“SwaSan OS :: Anything For Our Love” by Kakali

Hello ev1… Here m with a tiny OS on our heavenly couple SWASAN… !! Hope u all like it …
Sorry for my grammatical mistakes n spelling errors… !!

Soo now let’s move inside d story –:–


“Arreyyy !!! Sizukaa !! R u ready or not? How much time u will take? We r getting late yarrr !! Come fast,,, “… yells a boy watching his wrist watch continuously..

“Abhiii ayyi Nobitaaa,,, just give me 30 minutes… ” also yells back a girl who is getting ready n applying Kajal in her deep n twinkling eyes….

“This girl naa,, now i have to wait for more half an hour huhh” murmurs d boy ….

After some time d girl comes wearing a simple baby pink colour salwar suit…,looking breathtakingly cuteee n beautiful with her open n wet hairs…..

The boy looks n mesmerized to see her… !! He is just lost in her beauty…. !!!

“Ohh !! Sorry Nobita ,, actually woo !! Urghh !let it be ..! Come Now let’s go we r getting late”…. says d girl coming towards d boy…

But getting no reply,, she moves near him n shakes him”Nobitaa” ,,,(uneffected)
“Novitaaaaa”(still not reply)
Arreyyyy Sanskarrrrrr !!!!” Shouts in his ear….

Finally d boy comes to his sence”Haa !! Haa Swaraaa !!!”

“What r u thinking Sanskar?? From how long m calling u,, but no answer !!!” Says Swara looking at him with narrow eyed..

“Nothing.. !! I was just thinking about today’s special episode of Doraemon… !!! ” lies Sanskar n avoids eye contact….

“Abb challeyn !! Or u want to late for class..” Says Swara n sits in car….

“Ohh haa !!!” Sanskar n statrs d car ……

¤¤¤¤–::– INTRO
Sanskar Maheswari ;- Cute, handsome , hot n a naughty boy.. childhood friend of Swara… calls her as Sizukka… a die heart fan of Doraemon.. !!
He is a cool dude n most wanted munda(boy) of college … !!Almost every girl is flatter upon his charm!! (*just like me n us ;P)…
But at d same time soo sensitive about some matters… !! 🙂

Swara Gadodia ;- Sweet ,,Cutee,,breathtakingly beautiful ,,mature n a bubbly girl with down to earth nature.. belongs to a middle class family… !actually she is an orphan…
Childhood friend of Sanskar! Calls him as Nobitaa !!also a die heart fan of Doraemon…. !!! She is a reserve girl n doesn’t open up with everyone easily… !!
Uff i forget to tell u all one thing “She loves Sanskar secretly”.

Soo basically SWASAN r childhood best friends… knows n understands each other very well… !!! Main support system of EO in any kind of situation….

Kavita Roy ;- Most wanted girl of college… !! Having a hot figure with lots of attitude.. !! Attracted towards Sanskar.. doesn’t like Swara at all… according to her Swara is a behenji n bla bla blaaa… !!jealous of SWASAN bonding n closeness… –:–¤¤¤¤

SWASAN reach college n goes to class..

Sahil(a friend of Sanskar) comes n hug Sanskar.. !!

Sahil- Hey !!, Broo !! Today u so late.. says hugging him…

Sanskar also hugs him back “Haa Yaar but what to do,, when Sizuka is with me.. i have to become late latif ..”

Sahil looks at Swara from head to toe n side hugs her…. Swara feels uncomfortable n makes faces…. Sanskar notices this hurriedly parts them away….

Sanskar- abb Chall… otherwise we will get more late… they were about to leave..

“Hey !! Sankyy !!! I will also come with u…” Someone calls Sanskar…

“Heyy!! Hii Kavita… what a surprise !! Today u wanna attend class !! Woooww !! Impressive” says Sanskar n side hugs her…

Kavita- Ohh common Sankyy !! U know me rit… class n me that too of that boring Sharmaa !!! Ohhh please … it’s better to kill mosquitoes rather then attending his class…!!

Sanskar laughs on her statement…

Kavita-Sankyy let’s go out… Neel n Arjun is waiting…

Sanskar hesitates but nods “Sizuka u go to class… !! I will b back soon… ”

Swara-But Nobitaa !! We have class rit.. !! N Sharma sir specifically warned u not to bunk his class…how can u forget?

