Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th August 2017 Written *Last* Episode Update: Devakshi’s Happy Family Completes With Shubh

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sonakshi says sorry to Ishwari. Ishwari says ok, I will also apologize and says I couldn’t keep you happy. Sona says I want to go home because of my mood swings and I don’t want you to love me less. Ishwari says even we want to see your mood swings and will love you all the more seeing your love swings. Dev asks if she really thinks that they will be troubled with their mood swings. Sona asks if I want to have non veg on terrace. Ishwari says you will have it with my Shubh on the dining table. Sona’s parents smile hearing their talk.

Sona calls Dev in night. Dev gets up and starts keeping the things in place to go to hospital. Sona laughs. Dev says again…come on sonakshi. She asks how much he does drill practice. Dev says if you call me during labor then I will not wake up. Sona says you will wake up as you tell this everytime. She says this time she is not afraid as he is there for her and says he is best. Dev says you don’t need to be scared, I am with you and thanks her for giving him those moments. He asks her to sleep and says he will have water.

He thinks about the risk on Shubh and Sona. Ishwari comes there and asks if he is scared. Dev says he is much scared. He says when Soha came to me, she was 6 years old and perfect. This baby will be small, I have to take care of his responsibility. Ishwari says you are my Dev rath, you will never fail. Dev says I can’t fail this time, this is my son, my blood. I know you all can handle him, but I want to do much more for him. When he wants to learn swimming, he don’t need to go to dirty place, I want them to have colors and crackers before they ask. He says I don’t want to lose childhood before their childhood finishes.

Ishwari says you have seen so much, when your age was to play with crackers, you was worried for your sisters. When you would had played with toys, you had marks of hard work on your hands. She says you wanted to give them childhood which I couldn’t give you and apologizes to him for making him work in early age, my son never complained and handles his family. Dev says even you worked hard for family. Ishwari says it is parents’ responsibility to take care of children. They get emotional and hug each other.

Dev comes to Sona. Sona says you came and says baby was missing you. Dev asks baby or mummy. She asks are you fine. Dev says he is excited and happy. This baby will be mine also. She gives his phone. Dev reads Vicky’s message and says he asked us to come downstairs. Sona says lets go and see.

Dev recalls the happenings. He tells Elena that you are also welcomed, but not Vicky. Vicky tells Sona that he brought something for baby. Dev says I am dead for you. Vicky says you can tell this for me, but why you are telling this for yourself. He returns company papers and promises never to claim on the house. He says you gave me everything, but something was amiss. Elena used to miss family, but never complained. He asks him to call him back and says he can’t live without his family, bhai, his scolding etc. Dev hears him. Vicky says I know you will not trust me, but today I am apologizing to you. He folds his hands and request him. Ishwari, mama and Radha come there. Dev forgives Vicky and hugs him. Kuch rang pyaar ke music plays.

He says today when you called me Bhai and Bhabhi, it was from heart. Elena says today your wish is fulfilled. Sona says it was her wish to see them united. Radha thanks Sona. Elena says God fulfilled my wish to see you fat. Everyone laughs. Mama asks Vicky to hug him and feels proud of him. Golu says my big Cha forgot me. Dev says you are my Champ, how can I forget you. He thanks Vicky for coming back. Soha comes and hugs Golu. Saurabh calls Sonakshi and tells that they have to take Ronita to hospital and asks her to come. Sona tells Dev that she needs rest, but she has to go. Dev says he will also come with her.

They come to hospital. Bijoy panics and says he told Saurabh that they shall take her to near by hospital, but he brought her here. Dev asks him to relax and says very soon you will have your grand kid. Soha says you are talking like elders. Dev asks what do you mean? Soha says Dadi says clever people needs just sign to understand. Dev tells Asha if the baby goes on Baba. Bijoy asks what did you say? Dev says I have to get admitted here. Sona comes out and tells that Ronita delivered baby girl. She asks them to meet the baby. Suddenly she started getting labor pains. Dev panics and calls doctor. They take Sona inside. Dev panics and says he didn’t know that labor will started, says he didn’t come with the arrangements or told Maa. Bijoy asks him to relax. Dev faints. Bijoy makes him sit and gives water.

