Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th August 2017 Written *Last* Episode Update: Devakshi’s Happy Family Completes With Shubh

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Sonakshi says sorry to Ishwari. Ishwari says ok, I will also apologize and says I couldn’t keep you happy. Sona says I want to go home because of my mood swings and I don’t want you to love me less. Ishwari says even we want to see your mood swings and will love you all the more seeing your love swings. Dev asks if she really thinks that they will be troubled with their mood swings. Sona asks if I want to have non veg on terrace. Ishwari says you will have it with my Shubh on the dining table. Sona’s parents smile hearing their talk.

Sona calls Dev in night. Dev gets up and starts keeping the things in place to go to hospital. Sona laughs. Dev says again…come on sonakshi. She asks how much he does drill practice. Dev says if you call me during labor then I will not wake up. Sona says you will wake up as you tell this everytime. She says this time she is not afraid as he is there for her and says he is best. Dev says you don’t need to be scared, I am with you and thanks her for giving him those moments. He asks her to sleep and says he will have water.

He thinks about the risk on Shubh and Sona. Ishwari comes there and asks if he is scared. Dev says he is much scared. He says when Soha came to me, she was 6 years old and perfect. This baby will be small, I have to take care of his responsibility. Ishwari says you are my Dev rath, you will never fail. Dev says I can’t fail this time, this is my son, my blood. I know you all can handle him, but I want to do much more for him. When he wants to learn swimming, he don’t need to go to dirty place, I want them to have colors and crackers before they ask. He says I don’t want to lose childhood before their childhood finishes.

Ishwari says you have seen so much, when your age was to play with crackers, you was worried for your sisters. When you would had played with toys, you had marks of hard work on your hands. She says you wanted to give them childhood which I couldn’t give you and apologizes to him for making him work in early age, my son never complained and handles his family. Dev says even you worked hard for family. Ishwari says it is parents’ responsibility to take care of children. They get emotional and hug each other.

Dev comes to Sona. Sona says you came and says baby was missing you. Dev asks baby or mummy. She asks are you fine. Dev says he is excited and happy. This baby will be mine also. She gives his phone. Dev reads Vicky’s message and says he asked us to come downstairs. Sona says lets go and see.

Dev recalls the happenings. He tells Elena that you are also welcomed, but not Vicky. Vicky tells Sona that he brought something for baby. Dev says I am dead for you. Vicky says you can tell this for me, but why you are telling this for yourself. He returns company papers and promises never to claim on the house. He says you gave me everything, but something was amiss. Elena used to miss family, but never complained. He asks him to call him back and says he can’t live without his family, bhai, his scolding etc. Dev hears him. Vicky says I know you will not trust me, but today I am apologizing to you. He folds his hands and request him. Ishwari, mama and Radha come there. Dev forgives Vicky and hugs him. Kuch rang pyaar ke music plays.

He says today when you called me Bhai and Bhabhi, it was from heart. Elena says today your wish is fulfilled. Sona says it was her wish to see them united. Radha thanks Sona. Elena says God fulfilled my wish to see you fat. Everyone laughs. Mama asks Vicky to hug him and feels proud of him. Golu says my big Cha forgot me. Dev says you are my Champ, how can I forget you. He thanks Vicky for coming back. Soha comes and hugs Golu. Saurabh calls Sonakshi and tells that they have to take Ronita to hospital and asks her to come. Sona tells Dev that she needs rest, but she has to go. Dev says he will also come with her.

They come to hospital. Bijoy panics and says he told Saurabh that they shall take her to near by hospital, but he brought her here. Dev asks him to relax and says very soon you will have your grand kid. Soha says you are talking like elders. Dev asks what do you mean? Soha says Dadi says clever people needs just sign to understand. Dev tells Asha if the baby goes on Baba. Bijoy asks what did you say? Dev says I have to get admitted here. Sona comes out and tells that Ronita delivered baby girl. She asks them to meet the baby. Suddenly she started getting labor pains. Dev panics and calls doctor. They take Sona inside. Dev panics and says he didn’t know that labor will started, says he didn’t come with the arrangements or told Maa. Bijoy asks him to relax. Dev faints. Bijoy makes him sit and gives water.

