Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

During Dev’s birthday party, after dinner, Asha asks Bejoy why did he eat so much. Bejoy says he enjoyed food. Mamaji asks Bejoy if he enjoyed food. Bejoy says yes and says it is time for photo session. Nikki says she will click pics. Dev and Sona’s turn come and they stand at a distance. Nikki asks them to get closer, they are acting as if they are distant relatives. They click pic holding each other. Ishwari gets jealous. Radha taunts during their time, they used to feel shy if husband touches their finger, young generation is bold. Mamaji taunts they are not shy, but afraid. Bejoy taunts that some people are maami, sorry jealous. Radha gets jealous. Dev tells Sona that code red, blue, green, everything is declared at once. Sona says she has made ice cream for Dev and asks Dev not to complain if he does not like it and goes to bring ice cream. Ishwari tells Dev that she prepared gulab jamoon for him, he should eat that and eat ice cream in the morning. Bejoy fumes hearing this.

Ayan goes out. Nikki takes Rhea forcefully saying someone came to meet her. Ayan is busy on his mobile. Nikki coughs and says even he must have seen hum apke hain kaun, but she likes ye jawani hai deewani type movie. Rhea asks if he is busy. Ayan says he was, but not now they can speak.

Vicky takes Elena aside holding her hand tightly. She resists to leave her. Sona while taking ice cream sees that and warns Vicky to leave Elena’s hand. He yells to show her power on her husband and not him. She warns again to leave Elena, else she knows how to correct him. He leaves and Elena leaves. Sona then serves icecream to Dev and everyone.

Ishwari fumes in her room and Radha brainwashes her against Sona that she was to shameless in front of everyone. Ishwari says few years ago, they used to celebrate Dev’s birthday so well with only family, even without money… Radha continues brainwashing. Ishwari ways she will go and check Dev once as he gets sore throat if he eats icecream at night.

Vicky calls Elena, but her phone is busy. He shouts. She calls back and he says even she wated to meet her, so she had come today and asks to tell if she loves him or not. Radha enters room and he disconnects call. Radha asks whom he was talking to. He says Elena. She gets very happy and says only he is intelligent like her, he planned well to teach lesson to bengalan.

Sona sees Dev shivering, checks his tempeature, and says he has 104 temperature, she will call doc. He says it is okay. Ishwari enters and gets angry on Sona seeing Dev’s high temperature and scolds she warned her not to give ice cream to Dev at night, she does not listen to anyone. She asks her to sit with Dev and dorn a blanket on him, she will get a herbal soup for him and leaves to kitchen. At kitchen, she injures her leg in a hurry. Mamaji comes and scolds her to rest. Radha comes and brainwashes her again against Sona. Neha says mami is right, Sona is very arrogant and since she came to this house, whole house’s condition has worsened. Ishwari prepares herbal soup and takes to Dev’s room. She gets more anger seeing Sona asleep on chair and tries to feed soup to Dev. Sona asks what is in it. Ishwari says turmeric, pepper, etc. Sona says she feels they should not give it to Dev and instead make him stand under cold shower. Ishwari asks if she has gone mad and asks her again to dorn blanket on Dev while she gets something else.

Precap: Sona gets Dev out of bathroom after a cold shower. Ishwari is shocked and shouts if she wants to kill her son.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Manya

    Yaar yeh Ishwari ki toh……..
    But Jan use chot Pago toh main Khushi de taaliyan Maar rahi thi….??????
    Thodi aur Zor ki girna chahiye tha Na!!!!!?
    My poor Sona Jab bhi kuch karti hai yeh Ishwari aa jaati hai??
    Dev babu aap kitne Naajuk(sensitive)Thandaai mein ice cream Khane se bimaar pad gaye???

    1. Kalpana

      Hey… How are you feeling now?

