona n Bijoy’s convo was vry touching!!

  28. The show is loosing its originality and becoming like other telly soaps

  29. Manya

    Oh my god ??why is Ishwari so jealous of Sona she should understand that her son loves Sona and she should adjust?

  30. I think sona will sense ishwari’s disliking towards her and will stop cmng for work Dev pls we all know u r madly in love with sona bt pls ask ur mom if she is ready to share you with sona

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