Soha asks him to come and says my little brother came. Dev gets happy. They go inside. Dev gets happy, looks at Sona’s smiling face and takes baby in his lap. He recalls their first meet, love confession, marriage, fights, separation, pain, Soha’s entry in his life, their patch up, Sona’s grah pravesh for second time, her pregnancy etc. He thanks Sona. Sona thanks him for being with her. Dev thanks her for giving him 7 lost years. Soha thanks them for giving her brother. They come home. Kuch Ranag Pyaar Ke Plays…

Ishwari gets happy and says baby goes on her. She says she is very happy that she can’t tell how much. Dev says why you are happy Maa. Ishwari says it seems to be like yesterday when you brought me here, and says this house have seen many colors and all colors are like rainbow colors, I am feeling like I came home today in real means. Golu says we shall take pics. Radha says she has called photographer. Photographer asks everyone to smile. Sonakshi, Dev, Soha, Shubh along with both families pose for happy family pic. The show ended on a happy union of Devakshi and their blessed family.

Show Ended.

Update Credit to: MA


    Show was totally different but i am totally confused that how sona being nutritionist become business women after leap ??????? and what happened to problems in pragancy?????
    Anyway last week had many loop holes but thankfully show ended on happy note though last selfie missed daughters..?????

    1. Shahina

      Sona and Saurabh planned to start a business even b4 leap..
      It’s a app-based company that helps the person to check and control their diet using the app….
      I guess ur doubt got cleared?

    2. Shahina

      Did u miss me…(in Dev’s style)
      I saw ur comment yesterday…but couldn’t reply as I was out of town?

    3. I have never seen a loose contact than you. Why r you taking so seriously about this illogical show. It is an imagination. It never happened. Actiing of most the of the characters is unrealistic.

      The story line is always tumbling. No connectivity. Un realistic. It can never happen. So many turns. Writer and produce lost their mental balance because mad fans like you.

      Now it is good everything is over.

      WHo told you to read my comments. You can ignore me. I put all those names only to lure you to read my comment got it. Now use your brain. Dont ask your mum, but you add some Badam in your diet and add liberal qty of salt too.

  2. Mind blowing episode, and a wonderful end for this show. Very sad to see it ending, i think that we have still so much to learn from this show, and that the writters had still so much to show us, but unfortunatly it had to end. But i’m very happy with this ending, that was perfect, just perfect.
    KRPKAB is a wonderful show, and very different from others shows which all have the same story line. It’s very realistic and the characters were awesome. The way the writers subtly portrayed every shade of love, of relation and even of hatred are amazing. Every episodes kept suprising us. The actors did an amazing job portaying characters we can easily identify to. I think that the show didn’t get the recognition that it deserves. It’s help to change peoples mentality and to better understand relations, expectations and love.
    Thanks to every actors for making this show so amazing by their awesome acting skills, thanks to Erica and Shaheer for their wonderful chemestry and thanks to the writters for always giving us lessons on life and love and for keeping suprising us till the end.

  3. Sneha Sugumar

    The journey with krpkab ends today. I don’t know what to do,What to talk abt this. I am really depressed. I literally started crying when it ended. Even now I am unable to hold my tears back. It really feels very awkward to think a life without krpkab. I miss it madly.????????????…………………. I really don’t have any words to put my feelings in phrases. My heart aches very badly. It’s over. Hate this Sony TV to a very bad extent. They have time for such stupid shows like “pheharedhar piya ki” stupid Sony TV people. Go to hell. I don’t know how to express my anger as I am helpless. No more commenting abt krpkab from today. With a heavy heart I would like to say goodbye,to all the krpkabians. And thank you to the makers who gave us the best show even which the Indian television has never seen before. Even though it ends, it’ll always have a spl place in my heart forever until my heart stops beating.
    Love u??????????????????????????? krpkab family and all the best to all of u for ur future projects.

  4. Joy,i feel exactly the way you do.

    It was an amazing experience ,each day with surprises,very unique also.all the actors should get an award . going to miss everyone but will watch all the episodes from day one.i ve not seen an amazing love story like this in tv.

    Hope they will come with another season.

  5. Joy, I totally agree with you.

    Sony TV, thank you for a wonderful show. I will truly miss it. KRPKAB became my favorite show. I enjoyed every episode. I even loved the family drama. The actors and actresses were remarkable. Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes have amazing chemistry. I hope to see them together again.

    Thanks again…

  6. I love shaheer very much.i watched navya and Mahabharata. I love watch if he comes again in any channel.the same way l love to watch Erica also.

    About Sony they have a habit of ending the show whenever they want.they have done this to many serials.

    1. Shahina

      Yup….Ur ri8
      If a show runs for one year in sony tv……then that’s a big deal….
      They have the habit of abruptly ending shows

  7. Lizaa

    Awesome epi…it is the last epi.i can’t believe its end…it is my fav show…its very close to my heart…but unfortunatly it had to end.but i’m happy its ends with ahappywala note..
    KRPKAB is always a different show bcoz of its different story line…every actor/actress plays their characters in wonderful way… devakshi rocks..devakshi is perfect just perfect …
    guys plz cmt …it is the last epi of our KRPKAB…neha di ,priya di,piya ,shalinibose,pritha samayra,manya,junee di,rekhadir di,sneha,ritika..sry if forgotten any name..