  2. Erina

    Totally disgusting… Makers plzz I suggest u do one thing take d thaal of arti nd do arti of ur fav ishwari but stop showing my sona bad nd that ishwari so called mahaan bcse for m my sona is d best ……

    1. Priya9876

      Don’t worry Avi jitnaaaa baakk baakk karna h ishwari ko Karne do….jab Dr. Aayenge Ar bolenge ki ….. jisne v inhe(dev) Nehla (shower) Diya unhone bohot acha Kiya_____ Agar aisa nhi karte to kuch v ho sakta tha……!!!! { Jaise ki TV me humesa hota h….. Dr’s ki same dialogues Hoti h humesa ? }

      Tavi ye over possessive pisswari CHUPP karegi….. Tab pagal ko samjh aayega, ki Sona ne Jo Kiya acha Kiya….

      1. Alka

        Yes aaj bas wahi sunna haii mujhe …. Kaise bol diya ishwari ne ki tum mere bete ko maar Dena chahti ho. ….??????? ????

    2. Exactly.today they have shown sona very bad by making her sleep while dev is shivering.

    3. Subhashini

      S eri,u r right i agree with u

  3. ?? what a filthy Family Dixits…. Mean baba sona ko Aage nhi karte to sona Hoti hi nhi picture me……??

    1. Kuch in-laws aise hee hothe hai yaar .puree tarah se ignore Karte hai all the family n guests enjoy the party aur bahu ka number aatha hai last mein.aur kuch log bahu ke liye kuch chodthe hee nahee. that time husband also ignores.n they don’t even feel guilty about that .

  4. Erina

    Seriously y to haad h yaar y kch v dikha rhe h mtlb dikhana kya chahte h ki ishwari bht achi h nd sona bht bekaar to phir ishwari k character ko bigaara hi kyu ????? Nd hm kya bhul gye sona ka care krna jo kch bhi dikha rhe h … Huh..

  5. Erina

    Jb se sony 21 ka hua hai ek bhi epi happy nhi mila h seriously makers I’m hating d story line as I feel jaana tha japan but China pahunch gye mtlb kya promo tha nd kya ho gya story line….

    1. Priya9876

      Which promo Eri???

  6. Priya9876

    ? ? what a filthy Family Dixits…. Mean baba sona ko Aage nhi karte to sona Hoti hi nhi picture me……? ?

    Nd ye pisswari pata nhi kaun se duniya se aayi hai…. ise itna v nhi pata ki fever me Kya Dena chaiye……!!!!
    Khansi, Zukaam Wala kadhaa fever me de Rahi h…..such a illiterate women…??

  7. Erina

    Saare k saare doctors maaf gye ty kya jo koi nhi aaye pichli baar to baade jaldi aa gye the mtlb kch v show kr rhe hai sirf meri sona ko target krne k lye
    Nd normally hm sab jaante h ki high fever m if urgent kaun sa medicine le isme lye koi doctory ki degree ki jarurat h kya ?????? Yaar kuch to logical dikhao makers kab tk sirf sona ko bina mtlb ka target karoge .. Do something new … Totally bekar bakwas pakau nd saduu epi ……
    Seriously ab to mai ishwari ka face v nhi dekhna chahti nd uper se ye makers ishwari ko hi full highlight kr rhe h last two days se yaar kisko dekhna h jo last two break sirf ussi par kr rhe h .. By seeing ishwari face amar din tao matii holo.. @pothik [email protected] kya maine correct type kiya ????? ???? bcse Bengali language is khub kothin mone hocche.. ??

    1. Junee

      Your Bengali is perfect! Bengali kafee easy language hey!!
      At times mujhe lagta hey Eri u are a Bong kyunki your diction is petfect!

    2. Junee

      Iske liye koi doctor zarurat hey nahi ek temp ko treat karne ke liye! Our grandmom and mom who were not knew the badics and this stupid female with 3 kids is ignorant about it? Kayse all 4 survived i wonder with a quack like her???

      1. Junee

        Basics and not badics

  8. Sravanthi

    Really disgusting….i wish that in tmrws episod doc shud cm and praise sona for giving him shower….but lukewarm water se karna chahiye….pata nahin sona ka thandi pani matlab kitni thand hain…waise kaun aisa newlywed ke rm main kisi bhi tym pe aajate hain?