Before Sanskar could answer Kavita cutts of “Ohh Please Swara,, don’t give us lecture… it’s his will whether he want to attend or not.. !!” Says Kavita harshly rolling her eyes…

“Excuess me Kavita.. u can’t talk with her like this.. !! She is my Sizuka..n she is saying for my welfare only… !! So plzz … !! ” Sanskar frowns at her tone of talking with Swara…

Kavita-Noo it’s not like that… i was just saying….

Sanskar-Let’s go guyzz… i don’t want to go anywhere…

Kavita-But Sanskar… (allas Sanskar already left d place).. urghhhhh !! This Swaraaa naa!! Just bcz of her Sankyy scold me ,,, i hate her …now i have to do something… urghhh ( stamps her feet)

Swara-Nobita,,(slowly calls him) .. she understands that Sanskar is angry n not going to talk…

Swara (again)-Novitaaa….don’t b angry? … see !! Ha don’t spoil ur mood.. she was just saying me not….(Sanskar cuts off)

Sanskar- Noo, no one can talk with u in this manner.. no one except me.. !! Only i can scold u,, i can get angry on u.. !! Samjhi ..!!

Swara- okk okkkk !! I know ?.. now plzz smile na.. i can’t see u upset u know naaa… !!!

Sanskar seeing her cute face n smiles?…

Swara-That’s like my Nobitaa.. ?!! Chaloo let’s go to class.. !!

Like this days are passing… n SWASAN is SWASAN only… but SanKav is coming closer… now Kavita talks with Swara nicely… Even Sanskar notices this change n thinks that Kavita is trying to mingle with Swara… !!
But Kavita is doing all this coz she knows if she wants Sanskar then she has to ddo friendship with Swara.. soo pretend as much as good to Swara in front of Sanskar….

Now a days Kavita always tries to be with Sanskar all d time..(*chewing gum??)… n somehow Sanskar also feels attracted to Kavita…. Swara knows about their growing closeness n feels so heart broken… but she can’t do anything as Sanskar has no idea about it… !!!

In all this sometime Sanskar feels like neglecting Swara n their friendship… !! But Kavita again overpowers his emotions n she tries hard to keep him away from Swara.. !!

Swara never says anything to him.. as she is happy to see him happy with Kavita.. !! N she also knows well about her status… !! Soo feels a huge different between him n her.. !!

After some day ,,,

Sanskar-Sizukaa !! Let’s go to eat panipuri today….

Swara(shocked)- With mee…!! But why?
Where is Kavita today?¿ will u not go with her… !!!

Sanskar- Hahh !! Why u need Kavita ? Today me n u only… !!

Swara-Actually now a days u r not getting time na… soo asking.. !! Anyway u r sure naa ,, u can come.. !!

Sanskar-Of course i’ll come.. !! U just b ready.. i’ll pick u…!!


At evening ::::

“Puuuut puuuuttttt !!! (Horn sound) Sizuka !!! How much time u need more??.” Yeels Sanskar waiting for her….

“Looo !! Aa gayiii !!! ” says Swara adjusting her dupatta ….

Both sits in car n makes a way to Panipuri shop….

Panipuri uncle-Arrey !! SiNo(Sizuka n Nobita,,) beta !!today after a long time… !!Where were u both? This has never happened before.. !! Pehle to har hafte aaya karte the.. !!?

Sanskar looks at Swara with a sad face n thinks about this deeply… n feels guilty as it’s been 1 month they visit d Panipuri Shop… he was soo busy with Kavita that couldn’t notice d time….

Swara feels bad but composes n says “Woo Chacha(uncle) we were busy with our projects n exams .. soo didn’t get time.. !! Waise give us our fav plate…!!

Panipuri uncle – Haaa! Beta deta huu … !!

SWASAN r enjoying Panipuri a lotttt… both r gulping one after one.. !!

Meantime a bike stop near them n a boy comes n hugs Swara leaving both SWASAN shocked….

Sanskar’s anger reached peak looking d boy hugging his Sizuka.. !!

He goes,parts away n give him a tight punch… !!

