Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul is doing his work. Manvi says sorry. He says let it be. You don’t need to say it. You wouldn’t have done it if I mattered to you. I think you worry about everyone else but me. I wanted to set things right by recording song but you don’t care. She speaks of the kids. He points out that they aren’t her kids. Don’t act to be their mother. They could have waited for 15 more minutes. I dint let papa or Nisha eat so we could hear your speech. She explains that she was scared hearing the call. He asks her if he was going to scare her more. I would have accompanied you. You could have informed me atleast. You just rushed out. She holds her ears. Please forgive me. He asks her if she went to hospital like this. She nods. Please listen to my speech. I got it written with so much difficulty. He warns her not to make any mistakes or he will make her talk in German. She denies. I wont find a German translator. I wont make any mistake in Punjabi. I have memorised it. He nods. She speaks in Punjabi which brings a big smile on his face. You were going to say it all before my family? She nods. He says it is good you left. She has one more surprise for him. I have memorised a song for you in Punjabi. She sings Main Tennu Samjhawan Ki. Rahul gets up and keeps looking at her. She smiles shyly. Flashes of their meetings is shown. They dance romantically / sweetly.

Sonali is sure Rahul must be scolding Manvi. I should make him understand. She peeks inside their room. Manvi compliments Rahul on his dancing and singing talents in Punjabi too. they both smile happily. rahul tells her to speak in Punjabi only. Sonali is really happy. People change just like that. Raj pulls her away from the door. why are you peeking inside the room of your son? Have you started plotting against your DIL like those bad MIL’s? She says I was just looking. Manvi speaks so sweetly in Punjabi. You too have a look. He declines. He takes her to their room. The property (of the kids’ house) is up for sale. She isn’t convinced but he stays put. I will leave to close the deal tonight itself. Please pack my bag. He stops her from informing everyone else. She feels weird even thinking about that house. I don’t know why it is so.

It is night. The shadow wakes up the kids by dropping something on the floor. They ask their mother what happened. She tells them something. They agree to come with her. The shadow pats at the girl’s cheek.

Next morning, Manvi brings breakfast for Rahul in his room. I want to apologize for what I did yesterday. He says that is sorted already. But I want you to take this album seriously. You will reach for rehearsal on time. She promises him. He says I will make you hear the lyrics. She gets up saying she has a lot to do. He keeps his diary aside upset. I am sure you will be really needed. You promised me just now and you already are uninterested. She agrees to hear them. He excitedly tells the lyrics to her. He realises he is late. It is 10 already. Be on time. She agrees.

Rahul asks SOnali about his dad but she only shares that he is out of town for some work. He teases her to keep tabs on dad. He is your husband. Maybe he is having an affair. Sonali smiles. Manvi seeks Rahul’s permission to visit the kids in hospital before coming for rehearsal. He allows her. Be on time. Don’t make me and other people wait. She nods.

Manvi hears Nurse talking to someone about something important. Doc is really upset. Tell everyone to check everywhere. She gets curious as to what has happened. A Nurse is running when Manvi stops her. What’s happening? Nurse shares that the kids ran away last night itself. Manvi questions her on the security. Nurse says there is everything but no one saw them leaving. Don’t know what’s happening here. Manvi is tensed. Did anyone inform police? Nurse nods. Doc did so. Plus police is checking everywhere. Manvi questions the night guard. He too is clueless as to where the kids disappeared. I was here all night. There is only one exit. Maybe they are in the parking area. He goes to check there.

Manvi comes to the room where the kids stayed. She holds the toys she had brought for them and is emotional. They have no one. Where would they be? Delhi’s roads are so dangerous. What if they get hurt?

Raj comes to that house. He has bagged the deal. The broker says you must think about it once again. It feels like it will come down anytime. Raj does not care. I anyways have to renovate it. I am paying for this land. I have interest in it. He offers to show him more. Raj asks him if he wants to sell it to someone else. Why are you giving so many excuses? Broker speaks of past instances that have happened here. Raj does not wish to leave such a prime property for stupid reasons (like deaths and killings). Broker agrees. I will get the papers ready then. Raj says ok. I will come in a while. Brotker leaves. The shadow is very much there. Raj looks at the condition of the house. It needs too much repair work. He turns but the shadow leaves by then. The painting also stops moving. Raj finds blood everywhere. What these kids do that there is blood everywhere? He opens the cupboard and finds it empty except for that dress hanging inside. Someone is sitting above it. He suddenly looks up but it is gone by then. He asks aloud if there is someone here. Maybe I am thinking too much. I should go home and rest. He begins to leave but the door closes on its own. He shouts to open it. Someone is standing right behind him. It disappears when he turns. The door opens finally. He hears some strange sounds. Am I imagining things? There is surely someone who wants me not to buy this house. He hears someone crying. He says enough of jokes. Come out. He opens another almirah. The kids are inside.

Precap: Raj asks the kids who brought them here. The lady / shadow is behind him. The boy say Ma brought them here. Raj turns to look.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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