Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev tells Ishwari that he will not call Sona’s mother as maa. She says he can as Sona calls her mom. Dev says he will not call though and will call maa only her, he cannot see her angry on him. She says she wants him to read her mind himself and asks if he wants to have halwa. He says yes, he did not get halwa during dinner. She gets halwa out of fridge and asks if she should heat it. He says no and sits on dining chair. Mamaji comes and says he is happy looking them happy and says even he needs sweets. Dev gives him bowl. Ishwari asks if he liked Sona’s swinger, she was telling it is her dream to keep swinger in her room. Dev does not reply and asks Mama not to eat whole bowl. They all 3 laughs. Ishwari says she liked Aman. Dev says even he and Rhea. Mamaji says even he. Dev says he will meet Ayan then.

At Bejoy’s house, Asha asks Bejoy why did not he bring vegetables. He says nobody is accepting 500 rs notes and he had withdrawn his pension amount just some days ago. She says so what, notes will be changed, they can manage with change at home for 1-2 days. They all collect money from their wallets and say they are proud to be Indians.

Sona decorates her swinger with dupattas. Nikki, Rhea, and Neha enter. Nikki asks if bhai will like it. Sona says he gave her right to decorate this room the way she wants. Rhea says anyways bhaiya’s room is so boring. Sona says, so girls lets rock it. Nikki shouts hurray..

Asha looks at Sourav’s project and says it is very good, he just has to see he does not upset Sona’s life as Ishwari is very sensitive. He asks her not to worry, he will never create problems in Sona’s life. Bejoy happily pampers him.

Dev returns from office and searches his night suit in cupboard. Sona asks what is he searhing. He says he is not getting his night suit and throw clothes from cupboard. Sona asks if a child came here. He says no, maa keeps suit here, but he is not getting it, he will go and ask. She jokes if he will go and ask mamma mamma I need night suit at this time. He says he will wear shirt and pant then. She asks he wants to dream in formal clothes. He says whatever it is and goes to change. Sona thinks Dev depends on Ishwari even now like a small boy.

In the morning, Dev wakes up and smiles looking at Sona’s face. Sona asks what. He says this is good thing about marriage. Alarm rings. He says he has important meeting and hurriedly wakes up and hits his leg to a swinger and shouts in pain. Sona says let her check. He says he will be fine and rushes to washroom. He goes down afer getting ready for office, limping. Nikki asks what happened to him. Sona says he hit his leg to swinger and injured his leg. Nikki laughs. Dev says let us go for office. Sona says she does not have appointment in the morning, so she will go late. He says okay and leaves.

Ishwari with Radha comes to Sona’s room and seeing dupattas on swinger thinks Sona kept them to dry and tries to remove them. Sona comes and says she decorated swinger with dupattas. Radha comes why she made Sarojini market at home. Sona says she read they can decorate house with items at home. Ishwari sees clothes coming out of cupboard and opens it and asks what is all this. Radha yells here Sarojini market, there Chandni chowk, what is all this. Sona says Dev was searching his night suit and crumbled clothes. Ishwari says she forgot to keep suit and says she will fold clothes. Sona says she will do herself. Ishwari says how willl work at office and household chores. Sona says she has decided Dev and her will do their work themselves. Ishwari says how will Dev do it. Sona says they will, till now she worked and now she should retire. Ishwari says there is not retirement for household chores. Sona says she will manage. Radha yells how can she misbehave with Ishwari and stop her to enter he own son’s room. Sona says she did not mean that, maa can come anytime, she is just telling that she and Dev will do their work themselves. Ishwari says if she thinks so, then she will not do Dev’s work. Sona thanks her and says without her help, she cannot make change.

Radha walks behind Ishwari and asks how can she kneel down in front of bengalan. Ishwari says born in Bengal is not a crime and anywaays Sona is her bahu and deserves respect. She knows the end result. Radha says that measns Sona cannot handle it. Ishwari says Sona is very intelligent and can hande anything, except Dev. Radha laughs that Sona will fail.

Sona after her job comes out and calls Elena. Elena is busy with Vicky in his car and disconnects call saying she is busy and will call her later. Vicky asks why did she stop, anyways Sona will know soon. He shows ring and says soon he will bring baraat and take her home and then on bed. She says how cheap. He says if she was boy, she would have done same. Their chaitting continues and Vicky continues driving. Car passes in front of Sona and Sona is shocked to see them together.

Precap: Asha calls Dev. Dev greets her aunty and gives phoneto Sona. Asha asks why Dev called her aunty.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Angel20

    Hey everyone,
    I’m Maria naam to suna hi hoga 😉 I’m not new here as some of you know me because I write for. But I don’t comment on this page ‘written update’ I would like to be a part of this family and share my views, will you all accept me??

    1. Sneha1

      welcome Maria… we love to read your views… hearty welcome to KRPKABian family

    2. Erina

      Of course swtheartswtheart yeh v koi puchne ki baat h ?????? u will always find ur Darling for welcoming u … ?????????

  2. Angel20

    I seriously think that now this serial is not a love story it’s only showing how a mother in law treats a daughter in law and the bond between son and mother.

  3. Erina

    Yeh I just read an awesome os so I just come to inform u all to read that isi felt ki it was awesomeness ki bhandar just go nd read that named “my birthday gift os”by -“maleeha “nd especially @priya u as she dedicated to u as ur bday gift
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    1. Devga

      Sure dear …..

  4. Junee

    Thanks for the update and indeed its a lovely story written by Maleeha!
    But the point that I tried to make was whether its love or arranged marriage the onus is on u to make it work, even if it is ur parents choice! The responsibility will always be yours as at the end of the day u will have to answer to your own conscience which will never spare you from queries Dear!!!

    1. Erina

      Yeh dear yup I agree that whether its love or arrange all responsibility comes on us only . I think I didn’t clear my point so when I was talking about love marriage nd responsibility I was considering responsibility regarding how to make in-laws happy nd how to win their heart as sona is trying but its every girl is not lucky as sona na dear that her family support her but I wounder why family not support as marriage to krni hih so what’s the problem ki love ho ya arrange but phir v agar family supporting na hui to its vry dangerous situation for girl na . nd in arrange d responsibility means if things not goes well then girl will always find shoulder of their parents …
      Seriously I’m not vry matured to understand this but I’m telling u whatever I hv seen in my surrounding…… Nd now i m trying to c in same way u explained me . so thankyou dear ….

  5. A veryyyyy happy wala birthday to you Priya di!
    Hope you have a wonderful and amazing year ahead full of happiness and wellness!!!
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    Loads of love! Muaaaah<3

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    Happy birthday Priya..luv u loads..n hate Ishwari loads..

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      Thank u soo much? aarti

  7. Sona ko bhi dev ki maa ko aunty bulana chahiye……..

    1. Kaash aisa ho paata!

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