Dil Bole Oberoi 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Bole Oberoi 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Om gets shocked seeing Kaali. Kaali hugs him and says I wish to hug you such that I get your life out. Om asks how dare you come to my house. Kaali says you just paid money for land and took land and wife, now I want wife and land too. Some time before, Gauri drinks the juice and gets tensed. She apologizes to Om and says I will go now. Om says you should have asked me to have juice, what’s the need of this drama, get juice glass to my room. Om goes. Gauri says why am I not doing, rat died drinking it. Jhanvi hugs her. Buamaa says Gauri did not care for her life to save Om. She says actually this was our plan, I m happy to say you passed. She recalls her plan and says I got that liquid from thermometer, I added servant to add water in the juice. Jhanvi says I m sorry Gauri, I misunderstood you, you are a shield who will save Om, Buamaa was right, Om can’t get a better girl than her, did you not get scared while drinking it.

Gauri says there is no place for fear where there is devotion, I have named my life to Om, he saved my and even my mum’s life, dying for Om is not a big thing, I can die for him again and again, Buamaa I will never let your beliefs break. She says I promise I won’t let Om get harmed till I m alive. Buamaa hugs Jhanvi and Gauri.

Kaali comes there and says count down Om, you have snatched my brother, my would be life and land, I have determination to ruin you, I will snatch your happiness, peace and even your breath.

Buamaa calls Gauri her bahurani. Jhanvi says being this house bahu, you have right on this necklace, take it. Gauri says no, bahu just have duty, right is of wife, I have become your bahu, not Om’s wife. Buamaa says its shagun. Gauri says I don’t want necklace, I just want blessings, bless me to have relation with this house always. Kaali says Om you got relation with Gauri, but rights are just of Kaali, I have habit to snatch, but my heart says, the one whom I came here to snatch is around. He asks servant about house owner. Servant says she is in Buamaa’s room. Kaali thanks him and says if I came to temple, I should meet devi first.

Jhanvi says we should not hide this from Om, we will tell him Chulbul is Gauri. Gauri says no, don’t tell truth to Om. Buamaa says we have to tell him. Gauri says he does not regard Gauri as wife, but regards Chulbul as friend, if he knows truth, he will hate Chulbul too, this relation will end, let me be Chulbul if he is happy, I can be around and take care of him. Jhanvi asks till when will you stay as friend, when you are his wife. Gauri says forever, I just have to do his puja, I do it as wife or friend, it does not matter. Buamaa and Jhanvi smile. Kaali walks in and asks can I come in. Gauri thinks its Kaali’s voice. She sees Kaali in Jhanvi’s pendant and gets shocked. She recalls the tortures. Buamaa says you came in and asked can you come in. He says sorry, door was open so I came in. She asks who are you. He says I m Om’s friend. Gauri covers her face with dupatta.

He says I came to meet Om and heard he is not at home, I thought to meet his wife. Jhanvi says Om did not get married till now, don’t you know this being his friend. Buamaa asks Gauri to go. Gauri passes by him. Kaali sees Gauri and smiles.

Gauri goes out and cries. She says Kaali Thakur…. he has come here, he is alive, it was his jeep, he came here after me, how did he know I stay here. Servant says your friend came to meet you, he is in Buamaa’s room. Om says my friend, who can it be. Gauri cries and runs. She collides with Om. Om holds her dupatta. Saathiya…..plays…….. She recalls the old moments. She covers her face with one end of the dupatta. Om goes to hold her. She runs away. He calls her out. She thinks if Om sees me, he will kick me out of here. He recalls the anklet and says if I m not wrong, you are that Jagrata girl. She says yes, I came to take Jagrata payment. He says stop, I have your belonging, wait here. She goes. He says your anklet was with me. He sees her gone and says strange girl, I asked her to wait, even then she did not wait. She says I got saved today, else Om would have known I m a girl, become Chulbul fast.

Buamaa laughs and says your jokes and funny and scary, you have a dark sense of humor. Om comes there. Kaali turns to him. Om gets shocked seeing Kaali. He recalls the fight in Bareilly. Kaali says you got surprised as if you saw a dead alive, you met after long time, won’t you hug. Kaali hugs him and says I was eager to see you, I wish to hug you such that I get your life out, keep your tongue shut, you know Kaali, I also know a lot which you hide from world. Jhanvi and Buamaa asks them to talk and leave. Om pushes Kaali away. Om asks how dare you come to my house, tell me why did you come. Kaali says I came to take my belongings, my fiancee Gauri Sharma, give the goat, tiger will leave, don’t force me to hunt, else don’t know how many lives I take apart from you and Gauri. Om says play such game in which you win, I made you lose in your house and your game, this is my house, even game is mine. Kaali says but I m playing the moves, I cancelled the Bareilly deal, you just paid money for land and took land and wife, now I want wife and land too. Om looks at him.