    1. Ya luke warm shower dena chahiye tha coz cold shower in fever is dangerous.

    2. Par aaj toh ishwari ko sana hee chahiye tha coz dev was shivering but sona didn’t notice that.

  9. Junee

    In today’s episode once again Bijoy Bose rocked. He saw to it that his daughter got the right place in that frame that was shot and also gave short effective shots to his rival Madam Pisswari and GKB from time to time! Neha is a frustrated soul but is slowly causing damage effectively with GKB as birds of the same feather flock together.
    However, I felt that I should have skipped watching this episode becoz as a doctor it was painful and frustrating to watch so much ignorance in handling Dev’s fever. Ridiculous to the core!!!
    Whatever Ishwari was doing any doctor would have snubbed her with her woo doo treatment! Sonakshi the other fool committed a blunder. Why on earth did she make him sit under shower? Just a head bath or an ice pack with medicines would have taken care. With Such wonderful drugs available in today’s time to bring down high temp, it was indeed frustrating to watch an episode like this. In that house at the drop of a hat they rush to the hospital. Unable to handle high temp by a mother of 3 is indeed shameful and for a simple cut she used a kitchen cloth which could lead to an infection.” I know it all” attitude by the Quack Ms Pisswari ! Absolutely ignorant! Ridiculous too! This is called DRAMA!!! Blaming the Bahu is her only objective. Any doctor will forget his/her knowledge about medicine if he or she listens to the reasons given by Ishwari for this high temp. Within a couple of hours of having an ice cream nobody can contract an infection. It was already there which just flared up you DUMBO ISHWARI and ice cream became the reason. Stupid and Illogical!!! It’s so surprising that the family physician has not left a list of to do’s in case of an emergency on such issues. I believe it’s a Business Tycoon’s house, which is nothing but ridicule of the first order!!!
    Elena and Vicky still are unable to capture the audience becoz the thought of Vicky itself is obnoxious!
    I want to see Bijoy Bose giving his shots to the Dixit family more often and exposing them. But Sonakshi, you have difficult times ahead with an overbearing witch called Pisswari at your disposal and a spineless husband. I would eagerly wait for your dear father Bijoy Bose to bail you out and teach them a tough lesson in the future.

    1. Well said ur absoutely right !!!

    2. Junee

      Typo its Voodoo and not woodoo!

    3. Kalpana

      True Junee… Such a stupid thing by writers… Dev is an adult now… Such mollycoddling even now? Junee, can you share that poem by Rabindranath Tagore? Bango mata… With translation… Want to read it…

      1. Junee

        Sure I will!

      2. Junee

        Read this article at the end u will find the poem ” Banga mata” both the bengali version and the English translation as well

  10. Erina

    After all this lyk d way dev put his hand on sona but kya vo nhi bulata agar bejoy nhi bolte ????? Seriously itta pyaar krte h mr.dixit apni wifey se ??? Nd for me bejoy always become joy whenever he open his mouth bcse what I want to do but can’t do he do that .. ☺??stress booster for me…

    1. Subhashini

      Dev pyar kartiyae but i don’t know he knows the meaning of pyar aur meaning of sona’s feeling,whenever he wants he hurt sona because he wants only his mother’s happiness other than all,maa ki alava koi logo ki parva nai usko
      I know maa ko pyar karna achi wala baath,lekin usskiliyae aur logo ko hurt karna sahi nai

  11. Priya9876

    Khub Jamega rang jab mil baithenge 3 chudail… Neha ?….Gkb ?….&…..Master mind chudail ? Ishwari

    In teeno k lyf me kuch v bacha hi nhi h Rey baba….bas sona ne ye Kiya wo Kiya …Bhabhi k baba aise…. waise….bangalan ka ye wo…..BAAP re BAAP hadd hi ho Gyi Negativity ki…..
    Basss v karo yaaar makers…..????