Sanskar-U blo*dy !! How dare u to touch my (again tightens his fist to punch him)

“Ahhh !!” The boy screams in pain n holds his one eye.. !!

Swara looks at his face n widens her eyes n shouts to stop Sanskar beating him further” Nobita ! Stop.. !! ”

Sanskar stops his power pack actions n glares Swara who is smiling …… & & & & & & runs n hugs d boy ..

“Ahh !! Sloww sloow Shona”says n hugs her back …

“Opps opps Sorry !! Sorry !! Zyada lagi toh nahii …let me check.. ”

Sanskar is not at all getting anything… just standing there with a statue n watching his Sizuka n d unknown boy talking so freely ….. !!!

Sanskar-Uhhuu uhu !! May i know what’s happening here? N Sizuka who is he ? Why u hugging him?(parts away her from his embrace n pulls towards him)…

Swara-Areey !! Nobita.. he is Sid,, remember SID,,, my childhood friend whom i love to pull hairs… !! Remember… !!

Sanskar looks on shock n murmurs ” SID !!! ¿ ,,, (wide eyed) Shravan… !!! Shravan rit(*imagine Shravan Reddy)…. !!! Ommmggg !! Sorry yarr !! M really very sorry .. !! ” says n touches his wounds…

“Chill chill !! Broo… m fine.. !! But my God… u was hilarious.. !! Don’t beat like this yaar !! I could have paralysed… !!! ”

“Again sorry yar,, i dun know what happened? ? Anyway u here ??” Asks Sanskar scratching his head …

Swara- Ehemm ehemm !! M also here i guess… n Sid is my friend also…..

Sid-Ohh haa !! How can i forget … u r tohh my jannn… (winks at her)

Sanskar feels bad n his heart pains seeing them close n hugging… !! He just dun know what to do… ” waise !! U here.. at this time.. !! I mean u shifted in Kanpur na.. !! Then how come.. ¿¿”

Sid-Yeah.. i came today morning .. n going tomorrow morning itself… !! Woo i came to meet Shona only.. but morning u were at college.. then evening i found u both here.. !!!

Swara-Sid ,,, why tomorrow? Spend some time with us here.. !!

Sid-No yaar Shona.. from next week my mid terms will start n i have no time… but today thought to surprise u… soo came here.. !!

Swara(sad)-ohh !! Anyway ..we still can celebrate our small reunion..(happy mood)… what’s say…

Swara to Panipuri uncle-Chachaa !! Give one more plate … !! Swara takes a Panipuri n feed Sid… !!

Trio spend time with each other.. !! N finally bids bye … but before leaving Sid takes Swara’s number… n says “I will call u ..now byeee … n take care..”

Swara happily replies “Yeahh,, byee… drive safe..”..

In car:::

Swara-Ohh God Nobita m soo happy… m sooo happy… !!! U know i miss him a lot.. today after a long time i meet himm… !! Ohhoo he become so handsome… !!

But our Sanskar is looking straight having no interest in her blabbering or u can say her Sid’s praising session… n finally he gets frustrated ” Stop it yar… how much u will speak..!!¿!!
R u not tired.. ?

Swara stops n keeps a cute pout n turns her head towards Window n keeps on gazing n counting d trees n buildings…

Sanskar notices her pout n smiles…”Pagal”…(*now let’s see what Destiny has kept for them)….

After some days a wind of destiny blows that make SWASAN life turns up n down… where Sanskar finds that he is not real son of DP n AP… he was adopted… !!! He was heart broken with this news… n had no strength to console himself.. !!

Swara-Aunty where is Nobita? I want to talk to him..

AP(Sanskar’s Mom)- He is in room Swara.. !! From yesterday he is not letting anyone to meet him.. i just hope he doesn’t take any wrong step… if anything happen to him.. we will die Beta ..we will die… says AP n cries badly…

Swara-Don’t worry aunty… !! I will make him understand … !! He will understand u n uncle.. just give him some time.. !!

AP-Yeas,, beta now only u can do that.. plzz make him my old Sanskar…

Swara-Gii aunty… !! She excuses herself n goes to Sanskar room…

She is about to knock d door but it’s already open.. !! “Nobitaa !!” Swara slowly calls him…

She moves towards window where Sanskar is standing n looking blankly at sky.. !!