Kaali says I had to come Mumbai, I came to take something precious. He looks at Chulbul/Gauri. Gauri gets tensed and drops the tray. Kaali holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am sooooooooo happy today 1. First is janvi accept gouri as DIL
    2.today was no vamp kk swetlana. Thanks cvs.
    Soo gorika are worried bcoz of KT soo sad.somebody save my omi.he is really tired. Chulbul he needs you take cate of him.

    And KT your eyes are really scary dar lagta he muhhe teri ankho se.

    Now it wil be very interesting.

  2. Gouri you are sooo innocent by heart you love your husband soo selflessly. It is soo nice hope omi will understand you .

    And precap why is KT after chulbul? ???? Om will definitely stand for her.his chulbul chiroota or gouri chireyaa ?

    Om ke sar pe already tension he he is pissed of with prblms .hope MU will clear soon betwwn gourika.

    I heard a news that neha is quitting IB and DBO any confirm news guys?????

    1. Nivedita

      Omg, please I hope Neha doesn’t quit DBO and IB.. i love her.. and idk why Rumya track has been dragging for so long..

  3. Nivedita

    Loved Gaurika scene..In the middle.
    But overall the episode was too slow in terms of the plot moving..
    Chulbul drinking the juice yesterday was ridiculous and to top it off that showing her dedication to Om and turning Jahnvi in one moment was even more ridiculous..
    All the past things that Chulbul has done– is saving Jahnvi twice should have swayed her not this stupid drinking OJ thing.. to protect Om she could’ve just thrown the Juice..
    Anyways while I am Looking fwd to the KT track..I think DBO is still too slow to warrant a TV watch…
    Today had too many unnecessary flashbacks..

  4. Awesome episode…Loved that duppatta moment ?? Finally Omkara & Gauri Kaali Ko dekh Liya…Aaah toh Sahi villain ki entry hogayi…Now DBO will be more interesting ? Happy that Jahnvi accepted Gauri as her bahu…By the way, Gauri is looking damn pretty in this dress?

  5. I think people got bored seeing Sweat lana chudail so they got Kaali demon in, next will be chudail and demon will join hand together and defeat OM and Chulbul as usual. It’s so weird that Sweatlana was born from dead and Kali was also came back from dead, didn’t we see they killed him, no complaints, I can handle Kali then stupid Sweat lana and her raaz, hope we will be spared for sometime.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Haan yaar.. hume na inn dono phoenix ki shaadi karwana chahiye…maar ke bhi marte nahin…

      1. ur comment make me laugh bu agreed and he is also rich so swethlana will had no problem

  6. Finally jhanvi accepted gauri as her bahu… Gauri ur dedication towards Omkara and your belief in this unmade marriage is worth appreciable…
    “I can die many a times to save him”….
    “I have given my entire life to him”…..
    These words prove that Gauri love is Unconditional…

    Its very truly said that the first step of any relationship is FRIENDS…. And Gauri is ready to become Chulbul chirota for her
    Omkara not just because of marriage but out of Love ….

    Kaali thakur giving shock wali jhappi to Omkara … I think he came to knew about Gauri when she was in buaama’s room and that mannerless Kali came inside without knocking….( school mein teacher be Nahi sikhaya ke kisi ke room mein door knock kar ke jaana chahiye)….
    Kali thakur if u have the habit of snatching then our Omkara is skilled in protecting…. and when it comes to his wife then Omkara will definitely turn in to Rudra Avataar ,lord shiva the destroyer of evil…. So don’t you even dare Kaali Thakur….

    “Love is all about remembering those unforgetting moments that we spend together even if one does not love the
    other or does want him/her in his/her life…. but when they cross each other’s path…. the lost love is FELT…. the lost memory gets revieved again…”

    Loved GauriKara’s dupatta Walla scene…. both holding dupatta’s end….

    BEST PART OF TODAYS EPISODE IS…..soocho…. soocho…. Today no svetlana’s scence…. Yesterday only one dialogue and today totally wiped off….. and in next two days TOTALLY GONE……


    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Maahi party from my side as that plastic botox kumari was not today.. join with me ok…
      And Kaali School nahi gaya.. bach gaye uske school teacher yaar… manner is not needed for villainbaazi… it is always about not having any manner.. for being a villain…

    2. Shiv

      Let we all ishqies celebrate to days episode ????????? Without that plasticlana

      I find DBO gaining momentum with less plastic lady n gauri secrets unraveled by bua n jhanvi

      Hope Kaali thakur act like catalyst in omri love like daksh!!

