Kriyyam TS ‘Tere Mere Darmiyaan’ – Part 2

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part 1

Krishna was sitting on the bed, still trying to digest the words the doctor said few minutes back. She is pregnant, going to become mother of Sayyam’s child.

Suddenly a new feelings of unknown happiness creeps on the walls of her mind. She gets happy to know that there is a life living inside her. She puts her hand on her womb while keeps silent.

Sayyam was looking downwards, not knowing what to do what to say to Krishna. He was also in shock. His state of mind was vulnerable. One side he was feeling guilty for the situation they were in and on the other side of his mind was crossing the limits of happiness to know that he is going to be a father, someone of his own is coming to this world.

But will that ever happen?… Will the baby ever come to this world?…Will Krishna accept this baby and show it the light of this world?

These questions took a form of Tornedo in his mind. He got afraid to think that. It compelled him to look up at Krishna who was still sitting in the same position, but the only difference was that her eyes were now glistened.

He was thinking what to do when Krishna got up from the bed. Sayyam looks at her. Krishna too looks at him but then soon looked away. She was going, passing Sayyam when suddenly she again feels dizzy and as a result holds Sayyam’s arm.

Sayyam gets shocked and holds her immediately.

Sayyam: Krishna…Krishna what happened?…

He, without wasting a second, lifts her in his arms and carefully lies her down on the bed and sits beside her. He starts to caresses her head.

Sayyam: Krishna…what happened to u?…Are u not feeling well?…Shall I call the doctor again?

Krishna opens her eyes and looks at him.

Krishna: No…I m fine.

Krishna gets up with his help. Sayyam was looking really tensed for her.

Sayyam: Aur tum iss halat mein kahan jaa rahi thi?…Can’t u even tell me if u need something?

He sounds too much worried for Krishna as he helps her to drink some water.

Krishna doesn’t reply as finally they look at eachother properly, after these weeks. They were with no words for sometimes.

Sayyam was feeling uncomfortable. He gets up.

Sayyam: U sit here…I’ll bring ur food.

Krishna: No…I won’t eat…I don’t feel like.

Sayyam: But Krishna…u hv to eat.

His concern was clear on his face but Krishna had to know if it was for her or only for the child. Sayyam was about to go when Krishna said

Krishna: For whom r u showing this concern Sayyam…for me or for ur child?

Sayyam became speechless, being shocked by her quesition. But then again that turmoil of questions started to blow in his mind. He looks at him with afraid eyes.

Sayyam: Krishna…tum…

Krishna: I want to know Sayyam…Tell me.

The turmoil of questions again started to blow in Sayyam’s mind. His heart starts to ponder heavily. He doesn’t get why Krishna asked him that.

Krishna waited for his answer. She asked him that question, wished to get a satisfying answer for herself that will help her bring a new start of their life with their child. But Sayyam’s quietness makes her disappointed.

She took his quietness to be a reply of her question and misunderstood his quietness to be Sayyam only care for his child and not her.

Krishna: Ok…I got my answer.

Sayyam stands there steel, fighting with his inner feelings. Krishna’s words brings him back to sense. He looks at her as she starts to get up. He goes to help her but Krishna denies to take his help by moving his hand.

She slowly goes out of the room, leaving Sayyam behind her, puzzled by her words and action.

Krishna goes out and joins everyone at the dining. All becomes happy to see her. Krishna smiles and sits with them. Suhani and Bhavna feed her.

Sayyam also comes behind and sits beside her. But Krishna doesn’t look at him. Sayyam feels bad. Moreover, he was still tensed as he didn’t know what will be Krishna’s decision about the child. He had no courage to do so.

After sometime

Krishna goes to their room. She sits on her couch and takes Saumya’s photo.

Krishna: Mumma…today I miss u so much mumma…u know…I m also going to be a mum…I’ll hv my own child…whom I’ll love so much like u would love me…and I’ll never leave my child alone…never.

She breaks down crying remembering her lovely moments with her mumma.

In the meantime, Sayyam comes to the room and he heard everything that Krishna said. His unbounded happiness brings him to tears to know that Krishna is happy with their child.

He goes inside and goes to Krishna. She looks up at him. Sayyam smiles and suddenly hugs her. Krishna was shocked.

Sayyam: Thank u Krishna…thank u so much…tumhe pata hai…main kitna dar gaya tha…mujhe laga tum iss bachche ko nahi chahti…u won’t give birth to this child…that’s why I was afraid…bcz this child is only one of my own in this world…whom I can’t even think to lose.

He sheds tears of happiness on Krishna’s shoulder, who was still shocked to know all these. She was surprised to know Sayyam’s soft corner for his child. She didn’t know he could be so emotional.

Sayyam was still hugging her. Krishna wipes her tears and breaks the hug. Sayyam smiles at her, happily.

Krishna: Haan Sayyam…I want this child…cz whatever happened between us…this child is not responsible for that…so why will he suffer?…and then…a child is a gift from the god…how can I deny it?…

Sayyam was amazed. But then his own story comes to his mind and he was turned dull. Krishna understands that too.

Krishna: I know what u r thinking…but u know…Suhani aunty had her own reason…

Sayyam was once more amazed to see how Krishna read his mind. His dullness vanishes and he smiles.

Krishna too smiles a bit and goes to change. She comes out after sometime changing in her night wear and was going to her couch when Sayyam stops her.

Sayyam: Krishna…u sleep on the bed.

Krishna looks at him.

Krishna: Why?

Sayyam: Bcz u need complete rest.

A bittersweet smile spreads on Krishna’s lips as she goes to the bed and sleeps, without talking further with Sayyam. Sayyam goes and sleeps on the couch.

Few weeks passes

Kriyyam became somewhat normal with eachother. Sayyam helps Krishna in everything. His care was so intense, sometimes Krishna wished to think it was both for her and her child. But deep down her heart, she knew, it was only for her child.

Sayyam, was nowadays feeling to be the happiest person existing on the earth. He would do his best to make Krishna smile and happy every time. But little did he know his presence around Krishna only is enough to make her happy.

One day Krishna was feeling more unwell than usual. She was even hving temperature. She slept earlier. Sayyam was tensed for her.

At midnight

Krishna sits up on the bed while coughing heavily. Sayyam too gets up and runs to her.

Sayyam: Krishna…what happened?

He makes her drink water and rubs her back. Krishna feels better after sometime. Sayyam made her lie and caresses her hair. Krishna looks at him.

She sleeps after sometime and Sayyam was going to sleep on couch but Krishna holds her hand in sleep. Sayyam tries to take his hand back but can’t, rather Krishna holds his hand tighter.

He sits there for sometime and then sleeps beside her.

Next morning Krishna wakes up first and finds Sayyam sleeping beside her, keeping his hand around her womb in such a way as if he is protecting his baby.

Krishna smiles to herself and then gets up.

Then onwards, it became their habit to sleep likewise, everybody. Both of them liked to be near eachother.

Whatever it was, Kriyyam were happy with everything going on in their life. Others too were happy for them, except Baby. Everyone’s special care for Krishna and her child, made her mad out of anger. She knew what she had to do to stop this. Even she tries a number of times to harm Krishna by her evil plans, keeping herself away from other’s gaze. But she never succeeded in that. And it made her more mad.

And as sprinkling salt to her wounds, one fine day, Suhani happily announced for Krishna’s baby shower.

They all become happy and engaged themselves arranging for the baby shower.

Sayyam was the most energetic while doing everything. Krishna was sitting in the hall, watching him running here and there. She smiles.

Baby was finding for an opportunity to harm Krishna so that she can gain the peace of her mind. She finds Krishna sitting alone and smiles to herself.


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