Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 39)

Kuch iss tarah 2

NOTE: due to some reasons I didn’t follow the precap written in previous chapter


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Recap :4 months leap, ragini planning honeymoon for swasan


“Di? What’s this?” Swara asked ragini

“Swara we thought that you both need some private time, so we arranged this small trip for you” ragini said

Swara was about to say something to ragini but sanskar held her hand and stopped her

” Thank-you so much Ragini, it was a much needed trip, we will definitely go, but let mom and dad come back, and after that Laksh you have to arrange everything. Okay?” Sanskar handels the situation

Ragini’s face lighted up after listening to sanskar’s response,

“Thank-you so much, I hope you both will get your own quality time and don’t worry about sparsh, I will take care of him, so you don’t need to wait for aunty and uncle to come back.” Ragini said excitedly

“Haan, Ragini you will but let us make him agree for that first na, till then you go and take rest, you should not stress yourself like this, Laksh take care of her” Signalling Laksh something, Sanskar said that.

“Haan, I think Sanskar is correct, Ragini let’s go, and Sanskar tell us everything about Sparsh’s routine so that we can take care of him” saying this Laksh took a happy ragini out.

After RagLak’s departure Swara blasts on Sanskar

“Why the hell you stopped me, di was going too overboard, how come she decides when I should go ? Now she is behaving strangely and- ” Sanskar shut her mouth with a kiss, not letting her complete

“Now listen to me quietly” he ordered her strictly, she nods her head with tinted cheeks.

“I got laksh’s message that Ragini was talking stress for you, so I simply reduced her stress by agreeing, and don’t worry we won’t go anywhere” he observed swara’s expressions which has turned little bit guilty, he continues ” Swara ragini is pregnant, her strange behaviour is accepted, but why are you behaving this way, it seems Ragini’s pregnancy is giving you mood swings” he chuckled towards the end, a slight curve appeared on her lips

“Sorry, I was thinking too much, and Thank-you” she hugged him tightly

“It’s okay, Chuck this and serve me food, I’m hungry” dragging her towards the table he said

She nods and serve him food.

“Vese Sanskar, trip’s idea wasn’t bad. I mean we all can go on a family trip and especially when sparsh’s birthday is approaching, I want it to be his best birthday ever” she said

“Hmm, not bad idea actually, and in the mean time I can get some romantic time with you” he winks, making her blush.

“You are unbelievable” rolling her eyes on him she said

“Achha where is your little bodyguard? He must have came back na?” Scanning the whole house, he asked her

“I got call from his school that he was crying, so I brought him back and he is sleeping now” she said


Swara was playing with Babu ,when ap, dp along with uttra entered MM, she left Babu and took hold of uttra, who was sitting on wheelchair with a broken leg.

Sanskar saw them and fetch water for them,

“Dad, mom you both were supposed to stay in Bangalore with uttra na, then?” Sanskar asked.

“Hmm.. uttra wanted to stay here so we brought her here back, Swara beta please prepare tea for us we are tired” making herself comfortable on the couch in living room, ap said to swara.

She nods and left.

“So howz you feeling with this plaster uttra?” Sanskar asked teasingly

“Huh! Bhai you are so bad! I fractured my leg and you are teasing me” uttra pouts angrily

“I have told you to reduce earlier, you have became fat, that’s why you broke your leg” Sanskar continued to tease her

“Bhai? Are you sane? I mean how this thing is related? And I am not fat, got it!” She said strictly

“Hahaha! Now I can call you fat and you won’t be able to catch me, miss fatty” pulling her cheeks, Sanskar said

“Aahhann! Mom look na Bhai is teasing me” uttra complaints to Ap

“Sanskar stop it, don’t tease uttra, she is already irritated” ap scolded him, and uttra gave a winning smile

Meanwhile Swara came back with tea.

“Thank-you beta” both said in unison

She passed a smile,


Everyone heard a sweet, sleepy voice

“Jao your little bodyguard has woken up”sanskar said.. she hits him playfully and she left



“Mumma pack pasta in lunch for me tomorrow” while jumping on bed, Sparsh said to Swara

“You are not going school tomorrow” she said stopping him from jumping

“Whyyy?” He asked cutely

“Cz you me and mumma, are going on a small trip” entering the room sanskar said

“Sachhhiii !! Yipppeee!!!” Sparsh started jumping in excitement

“Sshh!! Stop it and sleep now, tomorrow we will go on shopping, now sleep or else we won’t go” Swara said strictly

“No mumma, I will sleep” sparsh stopped jumping, and lie on bed, and in no time sleep folds him in arms.