“Nobittta !!” She again calls himm.. !!

In a friction of minute Sanskar comes hugs her as tight as he can n starts to sobb…. !!!

Swara stumbles but somehow manages to stay stand.. !!! She hugs him back n rubs his back “shhh !! Nobita !! Shh !! Don’t cry..”…

“Sii..zukka .. !! Siiz..ukaa !! They r n.ot my paa.reen..ts !!! “Says n again cries..

Swara parts away from hug n makes him sit in bed.. !! She turns around to take d water glass but Sanskar again pulls her to him n hugs her through waist ….

Swara was shocked with his sudden action though rubs his hair n makes him understand “Nobita.. look at me.,, look at me ,, (Sanskar looks at her),,
Nobita u r angry on them rit? Coz they hided that u r not their real son..(Sanskar nods )…

But Nobita think about uncle aunty also… how might they feeling seeing their son like this… !! They hide d fact bcz they didn’t wanted to hurt u.. !!
U r blessed to get a parents like uncle aunty.. !! Both love u soo much.. !! U know na u r apple of eye of them !! ” says Swara n wipes his tears n some of her own also.. !!

Sanskar nods like a kid n says “i will say sorry to my mom dad tomorrow.. !! ”

“That’s like my Nobitaa ” says n hugs him…

“Hmmm !! Now i want to sleep.. ” says Sanskar n slips in her lap holding her by waist n murmurs ” Swara !!! (for d very 1st time he is calling her Swara) u will not leave me na ??”

Swara is astonished at his question ” No Sanskar … !! Never… “…

Sanskar smiles in sleep…

Swara lovingly kiss his for head n says ” I LOVE U SANSKAR… I WILL NEVER LEAVE U… tomorrow i will confess my feelings”…

Next morning Sanskar says Sorry to his parents n happily goes to college…

Swara buys a red rose n a small cake to propose Sanskar “Nobita… today i will tell u that ur Sizuka loves u.. !! SIZUKA LOVES NOBITA.. ” she thinks n blushes…

At college :::

Swara comes with a bright smile.. she is just dreaming about her n Sanskar’s life…
But it didn’t take much time to fades away her beautiful smile.. !! The rose she is holding falls down n a lone tear escapes from her eyes.. !! Coz …. in front of her

Kavita Hugs Sanskar n proposes Sanskar n he also accept it without hesitation as he thinks he loves her(but we all know d truth)…..

All people who watching them says” Both look good… it’s like made for each other.. ,, in every way they r perfect…,, same status, same personality… ”

Swara overhears them n smiles with teary eyed “Yeahh both truly look perfect in every way… m happy for u Sanskar… ” says n wipes her tears… !!

“Congrats Novita n Kavita !!!” Says Swara keeping a tight smile holding her tears…

Sanskar at first fumbles at her statement “Sizuka,, i was about to tell u ,,,, but”(Swara cuts off)

“No need of that Nobita.. !! M happy for u both.. .. waise i have some work.. will meet u later..” says Swara n moves leaving a confuse sad Sanskar.. n Kavita who is smirking….

It’s been one week SanKav r declared as BF GF…
Everything is changed now. !!. SWASAN friendship is highly effected with SanKav relation…

Sanskar is unable to figure out what’s wrong with him.. however he tries to b happy with Kavita but feels like something big is missing which is bothering him like hell…

Kavita always makes Sanskar busy in her personal works like partying … shopping ,, outing with her so called friends… !!!

Sanskar also goes with her to make her happy n tries hard to make his relation perfect… but in all this process he starts to avoid Swara… he can’t even give her n their friendship a single second…. coz whenever he tries to do soo Kavita does something that leads to continuing distance between SWASAN….

One fine day;;

Swara comes to Sanskar ” Nobita !! I need to tell u something.. !! Actually … “(Kavita cuts off)

“Ahhh !! Sankyy !! “Screams Kavita …

Sanskar rushes to her ” What !! What happened Kavita.. ? R u fine.. ??” Asks in concern..

“Ahh Sankyy !! My ankle is paining… i can’t walk.. ” says n holds Sanskar’s shoulder…

Nisha-(one of Kavita’s friend) Sanskar ,, she can’t walk… pick her up naa !! …

Sanskar unwantedly picks her in his arms n goes to car….