Soha asks him to come and says my little brother came. Dev gets happy. They go inside. Dev gets happy, looks at Sona’s smiling face and takes baby in his lap. He recalls their first meet, love confession, marriage, fights, separation, pain, Soha’s entry in his life, their patch up, Sona’s grah pravesh for second time, her pregnancy etc. He thanks Sona. Sona thanks him for being with her. Dev thanks her for giving him 7 lost years. Soha thanks them for giving her brother. They come home. Kuch Ranag Pyaar Ke Plays…

Ishwari gets happy and says baby goes on her. She says she is very happy that she can’t tell how much. Dev says why you are happy Maa. Ishwari says it seems to be like yesterday when you brought me here, and says this house have seen many colors and all colors are like rainbow colors, I am feeling like I came home today in real means. Golu says we shall take pics. Radha says she has called photographer. Photographer asks everyone to smile. Sonakshi, Dev, Soha, Shubh along with both families pose for happy family pic. The show ended on a happy union of Devakshi and their blessed family.

Show Ended.

Update Credit to: MA

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    Btw is it true that it has got extension only till diwali??

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      Very Excited for KRPKAB Season2…..Eagerly Waiting 4 the Telecast…
      But I will definitely missed KRPKAB on Monday & Tuesday coz of Singing classes….????? But Will watched Wednesday-Friday…!

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    golu sab ko dekh ne ko wait nhi hora h

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    Exactly Lizaa, After watching these segments….Me too can’t control..
    Very Excited to watch Devakshi, Soha, Golu and Shubh….but I’m thinking that Vicky was changed in last episode then who will be the next Villain in KRPKAB Season2….Without any Villain show mein Masala ka kami rahegi na…! Chalo let’s wait n watch…!

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    It would have been difficult to gather the crew… Cast… Set…. Technicians….. Designers…. Imagine kids…. That too in such a short span of time….

    And this Sony TV…. If I see these Sony TV in charge people no… It Wil b their worst day ever…. Wat the hell if they want they Wil stop a show suddenly and bring it back if they r not able to tolerate their fans…

    Now atleast understand the power of fans… V can go to any extent to bring back our shows ….

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      yaaaahh!!!krpkab always rocks..it always stands for its creativity and hardwork.

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      hip? hip ?hurray?

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    ishu changed but if character would be like this then aayega mazza..hot and spicy…
    ee sabh sochkar dimaag karab horaa..monday jaldi aanaa..

    1. Asmita...

      hahaha… gud thought dear… but one gud thing is that Supriya ma mis busy in other commitment so she is not available for our show for this month… so enjoy KRPKAB without Ishwari

      1. Priya9876

        Devakshi romanc na dikhaye chalega ? lekin ISHWARI less episode miley to maza hi aa jata hai…..???

        Yeah yeah ye ye ish chudail nhi aayegi 1 month tak ????

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        Asmita. Sab Devakshi Fans ka Msg h aapke liye. All of them wants to read ur FF. agar aap FF nhi likh sakte ho toh its okk but plzz write an OS. I hope u will fulfill our wish. Specially its my wish.

        AN OS BY ASMITA.

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      “”” BAHUIRIYA LAALI “””
      Kaash tum uss time pe hoti jab humlogon ka fav kaam tha ISHWARI ko bhar bhar k gaaliya dena ???

      Aaah!!! Wo v kya din the….

      @Asmita ne to harpic se v dho diya tha??? lekin fir uski gandgi nhi gyi ??

      1. Ishwari less epi ka apna hi maza ha?

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    Sooo happyyyy that kuch is back!!! I think the time slot is 8:30!!

    Ya hu…. ??I ma really happyyy!!

    Is the promo released!!! Waiting for the promo

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    Aapse hath? jod kar vinaati hai kripya aap aane wale episode jaldi update karien ( ulte-shidhe, galti-shalti, chote-mote ) jaise chaho waise karo lekin JALDI plz?
    takki humlog apne ache – bure vichar samay rehte prakat karey….

    Mai 2 ghante baad sab bhul jaati hu yaar mujhe kya likhna hai?

    Bass itna tha tumse kehna ?

    1. Chinnu21

      dekho frnds priya bada joke maar rahee..tuu kaise buul sakhtee ..tuu tho sare epi ka scene fevikwick se brain ko lagatee hai.