“Sanskar would it be right to go? I mean uttra isn’t well, and leaving mom dad this way, I don’t feel good” she said dubiously

“It will be fine beta” dp said while entering “Swara, you have devoted yourself for this family, in these months you have never thought for yourself, you need some quality time with your hubby and son, so go for this trip, here me and annapoorna can manage” dp said putting a hand on her head, blessing her

“Thank-you dad” she said with smile

“Huh? Dad and thank-you, together? Not fair! “Dp shows fake anger

“Okay, then I’m taking Thank-you back” she said and trio burst out laughing

” now I’m leaving, you take care” dp said and left

“Achha sanskar, did you book sparsh’s tickets?” She asked

“Yup, all set, I have booked everything, sparsh will enjoy this trip

“I hope so” she said



SwaSanSpa were on shopping, when ragini called on Mm’s landline as SwaSan weren’t picking call


“Hello aunty, namaste! When You have came back from Bangalore?”

“Yesterday, as uttra was feeling home sick”

“Oh, hwz she now? Swara told me about her leg”

“She is fine,”

” Achha, Anunty can I talk to swara, she is not picking her phone”

“Beta, Swara isn’t at home, she went to shopping with Sanskar and Sparsh, actually sparsh was super excited for the trip”

“Trip? Which trip?”

“Come’on Ragini beta, Swara has told me that, you and Laksh has arranged a trip for them, it’s so sweet of you”

“Achha Aunty, then I will talk to you later, take care, namaste”

“Namaste beta”



SwaSan entered and got shocked to see RagLak preset there,

“Di? You here? Anything special?” Swara asked,putting the shopping bags down

“Nothing Swara, I just wanted to see uttra” Ragini said

“Di, you just wait for five mins I will bring coffee for you and Laksh,” swara said.

“Beta one for me and annapoorna also” dp said.

“Sparsh sit with dadi, I will come after finishing some work. Okay?” Sparsh nods and Sanskar left.

Here RagLak has already explained everything to ap and Dp, about the honeymoon and how they converted that into a family trip.

“Sparsh, you wanna go on trip?” Ap asked

He nods yes vigorously

“What if, we let only mumma and Papa go this time, and after that you can go with them?” Ragini asked

“No! I won’t, we all will go together” sparsh said proudly

“Sparsh please, let them go na,” dp ask

“No way dadu, I will go with them, you know mumma and me has decided what to buy ” sparsh chuckled

Seeing his excitement, no one wants him to stop,

“Sparsh, there are some gifts for you on dining table, go and see if you like that” Laksh said,pointing towards the table, and Sparsh left hurriedly.

” I think we have to plan something else, neither Sparsh will let them, nor they will leave him” Ragini said

“It means we have to wait, till they come back from their family trip” ap said



@SwaSan’s room

Swara entered the room absentmindedly, She saw Sparsh has taken his almost all Toys and clothes out and he has collected them on their bed.

“Sparsh? What’s this beta?” She asked

“Mumma I want to take all this, please pack all these” he said in his cute, childish tone, smilingly, his Happiness can be clearly seen on his innocent face

“Beta, we can’t take all of your toys, it won’t be possible” She took him in her lap and said

“Okay,?” his face falls

“But we can buy new toys for you on trip, will it be okay?” She asked

“It will be super mumma,” he said with an ear to ear smile

“Achha mumma, I am going to dadi’s room, she said she will tell me a new story of lord Krishna” he asked

She nods and he left, then she Started packing clothes and other necessary items, Sanskar came and saw her absent-minded, he hugged her from back as always, she startled and fell on bed, with sanskar above her.

He got up and helped her in getting up
but again they fell, she closed her eyes as he was running his fingers on her face lovingly, he started planting lingering kisses on her face and exposed part of neck, soon the lingering kisses turned into the hungry, passionate kisses, his hands were tracing her body, he moved towards her eyes and kissed them when he realised that her eyes were wet, he got up.

“Swara you should have told me if weren’t comfortable, I would have stopped right then” he said and stood up form bed, she knew she wanted that only, she was craving for that closeness,but something was stopping her from moving further, but this time she held his hand

“No Sanskar, I-i wanted to be yours b-but-” she stopped

He turned towards her and asked “what but swara? Tell me.” He ask

She didn’t utter any word but tears make the way through her eyes

Holding her shoulders firmly he again asked, this time more strongly “but what swara! Speak up!”

” I can’t, because I’m impure” she finally opened up in front of him, the reason why she was avoiding this topic and burst out crying

“Is this was the reason cz of which you were hesitant to take this relation any further?” He cupped her face and wiped her tears, she nods.

” y-you won’t be the first one to t-touch m-myy b-body” she continued to cry harder

He wiped her tears ” but, I will be the one to touch your soul, (he moved towards her ear and whispers) only if you permit, I love you Swara” his words sent shivers down to her spine, she hugged him immediately, “i love you too Sanskar, today mark me yours, make me complete, love me Sanskar” she said

Sanskar parts the hug and captured her lips.. he gently pushed her on bed, and now no one can stop them in becoming one, Sanskar isn’t the first one to touch her body, but he was the first one to touch her soul, not their bodies, but their souls are one now, that’s what it’s called ‘soulmates’.

To be continued…

A/N : firstly, guyz I request you to watch swaragini this week, I know it’s next to impossible to save our lovely SwaSan.

If you have any special demand, or any specific scene between any character which you want to read, just tell me, I will do that for you.

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