Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 119

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recap:Sona is admitted into the hospital because of the accident and after given a Ayurvedic concoction,sona recovers and is discharged from the hospital.

In today’s episode:
Dev along with ishwari,neha,Nikki and Diya bring home still fully not recovered sonakshi.
Dev:ok now sona,you’re not allowed to get out of bed at anytime of the day.Nikki will be monitoring you.*nikki tries to interrupt but cannot*nikki you’re not going to accept any bribes from your sonakshi bhabhi if you want her to recover.riya,sonakshi bhabhi Doesent really need to help you with every project and pls try it your self..
Nikki,Riya:ok bhaiya..*walk away*
Sonakshi limps..
Dev:ok slowly..slow…slow..*holding her arm*
Sonakshi almost falls and dev holds her.
Dev:sona*annoyed*careful ok?
Sona:dev relax..
Ishwari:Sonakshi beta,you need full rest,and you are a doctor Nee,so you will understand right?
Sona:ji..ji Ma..
Sonakshi lies down and gets into deep sleep while dev goes to office.Just then the door bells rings and ishwari opens the door.she is shocked to see who it is..
Person:Ishwari…beetay kalko bhoolo..aur mere saath..apni puri zindagi bida…
Ishwari is shocked and is shaking in fear..
Neha comes there and runs to ishwari:Ma!!Ma!!Ma!!kya Hua Ma??aiye!!nikki!!riya!!
Nikki and Riya come and give water to ishwari and make her sit on the sofa..they rub her hands to calm her down while neha deals with the man in the door..
Neha:kya chateho?who are you?
Finally the face is shown..a man in his late fifties,but still black hair..it’s none other than yudishtir dixit,ishwari’s ex Husband
Yudh(I’ll just call him that):Riya or neha?
Neha:who are you?
Yudh:tumara papa beta…
Neha is shocked and goes to a flashback..
Yudh is leaving the house in anger with his suitcase while ishwari is dragging herself on the floor begging him not to go..He steps at her feet and walks away..after that neha remembers her witnessing yudh strangling ishwari,beating her up for uncooked rice(thus resulting in horrible food) and scolding her for attending her sister’s funeral..

Back to the present:
Neha pushes him out of the house with a lot of anger as those scenes repeatedly circulate in her mind..
Yudh:Neha beta..arae I’m your papa baby..
Neha:I’m neither your Daughter nor your baby..rishte khoon se nehe..dil se bantha hai..aap kya samjhenge?you didn’t even have a heart when maa was AT YOUR FEET!
Yudh:neha*angrily about to stop her*
Just then a hand stops him..it’s sonakshi’s hand..
Sona:don’t you dare raise a hand on neha.
Neha hides behind sona:bhabhi.
Yudh:bhabhi?neha who is she?
Nikki comes:Sonakshi bhabhi..dev bhaiya’ Wife..just go away mr Dixit..
Yudh:Nikki beta?
Nikki:like neha di said..I’m not your beta….
As ishwari stands in the middle,she puts her arms around neha and riya,while Sonakshi puts her hand on Riya’s arm and Nikki puts her arm on neha’s arm,they all give an angry stare to yudh.After yudh goes away..Sonakshi goes to her room and starts thinking..
Sona:I must get papa back into the family..what if I talk to Elena about this?

Precap:Kya hoga natija sonakshi ki zindagi ka jab wo layegi ghar ki andar ek na chaata insaan?kya iss kaam uski shaadi shuda zindagi ko affect karega?

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