Swara’s eyes r filled with tears.. !!

He makes her sit n says” Wait a minute !! I will just b back.. !! ”

Kavita nods…. at that time Sanskar phone rings n it’s from Sizuka….

Kavita” Urghhh !! Now what happen to this girl?”

“Hello Swara… anything important?”

“Haa! Hello Nobitaa ,,, hello,, who is this?”

“Who think i m …. it’s Kavita only.. Sanskar’s only girl… now tell me why u called him… tell me fast.. we r busy..” says Kavita with a Irritated tone…

“Kavita give phone to Sanskar… i need to talk to him..it’s urgent.. !! ”

“Ufff !! Say me na.!!. Sanskar is saying u to tell mee.. !!!” Kavita lies..

Swara holding her tears “M leaving day after tomorrow to Kanpur..,,, plz inform it to Nobita now… ”

Kavita(mind)- ohh God !! This girl is going from our life… yeiii !!!

“Haaa !! I told Sanskar.. !! He is asking why u going?” Kavita again lies imitating like saying To Sanskar…

Swara’s heart breaks into billion pieces ” wooo !! Say himm… i m going for my dream… he will understand…”..says Swara n hangs up the call… she cries miserably cherishing their old n beautiful moments with each other from childhood till some days before..

Present day when Swara is leaving :::

Sanskar is searching for Swara… !! He is feeling restless… he has not seen her since yesterday once… he is feeling like his life is going away… with passing seconds his restlessness increases…

“Mia !!! Where is Swara? I mean why didn’t she come yesterday… today also she is late… m trying to call her.. but her phone is out of coverage… !! ” asks Sanskar to Swara’s friend Mia…

“Sanskar u seriously don’t know.. where is Swara?” Says Mia giving Sanskar a blank look…

“Noo,, why ? I mean i have not talked with her from many days properly… as m not getting time… but u tell me .. where is she? She is Okk naa??” Says Sanskar in a most concern tone…

“Sanskar,,, Swara is leaving for Kanpur today… ”

This a mini bomb for Sanskar “Whattt ??? Leaving that too for Kanpur… !! Oh my God n she didn’t even inform me once… !!! ” Sanskar is so damn shocked with this news.. he is like he will die if Swara leaves him…

Mia-(shocked)-What? U don’t know.. !! But how is this possible? Swara herself told u na.. !!!

Sanskar(blank)-Noo.. she didn’t tell me.. !! If she told me i shouldn’t have let her go… buttt…

Mia- Swara was trying to say this from 3-4 days… but u seems to busy too hear or meet her… but at last she called u n informed Kavita… n Kavita said ahe told u u r ookk with it… rest i don’t know… says Mia excusing herself…

Sanskar doesn’t take time to understand everything n rushes to Kavita with furious n anger filled eyes…

“Kavitaa !!! Did Swara called u n said she is leaving today?”Asks Sanskar in a cold tone…

Kavita fumbles n search for words “Haa woo haa !! Naa !! Woo Sanskar!!”

“Answer me yes or not”.. again asks …

“Yesss..sss Sanskar”… n she feels a sharp touch in her cheeks n it’s from Sanskar….he slapped Kavita

“Why didn’t u tell me damn it.. !! ”

Kavita looks on shock n shouts” Sanskar…!! How dare u? For that cheap girl u slapped me.. ur Girl friend… !! ”

“One word more against my Swara… then u will see d worst of me.. !!! ”

“Why will i not say… i will.. i willl… ,, she is such a cheap n disgusting girl for whom u always ignored me.. !! For that cheap middle class girl u said no to Kavita Roy… !! Soo i have to punish her naa.. !! I have too… that’s why i took u from her… !!! ” says Kavita n laughs like a mad.


Kavita-yesss,,, u know what .. !! Hahaha !! Let me tell u.. Swara loves u… she loves u… n i knew It… that’s why i had to keep u away from her n make her realise her real position among us.. !!!

Sanskar is froze at his place when Kavita said his Sizuka loves Himm… !! He feels immense happiness n his eyes r filled with tears. !!!