    1. Subhashini

      Tum tho vicky ko chod diya priya dr,and i think ab elina bhi negativity ban chaingi ???i think now makers mainly focusing the negativities

  12. Yeh kaisa sa episode tha .lol sensitive dev ek icecream ya pata nhi kis reason se bimar pad gya but aaj toh ishwari ne hadh hi kardi itna kyu dant diya sona ko

  13. Anyways yeh ayan ka character bhot weird n mysterious sa hai . Don’t kno he is upto what? Riya ko toh koi khas importance bhi nhi di sad

    1. Haa mujhe bhee aisa hee lagta hai like he is wearing a mask .andhar kuch aur bahar kuch .shayad woh dokhe baaz nikhlega .agar aisa hai toh sona ko hee uskee choree pakadna chahiye.

  14. Junee

    I hope every morning one of Ishwari’s daughter may be Neha should read out the translation of the poem ” Bango mata” by Tagore. This poem was referred by Saheli to a context on Ishwari’s molycudling and being overposessive about her son! This was recited to us by our parents at the time of growing up and happens to be my favourite too but i feel Ishwari should go thru it everyday and learn it by heart!

  15. Rj12

    I want to kill ishwari she’s to much I’ve never commented in this but the first time I’ve commented because of tht ishwari

  16. Yeah I know.. but dekho na ishwari kitna over react krti hai.dont you think? And it is k it’s just a show.. chill guys.. it’s just for an entertainment yaaaaaaaaaaar! It okay chill Guys!

    1. Yes yaar it’s just a show.but kya kare ?kabhee kabhee hum Guss jate hai .

  17. Priya9876

    1 more link https://youtu.be/YcX41Is5cxs

    Jo v Neha ko marna chahte ho PLZZ maar daalo….

  18. Arey sona … y r u Sleeping yaar

  19. Can someone please tell me who explained ishwari the meaning of mama’s boy .neha ? I think I missed to watch that

    1. Priya9876

      Nikki explained her

  20. Sonadi

    I think what Sona is doing per pre cap is going to save Dev. It will glorify Sona. Iswari is keep doing things that aggravates the fever.Dr is going to say what Sona did save him from serious illness.
    Iswari’s charecter is such that she is trying to make everything emotional.
    The photo shoot scene was cute.Bijoy was cute in pulling his Sona next to Dev when Neha does not even have any concern about her brother.
    Sona supported her all through her love story and now she is sitting there fuming with jealous.

  21. The story line is really disgusting to watch !! Makers pls change the story line , Sona deserves all her rights in the family as their bahu , but she is denied everywhere by Ishwari , GKB and the new problem creator Neha !!! Bijoy Bose did a great job by reminding Ishwari , Maami that Sona is Dev’s pathni and their bahu , story writers pls make the serial interesting!!!

  22. I really dont know why Ishwari went to Bijoy and begged for Sona hands for marriage… It’s high time for Sona to come out of this relation and gets a divorce. Then that agreement which Ishwari cunningly took Dev’s signature will come into picture… These kind of people will not understand people’s good nature even after they walk away from their life. I really getting frustrated with this show and want to stop watching…

  23. Subhashini

    Omg,wat happened to makers,hadd hotiyae yaar issmae tho har log negativity banchathiyae yae ae kuch rang pyaar ki aise bhi or kuch rang negativity ki aise bhi
    Bejoy uncle kamalka person ,wat a timing shot to everyone.
    Ishwari crossed over reaction because she is doing more than overreacting,iss baar mae baath karna bikarae kyutki ae kabhi sutharthi wala nai ,in that sona only hurting day by day

  24. Junee

    Good morning!☀️☀️

  25. Junee

    The makers have just increased the negative characters in this serial in order to pound Sonakshi! Dev was so passive when the photo session was on and Bijoy had to point it out! Dev is a double face as well . He tries to please his mother’s sentiments while he disregards Sonakshi’s! Earlier Ishwari would trickily keep Sonakshi out of every thing and now she makes no bones to blame her at the slightest ! Really incorrigible behaviour and how long will this girl suffer I wonder in the hands of the three musketeers all witches Neha, Gkb and Ishwari?? Vick’s ” tu tukari” shows him like a roudy ruffian!!! Disgusting! Neha should be spanked blue ????Her sasural should have tortured like Hell!??she is a crap like GKB!
    Aaj ki khundak nikal gayee!??

