Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Dev and Sonakshi reveal the truth to Ishwari

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In the morning Soha is sleeping Dev sits beside her, he places his hand over head then kisses her, he walks to the door, she calls from behind asking he came really late last night and did not even wish her goodnight, Dev immediately kisses her apologizing, she asks what has happened, he explains he just desired to wish her good morning, Dev asks her to dress up as he would then drop her off to school, she exclaims he is the best father in the world.

Dev is getting ready, Sonakshi turns to questions what they should do, Dev explains he knows it is really difficult for her but they can neither change the past when their children were changed and not the future so the only way is to accept the facts and move on, Sonakshi replies they have to make a decision and until then cannot tell anything to Maa as she might get teased because of what the truth is.

Soha is with Ishwari knocking on the door, Dev asks what happened and why are they not coming inside, they both are really tensed, Ishwari questions what has happened as she feels he is really tensed and what has happened, Ishwari even questions Sonakshi about what has happened, Dev replies he only is really busy and even has a meeting today so is stressed, Soha exclaims she wrote an essay on Dadi, Sonakshi replies she will listen to it some other day but Ishwari insists saying it will not stop her work, she also asks Dev to listen but when he tries to make an excuse she stares at him, Soha starts reading the essay when Dev gets a call from the nurse, she apologizes to him explaining that Rohit died in the morning, Sonakshi sits after feeling tensed and cries, Soha asks what is the reason, she replies it is just that she wrote a really good essay, Ishwari realizes that something is wrong but is not able to say anything.

Rohit’s father enters the house, Dev and Sonakshi also enter, he appreciates their support in the final rituals of Rohit exclaiming that it is the most difficult thing in the world to perform the final rituals of their young son, Sonakshi asks if she can see Aayush just for once, Rohit’s mother takes her to his room, they both are shocked to see him sleeping, his mother exclaims that it was the room of Rohit and Aayush, he would not sleep without holding Rohit’s hand, but his hand is no more and one day the habit would also die down. Sonakshi asks what about his mother, Rohit’s mother replies that she died when Aayush was very young, since then Rohit had performed both the duties, Sonakshi is not able to bear the situation so walks outside the room, crying she thinks of how Soha says that she is her best mother but how can she accept that she is not her real child.

Rohit’s father exclaims that the desires of people ruin the lives of so many people, they always desired a grandson and knew that it was the last pregnancy of the their daughter in wife which is why Rohit might have done, they both start crying and request Dev to fulfil the promise which eh made to their son, as he must take Aayush with him even when they both love him a lot but they are really old and who knows when it might be their last day on earth, they both desire that Aayush gets a bright future, Dev exclaims he would surely make full of his promise never shying away from his duty, he says they would come to take him the very next day, Sonakshi is tensed but they both walk out.

Sonakshi mentions they are the ones who need the time to mentally prepare themselves, they have been for the last nine years treating Soha with the love, it will also be difficult for Aayush to accept the truth, she doesnot even know the reaction of Ishwari but Dev walks into the room.

In the room Ishwari is trying to feed the milk but the son rushes to Sonakshi showing her the cheese, she asks Ishwari to not feed him as he would not eat after having it, Ishwari replied that she is with the children the entire day and knows how to feed them, Dev also walks in, she asks why is he back so early when he said he has an important meeting, Dev asks her to sit and explains the entire situation of how Soha is not their daughter, Ishwari is not able to believe it saying it happen only in the films but she will never think of it as the truth, she even turning to Sonakshi questions how did she not know about the truth, Sonakshi replies it was a really difficult situation and they had to perform the C section, Ishwari then question why did her parents did not that it was a boy, they should have asked for the children, like she would have done, she blames that when people are so irresponsible then children are born, she questions why does Sonakshi not know that the child is her even after keeping her in the womb for nine months.

Sonakshi replies that when they placed Soha in her hands, she felt so clam after holding her like she had never felt even with anyone else in her life, she felt so calm after holding her that she still feels today and would feel even in the future, Ishwari replies that when she was about to give birth to Dev she did not know how he would look like but had imagined and even when he was born, she knew how he would look like, Sonakshi scolds her so when he is trying to take up something from the table, Ishwari says that she must not scold the child for her mistake, she leaves with the son but explains that it is one thing to give birth but it is entirely different to be a mother.

Sonakshi is in the room when she sees the alarm and so decides to leave however Dev stops her explaining she would; not be able to reach as there is not that much of time left, she insists however he asks her to change her clothes, she agrees but seeing him mentions she would change inside, he tries entering the password but it is not right, he asks when did she change it but she replies that she bought a new laptop two months back, he is stunned but she appreciates his help, he leaves the room without even hugging her.

Dev walking down the stairs sees Ishwari massaging her feet, he takes the ointment but she doesnot let him apply, he forcefully applies it, she starts talking about changing the carpet but he mentions he needs to change her habit as if she is not feeling healthy then should change the doctor, Ishwari replies he would have to change a lot of things as now everything will change dramatically.

Precap: Dev reveals to Aayush that he is his father, Aayush exclaims how can he accept this, Dev reaches the house, Ishwari opens the door, Sonakshi recalls when she promised that Soha will have the same place as she has at the present.

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  1. Many shockers are in the storyline…to accept facts..family and responsibility…of Dev and Sona. Ishwari is not keen to accept all that is thrown her way…Dev is handling it the best he can…and Sona is the one being cautious and careful..yet very emotional…that a blunder of baby exchange for monies happened at this age and time…she decided to hold all the cards truth…and most of the well being of Ayush. Wow. Too much to swallow into the third episode.

    1. Yes too much to handle ,everything going on pretty fast , why they had to weave this blunder story in this era which is hard to believe, story could have been better handled , can’t take that no chemistry between the pair, just doing duties , Pl do something

    2. Yup….. miss DevAkshi 😢😢

  2. Why dont they do a DNA test ???

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