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    See this video guys… Erica’s old South movie…. Look at her attitude… Rowdy girls…


    Well she is so gud in everything….. Wow

    1. Chinnu21

      yahh!!!erica rocks…

  15. Varalakshmi

    Revealed: ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke’ season 2 gets a new time slot!


    Here comes in some good news for the fans of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke (Sony TV)!

    We all know that all because of the fan adoration and demand, the show which was meant to go off-air is making a comeback with a new season.
    And now, we hear that the channel is planning to position the show on the 7:30 pm slot and will air September 18 onward.
    The concept of the show will be a role reversal as Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) will be seen taking care of their baby and Suhana as he couldn’t be there around when Suhana was growing up. Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) will be seen focusing and excelling in her career.

    1. But 8.30 was perfect..just perfect

  16. Chanpreet0815

    Yeah sab videos dekh kr or bhi jyada excitement badh rhi h guys.

    I hope Sab ka dance krne ka man kr raha hoga.

    And I hope Sab comments jarur kroge and specially Asmita.

    kab aayega yeh Monday. I can’t wait Any more.

    And Yes promo kab aane waala h. ???

  17. Chanpreet0815

    Guys i hope. Ham aise pehele fans honge jo show khatam hone ke baad bhi itne time tak comments kr rhe h.

    And I hope hamaare comments kabhi khatam naa ho.
    I m vry excited.

    1. Lizaa

      Exactly Chanpreet….ham sab ka pyar dekh kar cvs walonne krpkabs2 banaya….???

  18. Chanpreet0815

    Or haa kisi ne decide kiya jis din show firr se start hoga tab hamaari DP Common hogi. LeKin kya hogi???

    Priya Asmita Swarna Subhashini Neha Rekhadhir Ganga Ayushi Pritha Devga Sneha Riti Ritika Aarti Chinnu Shahina. Arshia Pavitra Lizaa. Or any Other Decide kro hame konsi dp rkhni h. Till First day of our show. Like hamne Devakshi ki Shaadi or kiya tha.

    1. Lizaa

      Hum devakshi ke 20sep wala proposed pic rakhe…what’s say…
      Aur koi suggest karo yaar..

      1. Lizaa?

      2. Chanpreet0815

        Lets see Liza majority wins. Sabke suggestions aane do.

      3. Chanpreet0815

        By the way ur idea is good

      4. Neha1

        What if we all put Shubh’s dp…..on that day…..

        Coz in last episode when Shubh came in DEVAKSHI’s Life…..Everyone was very happy, including Fan’s…… and Undoubtedly, we all love DEVAKSHI….but We all LOVE Shubh too…..He’s tooooooooo Adorable and Cuteness Overloaded…?????
        So, I suggest to put Shubh’s Dp…..it will be Perfect, Just Perfect…
        What Say…???????? Give your suggestions…!

    2. Chinnu21

      agar mujh par chappal nahi maree tho…mere pass ek idea…
      pocho kya hai????
      ham apna ……..hamesha shirt utarnee wali raja(SUR)-vicky ka dp lageyenge…
      mazza ayegaa.ab mami aakhar kahega”tum sab kitna noce nice hai”

      just kidding ….batao frnds kya rakhengee..

      1. ???? shirt utarnee wala raja???

      2. Priya9876

        Shirt utarane wala raja ????? seriously!?????

    3. Ganga

      Total family pic as dp….. it’s my suggestion….

      Last episode last frame pic….???????

  19. Chanpreet0815

    Nd bht se friends h. Jim home abhi tak comments nhi kiye. Like Shalini Shalini Bose Anshita Ayushi Pritha Junee.

    Kaha ho aap log.

  20. Subhashini

    Harae @priya agar ishwari nai hoti toh maaza kam ae hum kisko goli marungi…
    Aur agar ishwari nai aati 1month hum halwa ko bhi bhuljayegi…

  21. frnds….i think 11is our luckiest day.double dhamaka arahaa…kyunki krpkab2starts on sony @8:30 and krpkab starts on [email protected]:30 (from starting)sooo double dhamaka…hip hip hurrah….
    gud night frnds……chweet dreams.

  22. We will have to wait till 18 now???
    And 7.30 ka slot like sony r u kidding?

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