Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona asks Khatri what did Ishwari do. Khatri laughs that only he knows about it, that is why Ishwari gets afraid seeing him. Sona asks what is it. He says why should he tell her. She says she will not let him harm her family. He says 20 years ago, Ishwari did a crime in a house #12 she was working and it is still locked. He says Ishwari used to live in a small house with 4 children and now she is very rich. Sona says it is Dev’s hard work. Khatri says the wealth gained on crime will not prosper long. He returns Sona’s money and says he does not need her money and leaves. Jatin comes and asks what did he say.

Sourav fumes in room that online booking is not good. Ronita asks him to relax. Sourav orders food. Bejoy also reaches room with Asha and sys she never had time for them in home and used to be in kitchen half of time, so he brought her in a hotel in same city. He orders same Bengali food at the same time Sourav orders. Ronita then wears Sourav’s gifted gown. Sourav says she is looking very pretty. She says shotti. He says he wants to capture each moment and starts dancing with her. She says he is looking hot. He says he is hearing this for the first time and shies.

Suhana comes out of room and meets Dev. Dev gets happy seeing her and says her chicken pox is gone. She says next time if he gets chicken pox, she can take care of him as she already got one. He gets emotional. Sona reaches home and Soha asks where she had gone. Sona says for important work. Dev reminisces seeing her with Jatin. Soha goes out. Dev says Sona he shifted her belongings to guest room. Sona shouts how can he, she wants to stay with Soha, he is breaking his problem. He says he can and it is both their habits to break promises. Soha comes with Golu and says let us listen story and play.

Sourav fumes waiting for food and with Ronita goes to reception and scolds manager. Bejoy also comes down with Asha scolding receptionist. They both are shocked seeing each other. Bejoy asks what are they doing here. Sourav says they came on honeymoon and what are they doing here. Bejoy says just routine. Waiter asks who ordered food. They both say at once. Waiter says he has only 1 order. They both scold water and he leaves frightened. They both laugh. Ronita and Asha pull their legs next and laugh.

Sona and Dev’s argument starts. Dev asks Sona why did she go to meet Jatin. She says he is her friend. Dev says even she was his friend and they he developed feeling for her and she became most important person of his life. She is playing same game now. Sona shouts Dev. He says then why she went to meet Jatin. She reminisces meeting Khatri and his warnings, says she cannot tell. Dev cries that she ruined his life, he loved her more than his life, but she betrayed him. He wants to get out of here. She tries to stop her. He shouts why should she stop and leaves.

Sona stands near window and thinks Dev’s anger is valid, but he overreacts as usual and she cannot say him the reason. Golu and Soha enter and see her sanding near window. Golu says big chi is sad as big cha also stands near window when he is sad. Sona sees them and asks Soha if she wants cool cream. Soha says she is fine, asks if she is sad. Sona asks why is she asking this. Soha says Golu told papa also stands near window when he is sad. They say big cha is best. Their conversation continues.

Precap: Sona cries holding Dev’s pic that he always tells he does not accept his help, she wants his help and they both have to fight together. Her tears fall on photo frame. Dev is seen crying standing in balcony.

Update Credit to: MA

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