Star cross love abhigya (episode 23)

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Hi guys heres my nxt partspecial thanks to my angel di n frnds,chotis,bhais.greatful thanks to my dear (sethidisha,aishwarya,asmithaa di,di,saranya darlu di) n cute reshu aka reshma di ,cute (lucky ,sira n priyanka di)

Abhi car stop in front of the mandir he heart tells him that his fuggi is here so he immediately without wasting time ran to mandir he saw a girl wearing peach top with black long skirt was standing before her back was facing him abhi walked slowly step by step he felt as if the World is under his feet hos heart baet beat lubbb dubbb,lubbb dubbb……lubb dubb the girl slowly turned she is our gorgeous roshini as there was no space btw abhi n her due to sudden turn her leg tripped n she fell in abhis arms.abhi was very happy to see his life again both see in each others eyes with love n passion.suddenly roshini realised her position n steadied herself said thanks sir n went.abhi was stunned he thought his fuggi would hug him n cry but she just said thanks that too sir to her own husband where ill go n to whom ill say this that my own wife called me sir he put his thoughts aside n followed roshini.roshini felt someone following her he turned n within a fraction of second abhi pulled her n kissed her on her lips he was holding her by waist n dragged her closer slowly abhis hand moved up to roshinis top she could feel his hands roaming around her back drawing circles she didnt know why she didnt resist it slowly abhi started nuzzling her neck n carried her to his car n made her stand reality hit roshini sge was married abhi slowly opened cars back seat n put her he too layed on her started nyzzling her neck now roshini couldnt resist she knew if she gives this much free space to him where she would she end up now she pushed abhi n ran away tears were brimming in her eyes she thought how could i do this im feeling ashamed i betrayed my husband

she got into car n went as soon as she reached her home she went to her room n started crying n slept like that abhi was confused by her behaviour he noted the cars no n got a cab n followed rosh car n reached the home he was about to go in when gaurds stopped him saying u cant go in then he heard a voice of man n turned to see him it was his papa abhi went n hugged him n cried n muttered papa maa priya maa is waiting fr u as soon as ram heard priyas name he said my son n hugged him. Now due tochaos roshini woke up n saw she was shocked to see ram hugging the man whom she betrayed her husband she wanted to listen their conversation she came down abhi said pa all r fine how come pragya is in ur home ram asked who is pragya abhi said pa the girl in ur home he said i saw her first in accident stop n gave her treatment n took her here she had memory loss abhi he said her name is roshini now roshini came down n hid behind the wall he said her name is pragya my wife pa but she forgot me he said dont say to pragya that im her husband pa can i stay here n he said pa heres my mom no inform her now she was having happy tears n not beyrayed het husband now she felt why she was comfortable in his arms n his kisses roshini nooo noo pragya blushed dhe ran to her room n slept happily while abhi came in her room she pretended to sleep abhi came near her n said sorry pragya hereafter i wont leave u alone a tear drop fell on pragyas cheek she felt bad after sometime she saw abhi was not in her room Abhi had went to a place n made so.e arrangements he informed everyone pragya was alive n ll bring her home on two days after n said abt her memory loss all said okk

Precap abhis suprise to pragya n pragya desires n a long drive.

Guys pls comment n support me pls na
With butterflies
Princess krisha

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  1. Awesome princess choti ???I loved it

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks my angel suhani di

  2. Awesome n lovely dear

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks my angel di

  3. Asmithaa

    Superb cute choti…

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks my pyari angel asmithaa di

  4. Aishwarya12

    No words to describe your epi dear…I’m didn’t get words to praise u…well done.. keep rocking..if you near me definitely I will give bone crushing hug my dear princess… love you???

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks aishwarya Dr ur comment made happy tears brimming in my eyes so happy thanks dr keep supporting me yr

  5. Sira

    Super yaar…amazing…..I read it twice and was happy that abhi found pragya…

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks sira really u made my day happy thanks dr keep supporting dr

  6.…awesome dear…
    Aww.. chooo cute epi dear…

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks priyanka di For ur lovely comment di

  7. It is so sweet princess loved it

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks minu fr ur lovely comment

    2. Princesskrisha

      DThanks minu fr ur lovely comment

  8. Saranya24

    Awesome my dear choti i jst loved it??????

    1. Princesskrisha

      Thanks saranya di for ur lovely cmment

  9. Prathi

    Awesome choti loved it!! U united them very soon love you dear <3

  10. Mukundraj

    nice wating for next part

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