Badho Bahu 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malti ji agrees to forgive Komal for Jamuna ji’s sake this time. Tell her clearly I wont take her with me next time. I will not take her with me next time. It will be between you and your daughter. Komal and her mother silently cry. Malti ji asks Komal to come. She goes. Komal hugs her mother. They both cry silently. She leaves finally. Jamuna ji cries.

Kamla ji taunts Rana. You repeated the same story of losing! Why don’t you die? Aren’t you ashamed to lose out to your younger brother always? Till when will you stay on number 2? No one asks number 2 anything! You are married now. Your wife too must be having
Rana apologizes to her. She says keep asking for forgiveness like this life long. Go inside and take bath. Do you want to show to locality, village or entire country that you lost to Lucky again? She heads inside. Rana feels bad.

Jamuna ji is sitting quietly. Payal is standing near her quietly too. Vimla ji looks at both of them in surprised. Whatever happened with Komal wasn’t good. I came rushing here after knowing it. Payal must be happy as she saw it with her own eyes. She was there only. Jamuna ji is taken aback. Vimla ji says how I can tell that. I heard it from someone who said Payal was there at that moment. Payal shakes her head at Vimla ji. Vimla ji excuses herself. Jamuna ji asks Payal if Vimla was saying truth. Did you see everything with your eyes? Payal looks away. Jamuna ji repeats her question. Answer me honestly. Payal looks down sadly. Jamuna ji says now I understand why you stopped Vardaan from going to Ahlawat House. You hate her that much? You are so selfish. Komal got insulted before everyone and you kept quiet? You dint say anything? You always think about yourself. She did so much for you. You stood in a corner and saw entire drama when she needed you most! You kept quiet when Malti ji came here too. Did you lose all your shame? Payal says you said enough. Listen to me now. You may or may not understand it but Komal has become a stranger to this house. She is their responsibility now. About that day, every member of that family was there. When her FIL and husband couldn’t do anything then what could I do! You would have thought bad about me anyways!

Kamla ji is taking cake for Rana. Pragya wants to eat it but her mother tells her that it is for Rana only. Pragya requests her to let her eat. Rana Bhai has eaten cake already. Plus this cake isn’t easily available here. Please let me eat. Kamla ji stays put. You are a daughter. Don’t argue so much before me or you might do the same when you marry and go to your new home! Pragya says what the logic of being a guy or girl here is. It is just a cake! Kamla ji takes cake with her. Raghubir ji witnesses this and gets concerned for daughters worldwide. I couldn’t save my DIL from getting insulted in my own house before everyone because of society! How safe is it for girls!

Komal gets a call from her mother.

Raghubir ji asks Malti where she went to. Malti ji shares that she took Komal to her mother’s home to tell Jamuna ji everything. I questioned her on her upbringing too. Raghubir ji asks for Komal. Malti ji replies that her mother called. She must be outside. Lucky comes there. Malti ji is happy to see him happy. He happily tells her about his trip to Chennai for sports camp.

Komal apologises to her mother for lying. Jamuna ji denies. I should be the one saying sorry. I should have understood the pain in your voice. Komal tells her to let it be. I cannot understand what to do. Jamuna ji says time is crucial but I know you are intelligent. Do as your family says. Don’t take any step which you will regret later. Komal agrees and ends the call.

Rana freshens up. Pinki looks at him. He is staring at himself in mirror as if he is some super star. All this goes away when he is in wrestling ring! I will just tell him! She quietly gets busy with work. Rana says sorry to her. I couldn’t live by my promise to you. She asks him what good is apology. Let it be. He asks her to be clear. She replies that it broke her heart. I was sure of your win but you couldn’t stand a chance before Lucky. I was pained. I think you don’t want to go to Chennai seeing the way you lost. Don’t you love your brother too much? It seems like you don’t want to win over him. You only want to stay under his shadow. Your brother does not care about you at all. Stay like his shadow all your life! Rana shouts at her to stop. I love and respect you very much but don’t try to come between my brother and my wrestling or this love and respect might turn into hate real soon! You may or may not understand my relation with Lucky but you will never come in between this relation! He walks out angrily. Pinki cries. What did I do? I have gone mad. Once I find Payal Bhabhi! She got me stuck in this.

Komal notices Raghubir ji standing by the door and gets sad. She is going inside silently when he asks her to stop. I made a very big mistake. Forgive me if possible. She denies. I want to apologize to you. He tells her against it. They both sit down at the steps. It is our mistake. My entire family and this society is to be blamed for this. Selfish society says women are less than boys. Girls are taught since childhood that they can never win over boys. Sadly, my thinking changed too. My daughter was on right track whereas I was wrong. What if Pradhan’s son had done this instead of Lovely, and what if some guy had done what you did, would he be insulted like this? No! Forgive me for becoming another Pradhan Singh and for blaming you! You cannot do anything wrong. When will society understand this? You did the right thing in my eyes. She tells him not to say sorry to her. no one can have a better Babu ji than you. He says the same for her. My blessings are with you always. Never let your strengths lose! Look at the wresting area. This is like our life. It isn’t important that the wrestler who never fell will win. The wrestler, who falls but stands again to face the next challenge, will win. I am sure you will never lose and face every challenge bravely, come what may. Remember one thing always. Those who accept defeat lose. She nods. I will never forget this. Lucky ji is going to Chennai for 6 months. How will I pacify him? Raghubir ji replies that there is still time in that. Do whatever you can and stop him. She adds that Lucky does not even want to see her face or even talk to her. What to do? He advises her that where there is a will, there is a way. You have a golden opportunity tomorrow. It is Kamla ji and Kailash Bhai Sa’s wedding anniversary.

Precap: Lucky tells Komal that he almost lost to Rana that day. I almost lost but then I won. Komal asks him about it. He replies that he thoughts of her bad face and won! Payal and Pinki are talking. Pinki complains to Payal for telling her the wrong thing that day. You only told me to stop thinking about Lucky and focus on Rana. They are startled to hear a noise and see Komal standing by the door.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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