    1. Sneha1

      haan yaar.. ye negative character to duryodhan ki sena ho gaye hai…. badhte hi ja rahe hai…

    2. Sonadi

      We can not blameDev. Dev can not satisfy both of them at the same time because his mother always wants Dev in his side. She does not understand that Sona is also important in Dev’s life. Sona is not like that. Her charecter is that she really knows how to balance it.Dev knows this that is why Dev take Sona for granted.His charecter is not simple. Iswari thinks that she knows everything. She does not want to understand Sona. That is the problem.

      1. Junee

        Had Dev been a strong character Sonakshi wouldnt have suffered! Had he been decisive and fair Ishwari wouldn’t dare to do this nonsense but he disregards his wife’s sentiments becoz he knows she will pardon him. But every individual has self respect and there is a threshold for tolerance as well which he disregards! He is a confused character and indiscrete as well so is unable to handle both Ma and wife

  26. Junee

    I have a feeling that the Makers will show Rheas marriage to. E a failure too with a different problem. Actually all the marriages as farIshwaris daughters are concerned will be failures. The more she troubles Sona the more problems will come on her platter till she has her plate full. If u are mean and mischievous ? that is how fate / destiny will show your path. We always say ” somebody meaning the all mighty is watching” ! So will Ishwari be punished but my worry is Sona will have to also go thru the grind for being in that mean household with a spineless spouse!Makers have just destroyed the character of Dev!!

  27. no …. today Sona was wrong …if mother z asking her 2 not give ice cream …she shouldn’t …. as mother knws son well Dan any other ….. am not supporting iswari ….am supporting mother …..

  28. Priya9876

    Watch dis:-


    Shaheer is soo funny…..
    He. Said– in TV, husband’s r soo dumb???

    1. Junee

      Ekdum sahee kaha Shaheer ne! Hum thuk chuke hey yehee characters ko dekh dekh ke! Why can’t they portray a strong decisive Dev Dixit who does not encourage wrong from anyone whether wife or ma or any other family member! Why can’t he be a fair Dev Dixit like my Bijoy Baba???

      1. Priya9876


      2. Sonadi

        You can not call Dev dumb. Have you not seen the episode where Sona calls Dev Dumb. Iswari reacts so much that Sona has to apologize.

    2. Alka

      Sach hi bola shaheer ne ….sach me dumb hote haii … Khud ka kuch POV hota hi nahi … Bas kuch aajeeb se react karte haii haar situation me ?

  29. Areyyyy yaar kiski buri nazar laggay re humari pyari show pe… ????

  30. Currently, it seems as if the makers are stuck between following their own storyline or addicting variations to the same to please the audience. On one hand, they show Sonakshi turning out to be pleasing every member, including Ishwari. Whereas the very next moment, she is seem to be turning out as a devil in front of Ishwari’s eyes. The makers have to stick on a certain point. They simply can’t show Sonakshi sleeping this way, and even if she does, they can’t show Ishwari blaming her responsible for everything. Had it been Sonakshi instead of Dev, would Ishwari’s concern and reaction still be the same? I think not. Firstly, never have I ever heard the having a bit of ice cream can make your body burn with high fever, and even if that happens, I suppose both Sonakshi and Dev are grown up and are responsible enough to look after themselves and each other. Then, why does Ishwaid want to step in the picture and try to show that it is only her who can make things right? This is literally the height of possessiveness! I support Bijoy in all his acts. Atleast, he knows how to get his daughter her rights WITHOUT being possessive! And, I’d actually recommend Ishwari to watch and learn from Asha. She too knows the best for her daughter, Sona, but never does she snatch the rights of caring for her from Dev! Then, why is it only Ishwari who turns out to be so very devilish and possessive?
    According to me, Dev is no longer the same man he was earlier. Now, all he does is try to please his mother in the hall, and Sonakshi in the room. That’s it. He simply can’t manage to balance between the two relations any longer. All the promises he’d made till date were countless and useless, of course! Never have I seen him sensing Sonakshi’s needs and difficulties in the public. All he cares for is his Mother, then.
    A change in the track is very much required if the makers have something in store to show! Sonakshi’s character has to be made very bold and strong now, after all these incidents at the Dixit house!

