KKB….. Journey of Souls….. Episode 29

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Episode starts with Alka going through crowd towards sam, She was tensed to depth, tears were just flowing from her eyes, she sat down and kept Sam’s head in lap, Sam was bit consious, the blood covered all his head, the crowd was just staring them meanwhile the one who bashed his car into sam came back to Sam.
Alka looked at the person: Ronita? Are you mad? See how much its bleeding.
Ronita: I am…am so sorry
Alka in loud voice: Somebody call the ambulance please.
Ronita: Alka….Alka listen to me Ambulance would take time to come, I have car with me ane hospital is near by don’t waste time and come.
Alka wipes her tear and says fine, Sam who was still consious in low tone said: Al…Alka, I…I won’t go in her…..car
Alka in anger: just shut up, no one is asking you! See how much its bleeding. Alka looks at a person and says Bhai please help him to get in car..
The person nods his head , and then they help sam to get in car, Alka sits behind and places sam’s head in her lap meanwhile Ronita drives the car.

Screen gets shifted towards Abhi:
He was driving the car and flashbacks the incident of last night:
Pragya; abhi….
Abhi: What happend? Shocked? How did I came to know about you and your love..m
Pragya; Abhi he is Ravi….
Abhi: i know he is ravi and now i know what relation you share with him
Pragya; you are getting it wrong…
Abhi laughs; what? I am getting it wrong? In these pictures aren’t you hugging him? Isn’t he kissing you at forehead..
Pragya: listen abhi,
Abhi with his fullforce took the necklace out of pragya’s neck, the hook got broken down, pragya felt utmost pain.
Fb ended

Abhi: She kept saying that I am getting it wrong, she kept saying me that Listen to me and what did I did? Why am I so stubborn? The way with full force I took out the necklace , how much pain she would have felt. Seriously Shame on me Shame! How can I do this? (Abhi wipes his tears) I would ask her to give me any punishment but….She can not leave me, She can’t!
Abhi Flashbacks:
Pragya: why are you looking in another directio n? I betrayed you right…. Shame on you, shame at your cheap thinking…
Abhi shouts: Shame on you … You deserved to be called as charct….. abhi stops saying further and says You married me but your affair was with someone else.
Pragya gets shocked.
Abhi in rage: I don’t want to see your face, leave my life right now, I always thought you do not deserve me but actually I don’t deserve a cheap person like you… Go from my life…
Pragya wipes her tears: Okay, okay…. Mister abhi i don’t care what you are thinking about me, If you think I am cheap then Shame on your thinking, if you think I do not deserve to be in your life than shame on your thinking, if you think I have betrayed you by loving ravi shame on your thinking, If you think i have affair with Ravi then Shame on your thinking….. you want me to be out of your life right? Then you won’t be able to see me from tomorrow’s morning…. pragya turns to opposite side and says: Bye Mister abhi, Tumahre jindagi tumhein mubarak ( stay blessed with your life)
Fb ended

Abhi in anger banged his hand over steering wheel…

Screen gets shifted into Hospital:
Alka and Ronita were walking here and there out side of Ward. Ronita saw Alka getting tensed and again and again joining her hands(in way of praying to God). She was about to go to Alka but the nurse came out of ward, Alka rushed to her: What happend? Is he fine? How is he now? And is anytjing serious?
Nurse: seems, you are his wife. So much concerned.
Ronita looked at alka, alka looked at ronita but tured her sight immediatly towards nurse: No i am not his wife, just tell me Can I meet him?
Nurse: Yes you can, if you have further quiries , doctor is inside the ward you can ask him.
Alka said: okay thanks and quickly went inside the ward, Ronita followed her… Sam who was in consious state and was smiling while talking to doctor looked at Ronita and Alka, he widely opend his eyes and thought: Between the Devil and the Deep Sea where would you go Sam Bhai? (ek taraf kua ek tarag khai, kahan jaoge Sam bhai?)
Alka: Doctor, is he fine?
Doctor took a side , Alka felt relieved after seeing no deep injury over sam, just his head was wounded and dressed.
Alka came to Sam: What was the need of crossing the road? Tell me what was the need of crossing it.
Sam just opend his mouth to answer but alka in rage said: Don’t you dare to talk! How many times I guestured you to not cross road, just tell me how many times I did that?
Sam again opend his mouth to answer but alka said: Again you are answering? Are you mad? Here I was getting tensed to core that will you even be able to live after the accident, and here you…..
Sam smiled looking at her concern
Alka in rage: and here you are just smiling at me.
Alka slightly pushed his shoulder gridle in anger.
Sam: Ahh…Ouch
Alka being concerned: Oh I am so sorry, so sorry..i didn’t knew you have pain in shoulder…