  7. Is Om going to become concerned for Gauri and return to Bareilly to see her?

  8. Aastha_Reddy

    I know this was the most desired episode for all… Astha chal share your dimagi Dahi…
    1. Kali Thakur wants to snatch so many thing from Om.. I came to know for the first time that Om has so many things with him.. Its your Illusion Black Thakur.. that Shwetlana already snatched his peace and smile.. and Gouri is not your so.. just take some cut hair from Om’s head and go.. back to Bareilly warna this time nahi bachega…
    2.I will do his Pooja.. Gouri ji we love Omkara as a boy.. are you planning to transfer him in to a girl and name him as Pooja….
    3. I will do his pooja.. bring some milk and pour in his long hair… clinic plus and dove milk protein shampoo.. then put some insane stick on his jaata (like In Bhool bhullaiyya that comedian did..)
    Then put some flower on his neck and head.. he will look nice with a flower tiara.. but please Gouri don’t break any coconut on his head…
    Again he missed Gouri.. now KT know Chulbul is Gouri but not Omkara… MU is on way to be cleared.. no hurry we can wait for that as long as that chudail is not around….
    Chudail se yaad aaya.. I am happy that Botox kumari was not today…
    saathiya sathiya… sambhalo apni dupatta warna kabhi bhi girr sakti ho.. pyaar mein yaar not sidi se… we want him to fall first…and then search for you…
    I think Kali loves Gouri more yaar .. ek jhalak se pehenchan liya.. but that long haired creature is not getting her identity after so many mistake from her side…
    KT-Gouri Mumbai mein chahe jahan bhi chupegi tujhe pehchan lunga..
    Chulbul- I know that coz. you are like a dog..(fun only no offense.. I also like KT)..
    Some one was asking me that how will Jhanvi act as a cupid among OmRi… I hope usko answer mil gaya…
    Jhanvi .. I loved her today.. and Dollyji and Gouri too..that scene was so good…love test result satisfied..and prize the necklace. Hum mar kyun nahi rahe hai…??? Gouri was ready to die..
    Kali thakur.. This time maza our bhi aayega hum normal viewers ko.. sach mein..TV bhi hamara..DBO bi hamara..baas aap na villainbaazi thik se kijiye…
    I never liked the ornaments Jhanvi uses always.. but chalo aaj kisi kaam mein toh aaya.. to see a cheppada face of Black Thakur…for Gouri.

    1. Nivedita

      lol! Liked Ur comments on Gauri’s Looks..?? i used to like jahnvi’s makeup ornaments and dresses in IB, but they are mostly awful in DBO-.
      Makeup wise in DBO- only Buama’s make up looks normal.. and Gauri and jahvi’s is good only sometimes..

  9. Oh my god shraddha dear, sultana madamji ki toh gangaram hogayi?????
    @asthababy clinic plus and dove protein sampoo?????????? like seriously! !!! Such main tumhare dimag main toh kafi sarri dahi he????????????
    @jasi dear, I am confused about it but hope so.

    Maahi dear hope so.sultana ko out ho jani chahiye already KT aur uska bhoot jaisi scary eyes he.hume aur kuch nahi chahiye.

    @nivi dear I also don’t want that. Rumya love story is one of the most cutest lovve story of telly wood.

  10. Hii ishqies… A big wala jaadu ki jhaapii… And a very good morning… To all…
    Astha dii you are too good…. I am using your comments as my laughing therapy…… Today episode is good… And
    Precap is scary….

  11. DBO FANS from Kerala

    Hi friends,
    Hope you are fine.yesterday episode is superb.
    Jhanvi accept gauri as oberoi bahu.
    Om and gauri saathiya moment is also superb ❤❤❤❤????.
    Yesterday there is no fakelana scenes oh that’s really a big relief.
    Guys, another good news ,DBO again come under top 10 in rep chart with 1.6 trp.
    Pre-cap is very intresting.
    Hope that our gaurika track will start soon.
    Love you gaurika ❤??????❤???.

  12. DBO FANS from Kerala

    Spell mistake #trp# chart.

  13. Hii nikitajai a big wala jaduu ki jhappi to you..you were misssing right !
    Seema , antara ,dhara, jaanu pinku sab kahan ho yarr!!! We are missing you.????????(sry my memory power is soo low I can’t remember all the name)

  14. guys do u know the plasticlana had affair with kaali in past when she had her original face

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