  31. Areyyyy yaar kiski buri nazar laggay re humari pyari show pe…… ???

  32. Sneha1

    i missed yesterday episode as it was my bhai bhabhi anniversary… but after reading the commnets.. i m not sure if i should watch it online or not….
    Yaar ye Neha, GKB and pissawri ka torture to badhta hi ja raha hai…

      1. I meant dp

      2. Sneha1

        Thanks smile..

  33. Junee

    Pothik and Pankti kahan kho gaye? Ate u both fine??

  34. Hey….!!! Did anyone noticed Vicky expressions today….???when GKB was saying…..tune boht acha kiya uss bangalan ko phasa ke….etc etc…..Vicky didn’t said anything….and his expressions were also a little shocked one…..
    Aab pata nhi….he’s really in love with Elena or he’s just acting……
    Bcoz, sona se batmeezi karne ki wajah se….I doubt him….par GKB ki bataon Sun ke uss ke expressions change hona….is something else telling…????

    1. Hmmm..Vicky surely was taken aback by GKB’s surprising response! At first, I too was surprised, but then, I realised that she is GKB, after all! While he’d been troubling Elina in front of Sona, I was somehow very sure that this is a really stupid Elina being shown in front of us, who’s simply falling for Vicky’s cheap and dirty tricks. But, later on, when GKB congratulated Vicky for his deeds, he was surprised and it seemed as if he did care a bit. Or maybe, he was just too surprised to see his Mother being proud of him!??????

      1. Hahahaha…….??? but let’s….see….what happens…..?? And I too have a soft corner for riya….. As she United Devakshi…..and I don’t want ayan to turn negative…..

      2. Sonadi

        He was surprised because he did not expect his mother to approve this If Vicky has really fallen in love with Elena then GKB is going to have rude shock.

  35. Moreover, Ayan is a mysterious character…. The way….he was texting…and looking at his phone……when he was sitting with all….in the hall….and then….when riya and nikki were outside with him….. Even riya expression changed a bit….seeing him like this busy with phone…..

    1. Exactly! I too noticed the weirdness in his behaviour and it has surely created suspicion for all of us! The way he stole glances of his phone every now and then made me think as if there was something he was up to. Honestly, I badly hope he isn’t. I don’t want Riya to suffer because of him, atleast. I’ve always liked Riya and she has always been really friendly towards Sonkashi. Infact, it was all thanks to her Dev and Sonakshi were able to go out that night on the excuse of visiting Sonakshi’s Mamaji. I think she too had sensed his weird behaviour yesterday. All that I can hope for now is that atleast Ayan’s character shouldn’t be turned negative! Kyoonki aaj-kal makers ka koi bharosa nahin hai!

      1. Sonadi

        I think some people have the habit of looking at their phone constantly for messages.
        The makers have not explained what he does. If he is doing business along with his Dad then it is natural for him to look at the phone constantly.
        His part has not come fully in the story yet.
        As per Dev’s charecter he loves both his Mom and wife.He has not learned to balance it out.
        Like many of the scenes does not connect with each other in this serial,the photo scene is also weird.when he wanted Sona in the family photo before marriage,now he is shown as not looking for Sona at all.
        The makers direction is poor in this. They just want to show Bijoy acting on this.

  36. Mahee

    All the best to our heavenly couples.

  37. Plsssss don’t make Sona as a bad person..I really luv her..?????????

  38. Sonadi

    Any story you take it is normally good person always suffers till the end. That is the way all the stories are done? KRKKAB is not an exception.

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