    1. hio lizaa,i know we all numb n lyf is upsidedown but when i close my eyes n try to imagine the last episode of this show then i can’t think of anything better than this.i always wanted that i love krpkab’s last episode the way i loved its 1st episode n i am so glad that krpkab exceeded my expectations.i’ve never watched or shown dedication for a serial upto this level isiliye i am relishing the fact that yeh show end tak apne theme ko follow kiya,kuch zayda stretch nhi kiya,beautiful songs,editing,performance…..n the list goes on…i’m so proud of krpkab

  8. Helloo..
    This was one among the wonderful shows I have ever seen.. The story was so realistic and so awesome.. Few movie endings made me cry.. For the first time a tv show gave me tears for ending.. It was sucha awesome ending.. No dragging.. Though they end in such a hurry, but it was a Happy note ending. This serial taught us family bonding and true love! Thankyu makers for this beautiful story. Dev, sona, ishwariji , Asha ji, Ex-gkb, ishwari niwas, etc.. Everything will be missed 🙁 🙁
    Thank you guys for giving updates !! Yu krpkabians will also be missed alot. Hope to see Yu in another shaheer/erica’s show updates..
    Bye bye ppls.. Will miss Yu all! ??

  9. Really miss this show.shaheer you are the best actor.I love this show.??

  10. Devga

    Well with a difficult heart I am writing this… .

    First of all about the show….
    It is the show which gave all real happening in real life Wich made us feel so connected to it…. Was there any hero flying in air to save his girl? No…… Was there any heroine with full of white gorgeous full glittering gown with loads of make up approaching hero and then live sparkled….? No….
    That is the main specialty of this beautiful show….
    Recently there was a world wide contest among 5 shows one was our KRPKAB and with no wonder and amusement KRPKAB got 56% of votes in lead….
    The main thing to be noted is it was liked and followed up by the online youngsters and not offline oldies…..

    Moving on to the songs and background music lighting set the house the make up the characters and all was awesome….

    To be continued….

    1. Well said devga??

  11. Yvonne Codner

    Goodbye Kuch. I am surely going to miss you. You certainly had many colors. Devakshi chemistry was so real that sometimes it’s mistaken for real. Love you both, and most of the casts..well except Vicky and Radharani because they spent the whole time planning evil. Dunno what is gonna replace it. ???

  12. Shahina

    I just cannot hold back my tears right now.
    Last two days, I was not in town,so I couldn’t comment on TU,and I also missed the last episode on TV…..how unfortunate ???

    When they played the “ye Lamhe Hazar se” song, I literally started to cry???…..as I get back the old beautiful moments of KRPKAB??????

    Luv u KRPKAB…..gonna miss u like hell???

    The show as it name suggests has filled our lives with various colours of love❤❤❤❤

    Even though I am quite angry with Sony, I also have to say a big THANKU to them,for airing this show for 18 months.

    Shaheer,Erica,Supriya ji ……I am waiting for their upcoming shows???

    Congratulations KRPKAB team????

    1. I had sent some kerchief. Use it

    2. ha shahina we should thank sony for airing18months.i think no serial did than this long.
      but i liked it because in future we might not known our taste may be changed.may be we dislikes any….as it was ended on good and short note iam very happy.
      sometimes long makes us remember short time.better than this …..be shorter makes us to remember long time

  13. Swarna494

    Hmm.. With a heavy heart, I’m writing this comment… Not able to digest the fact that our show has ended…
    Every day when we see the precap for the next day in the pink bold letters, and today it was written as show ended…

    1. Devga

      True…. .. ???

    2. Subhashini

      Ya true swarna…I missed it hardly…??

