May I Come in Madam 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju getting angry on liftman. He imagines Sanjana and calms down. He says you need love, not beating. He sends liftman. Sanjana looks on. She likes his way to explain others. He tells his imagination. She asks him to keep control on his anger, he is really going good. Kashmira’s friend asks her to sign divorce papers, then she can get discount. Mummy tells about Sanju’s affair. Kashmira agrees to sign on the divorce papers. She signs on the papers and cries.

Sanju and Sanjana leave from office. A man teases Sanjana. Sanju calmly scolds him. The guy goes. Sanjana asks Sanju why did he not get angry on the man who teased her. Sanju says I m doing anger management, that guy was an eve teaser. She asks him to go and teach a lesson to the guy, go and beat him. Sanju gets angry and goes. He beats him and comes. He says I have beaten up and then he has also beaten me. She says I m happy that you took a stand, I like you like this, angry young man, you don’t need anger management. He thanks her.

Sanju comes to meet Khiloni. Khiloni jokes on him. Sanju asks him to make peg. Khiloni refuses. Sanju slaps him. Khiloni asks why are you beating me, what happened. Sanju beats him more. Khiloni says I m so happy that my old friend came back.

Kashmira says I will give divorce to Sanju today. Sanju comes home. She scolds him and asks for divorce. Sanju gets angry and scolds him a lot. She gets glad. She says sorry I did mistake. She tears the divorce papers. Sanju asks what papers are these. He checks and asks was these divorce papers, why did you think of divorce, what did I do. She says you didn’t talk to me, so I was thinking you have an affair. He scolds her for thinking nonsense. He says I love madam a lot, I mean how can you think so. She says I understand love doesn’t mean fights, I love you a lot. She hugs him. She goes to get dinner.

Chedi meets mummy and flirts. He says we should give this relation a new name. Mummy says I will talk to Kashmira about our marriage. Chedi sings vaada karo….. Sanju comes and greets Sanjana. She asks why are you coming late to office. He lies that his uncle passed away. He cooks up a story. She says I m sorry to hear you about your loss, don’t spoil my mood by saying bad news. He says I can make your mood better, I have many jokes. He tells a joke and laughs. She asks how do you manage to laugh in sorrow. She sends him and asks him not to show his face again.

Sanju meets Khiloni at night. Khiloni asks how was your day at office. Khiloni says it was bad, madam speaks bitter, her mood is always bad. Khiloni jokes on him. Sanju slaps him. Khiloni says I was just kidding, tell me what happened. Sanju says day was bad, she got angry on me and made me leave from cabin politely, what does madam want. Khiloni jokes.

Sanjana sings Paan khaye saiyyan….. and dances with Sanju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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