Sam again smiled, looking at this ronita was burning in jealousy meanwhile doctor laughed out
Doc: He is acting , he has no pain in his pelvic gridle
Alka: Hawww…youuuuuu
Sam laughed
Doc: You should take his care and more over he should remain away from electronical devices like mobile and laptop as it could affect his brain, more over he should take proper diet.
Alka: Okay Doctor..Thanks
Doc; You can go home Sam… okay I am leaving…
Alka: Thanks
The Doctor left, meanwhile ronita taking the oppertunity sat beside Sam and held his hand.
Ronita: You know how much I was concerned for you.
Sam losed his hand: And why were you concerned?
Ronita: I love you.
Sam: hehehehehe … See you cracked the joke and I laughed so if you are done Can you please go?
Ronita: Alka you should leave from here, its husband wife personal matter.
Alka nodded her head and was about to leave but Sam held her hand, Alka looked at him
Sam: See Ronita you know what you have low sense of humor or I just can say that your memory is weak. Officialy and unofficialy we are not Husband and wife anymore so Please leave.
Ronita; But…
Sam: okay if you are not leaving, I would. Come alka help me to get up.
Ronita got up and left the room.
Sam took deep breathe and murmered: Devil is gone , now let”s go into deep sea.
Alka in rage folded her arms, sam looked at him and smiled.
Alka: I won’t help you, get up yourself
Sam: see I have pain in my right leg so without support I can not get up.
Alka: so? You have a pair of leg if One is not working then use your left one
Sam in sweet voice: Alka.. help me
Alka: No means No
Sam made wierd expressions and tried to get up, and was about to fall but alka held him.
Alka: Let me help you,
Sam smiled and encircled his arms around alka’s shoulder, alka gave him support and they walked outside of ward…

Screen shifts to Mehra Mansion….
Pragya was about to step outside of mehra mansion, geeta came and saw her.
Geeta: pragya…
Pragya closed her eyes: Gone!
Geeta came towards Pragya: Where are you going with this bag?
Pragya: I….I am going …to ….to….to…to…to
Geeta: to?
Pragya: NGO, actually these clothes I bought them for women in NGO
Geeta: oh, let me come with you too
Pragya: No!
Geeta: why?
Pragya: actually before that……
Abhi came: Mom she is not going to any NGO
Pragya looked at him shockingly
Geeta; then where is she going?
Abhi: no where
Pragya with confused expressions looked at him
Abhi: actually she is going NGO, but not now
Geeta: You both are out of my understanding, I am just going.
Geeta left
Pragya: Are you done? Let me go now
Abhi: Never ever I will let you go
Abhi held pragya’s arm tightly and dragged her to their room, he closed the door.
Pragya in anger: What’s wrong with you?
Abhi: everything is wrong with me
Pragya goes to him: Why? Oh so you got to know about truth
Abhi: Yes..
Pragya: So now what do you want?
Abhi: forgive me please
Pragya: Okay I forgave you, now let me go
Abhi: Pragya, see i know
Pragya: I know what ever you have done, you are feeling guilty but what about my feeling? You doubted on me
Abhi: I did and I regret
Pragya: would your regret lower my pain?
Abhi; My Love would
Pragya: i saw your love… love of 10 years!
Abhi tried to held pragya’s hand: Prag..
Pragya: No…don’t touch me…stay away… stay away, and let me go from your life
Abhi: If you would leave me I would die and death is not my punishment, if you want to punish me, punish me as much as you want but just don’t leave me, forgive me.
Pragya didn’t replied back and turned herself to opposite side, abhi felt helpless but then he left room, pragya broke down into tears…
Screen shifted towards Sharma Mansion.
Sanvri: how did this happen?
Sam: Maa..
Alka: You just shut up sam, let me tell Aunty, Aunty you know he was crossing road, i asked him not to cross but Mister did, even he didn’t noticed that car was in its max speed but he crossed road.
Saanvri: always like this, never follows any rule.
Sam: Sorry na
Alka: To do hell with your sorry , now sit here with one broken leg.
Preet: How careless you are Sam.
Aadesh: he is careless since child hood.
Sam: now stop scolding me and somebody please take me to room
Everybody in chores; Go Yourself….
Sam made annyoed expression while rest of them laughed…..

Pre Recap: What is this? This is my punishment… These broken glasses, this rod and these hot sheets of steel? ….. ….. .. .. . . . We have enough complications in our life, Everythis is over…everything…….You are getting it wrong, listen to me…….. Gussa hai gussa buraa hai Lagti buree bhi hai tu Koi kahe na kahoon main Thodi ziddi bhi hai tu (There is anger, and it’s bad.. I sometimes feel you’re bad, too.. No one says but I say, You’re a little stubborn too..)

Thank You souls…. .
Honey: Thanks…. dear my real name is elsa and basically i am from australia.
Di: Thanks
Nini: Thanks
Sethidisha; Thank youuu.
Laxmi: Okay then wait for next upate for so much scoldings haha thank youuuu.
Minu: Thank you so much, actually samka’s proposal was gonna take place in this uodate but then i thought to make it more romantic that’s why wait for next update…Thank you

Surbhi: hahahahahha prank! Exactly I admit it is worst prank, Ekta is herself a prank haha Thank you

Vigan: Thank youuuu…Yess abhi would try several ways.

Priyanka(rp): Thank youuu
Hemu: Thank You so muchhh
Rithu: haha thanks for idea, would try it Thank you.
Somiya: Thanks
Shriti: yes… and yup homos*xual means like….well …. s*xually attracted to people of one’s own gender… you can call them Transgender…. Thank you

Reshma: Thank youuuuuuuu….

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