  14. Subhashini

    guys,so its over now..no its not over…ya its over in telecasting but not in our hearts…Heart is bigger than telecasting…

    Our show is best in every parts as acting,dialogue,screenplay,the way of story telling…even last episode it as best episode…its not more dramtic tats y its not a story it’s a life…
    Coming to character Dev as a Son,husband,brother,even as a son in law he proved himself best because as a son in law he didn’t hurt them directly..ya defintely he will become good father also…Wat a change from Rude to Romantic and Emotional Person…but he didn’t get any credit to his sacrificies..We never Get like a peron Dev…
    SONA she is perfect example and role model for all girls..she is freedom girl but she knows her responsiblities,how to handle a relationship..she is beautiful fromboth in&out…
    Ishwari first she is possessive…but mother never become bad her situations like tat…her love is pure to her child even for sona…
    Without radharani(gkb sry ex-gkb) show is out of humour..
    Bejoy if every girl gets father like him..tat girl is more safe and happy..his possessive also for his daugheters happy..
    Vicky he is bad but not bad like other serials villians always thing how to kill anyone…his character also different in our show and a its realistic…
    Golu and Soha are cuteness to our show…
    Saurabh and Elena if we get siblings like this we can be happy and ready to fight with any situation…
    SHAHEER only suitable for DEV character..he nailed it from his expressions…
    Erica is beautiful and brilliant…wat a performance…
    Supriya Mam no one do tat ishwari this much awasomely…she is best as a possesive as a emotional…she proved her experience…
    Our story is simply how a two stranger met and how they became life partner and how they became from two souls to one soul…
    When we remember from dev and sona first meeting they strike each other to now final they get their baby in their hand WOW,wat a journey…beautiful journey its always remarkable..no one can beat this realistic show…as one KRPKAB AND ALWAYS ONE KRPKAB…no competition for this show not show its life…
    Our show thought us how to handle relationship..
    Don’t take any decision in angry if u fight someone pls wait a minute and discuss with them fyt will over yet there only…
    Be u as u…give respect to ech other In any relationship…love more more it’s a gift from GOD…guys,so its over now..no its not over…ya its over in telecasting but not in our hearts…Heart is bigger than telecasting…
    Our show is best in every parts as acting,dialogue,screenplay,the way of story telling…even last episode it as best episode…its not more dramtic tats y its not a story it’s a life…
    Devakshi will be live forever in our hearts…the story started with 3 characters and ended with these 3 characters they don’t change the unnecessary plot..our show is always a milestone for realistic..

    1. really i must say ….the way it started it ended there only.the story was bound by 3members and still continued there only.even a single epi didnt miss the trio triangle.for this uniqueness i have no words for it.
      and shubhashini u said was really true.and hearttouchable.

  15. Subhashini

    Sorry maenae big paara send karthiya lekin mere man ho tho sab bolni ka man karthiya maenae iss para mae likathiya…

  16. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all KRPKABian’s…

    Yesterday’s episode was very nice…enjoyed thoroughly….
    And very happy to see Devakshi’s son Shubh…??? but I’m expecting more scenes of Shubh with Devakshi….!

    Very sad and disappointed that we can’t see KRPKAB….the show had an happy ending…
    Watch this…

    Ok, Bye guys…we will meet on Shaheer/Erica’s new show TU… Hope you all guys will come on that page…Hope 4 the best…

    Missing KRPKAB…???

    1. same to u dear and happy ganesh chaturthi to all krpkabians…
      miss u neha.

  17. first coming to the epi it was just beyond it……love ,laugh,angry,emotions still so many.it was covered with many..just perfect and awesome.
    when ishu saying the words to dev was very emotional .i liked it…and dev picking up subh was good and remembering old memories made mee heartful.for that moment i thought iam luckiest person to watch.
    when dev woke up and faint in the hospital was very funny.bejoy bose……the epi was lightened by the funny momemts.
    i dont say it was an abrupt ending because vicky also suffered for 9months.for this writing hatsofff…

  18. Neha1

    KRPKAB end ho gaya….Very sad and disappointed…???
    Sony TV go to hell….

  19. Subhashini

    See this link wat a revive..from first to end…we miss the best thing..

  20. When u start loving orange even if your favourite is red….❤
    When miss bose comes to your mind whenever u hear khargosh or rabbit…
    When rude means aubodhro mr dixit…
    When u start hating sweetest thing halwa??
    When u really start believing in fairytales?
    For u moonsoon is not only rainy season but also devakshi season…?
    When u become afraid of making promises?
    When u see miracles happening??
    When u start liking traits like possessive,jealousy etc only bcoz they are one of the shades of love..?
    When u start understanding what love is from a different perspective….
    When u can smile as well have teary eyes…
    When u start hating weekends despite of having hectic week days???(thats the limit i think?)
    When u go to sleep with a smile on face just bcoz of those 20 min that let u forget all personal & professional tensions?
    Something that was really magic and became addiction and i am really in withdrawal of it now and not able to find any anti-dote????
    Yes KRPKAB had the power to do all this ❤
    Devakshi will remain in hearts forever and ever???

    1. Very true subhashini, vicky is different frm other villains

    2. Well written Arshia

    3. lovable arshia.written well

    4. mainly halwa and orange shirt..these are remarkable

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