He without saying anything runs to his car n drive off to Bus satation.. the exact station that Mia told him…

Sanskar’s POV ::::

I can’t let u go Sizuka… i can’t loose u.. !!! After staying away from u i realized how badly i miss u… how madly I M IN LOVE WITH U.. !! I LOVE U MY SIZUKA.. I LOVE U.. !! ….

She close his eyes n a lone tear escapes…

POV Ends::::

At Bus Station :::

Swara is sitting alone n weeping hard.. !! Meantime d bus starts n She looks back for her Nobita but he is nowhere to b seen.. !!

Sanskar drives as fast as he can but he is late … the bus already left d station 5 minutes back..

He again starts his car n try to follow d bus …but his heart skips looking at some distance d bus falls from clip n all d passengers r rushing here n there. !!!

He hurriedly goes to them n shouts ” Swarra !! Sizukkaaa !!!
Sizukkkaaaa !!! N he fallss on his knees.. !! All d beautiful n blessed moments flashes in his mind…

A man comes to him n says “Sir jii ,, i don’t know about whom u talking? But i saw a girl going towards that direction… ”

Sanskar gets a new life n asks showing his a photo ” Is this d girl u talking about?”

“Haa sir jii,, she is d same girl…”

Sanskar jumps in happiness n hugs d man” Thnk u !! Thnk u very muchhhh… !!:

Sanskar rushes to that direction … as soon soon reached there he saw some boys r trying to misbehave with HIS SIZUKA.. !!!

This makes him go mad with anger …. he rushes to them n beat them black n blue.. !! ” u blo*dy morons. !! U touched my Sizuka !! I will kill u all .. i will kill u all.. !! Says n beats them more…

Swara is soo happy seeing him… n just crying in happiness… !!!

Those boys gets scared n runs to save their blo*dy useless jobless meaningless life…

After beating them Sanskar comes to Swara n cups her face “Sizukaa ! Sizukaa!! U r fine naa !! I almost died… ” says this Sanskar hugs her tight as his all life depends on this hug only…

Swara hugs him back ” M fine Sanskar.. !! M fine… !! ”

Sanskar breaks d hug n looks at her angrily ” Why u left me alone? Why didn’t u tell me that u loved me.. why Sizuka Whyyy u did that??” Tears starts to flow from his eyes…

Swara is shocked hearing his questions but finally says ” ANYTHING FOR OUR FRIENDSHIP SANSKAR… u were happy with Kavita .. so “… hugs him tight…

Sanskar winches in pain ” ahhh !! ”

Swara notices that Sanskar many body parts r oozing blood.. !! From head, corner of lips .. hand n alll..

“Sanskar why u did this ? Look !! How badly u hurt urself.. !! I did that that for our friendship… but why u did this? Haa !! Why? If anything happened to u?

Sanskar shuts her mouth keeping a finger “SHHHH!! ANYTHING FOR OUR LOVE SWARA !!! ”

Swara is happy as well as shocked listening his words…Sanskar continues ” YES MY SIZUKA… UR NOBITA LOVES U… I LOVE U LIKE A MAD… I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT U.. !!

Swara feels immense happiness in his words n says shouting back ” I LOVE U NOBITAA.. !!! UR SIZUKA LOVES U A LOT… “….

Both looks at each other with mixed emotions… !! But Sanskar again gets angry n pulls her to him by waist ” How could u left me Swara!! How could u?”

Swara-Woo Sanskar.. !! Mai !!!

Sanskar- Now get ready to bear ur punishment. !!

Swara-(teary eyed) m ready for any kind of punishment Nobita !!

Sanskar smirks naughtyly n says ” r u sure”?

Swara nods without noticing his smirk n some second later feels a rough lips against her lips.. !! N its of our Sanskar only.. who madly captured her lips for a passionate kiss… at first Swara was shocked but later she too reciprocated with d same passion… !! Both suck each other’s lips passionately…

It was a long passionate kiss… after sometime they broke d kiss for lack of oxygen n joins their for head.. !!

Sanskar- u have to bear this punishment for for ever…

Swara – M ready for this my Novita.. !! I love u…

Sanskar- I love u tooo.. !!

Both smiles again hugs….

The end…

Thnk u soo much for reading.. !!
Hope it was nice.. n i didn’t waste ur time…

God bless u all.. <3<3…

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