Bhootu 30th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Suchi Determines To Prove Aarav Innocent

Bhootu 30th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suchi starts interrogating how she was attacked. She comes to know by peon that someone locked her in that room and opened toxic gas valve. Suchi thinks that means she was attacked and Mansi has done it. She goes to meet Aarav, but guard stops her and says she cannot meet Aarav. Suchi returns. Guard goes and informs Aarav that Suchi had come to meet him. Aarav sees Suchi walking on road and stops her. Suchi runs and hugs him emotionally and says she loves him a lot. Aarav also gets emotional. Suchi says she knows he did not kill Pihu. Aarav says he killed Pihu and is out on bail. Suchi says she knows his sister Mansi killed Pihu and today she tried to kill her in hospital. Aarav is surprised, but says he tried to get her killed and not Mansi. Suchi stands shocked, but does not believe him.

Mansi talks to her doll thinking her as Pihu and says she is having fever, so she wil take her to doc. Babli comes and says this is doll and there is no Pihu. Mansi says this is Pihu, can she see her hair and face, showing doll. Babli tries to convince her, but Mansi warns if she tries to trick her or harm Pihu, she will not spare her. Aarav returns home and asks Babli why did she got Suchi attacked.
Babli says why will she. Aarav says she wants to protect Mansi. Babli says already she is tensed with Mansi’s mental condition, Aarav is alleging her wrongly now. Aarav apologizes her. Babli says Suchi does not love him, she just wants to investigate case and punish Mansi.

Suchi hurriedly wakes up in the morning and thinks she slept a lot today and thinks she should find truth soon and free Aarav from allegations. She sees her hand tied to a thread and its other end to Pihu outside room. Pihu says she has locked room so that Suchi can spend whole day with her. Suchi requests to free her today. Gulgule opens door and asks who tied her and frees her. Pihu fumes and says she will burst this balloon.

Subodh knocks Anandita’s room door and asks if she ordered food from outside for her. Anandita fumes hearing his voice and throws things from cupboard. Mansi’s letter for Subodh falls down. She reads it that Mansi loves Subodh a lot and hopes he will reaccept her soon She angrily tears letter and shouts Subodh…

Precap: Subodth tells Anandita that Mansi killed Pihu. Pihu tells Gopal let us go out and play. Gopal says he cannot come out today and thinks he wants to fight against destiny and help this child, but he cannot. Anandita walks with knife to kill Mansi.

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  1. Friends,the storyline is so confused that I am really exasperated.Who has planned all these attacks on Suchi and Vinayak and most importantly who instructed Vinayak to take Aarav’s name when chased by Suchi? Was it Aarav himself to stop Suchi from reaching his sister?What sort of person Manasi is /was ,we don’t know yet but I am sure Aarav and hs mother are not capable of those deadly attacks on Suchi.Unless Manasi is acting to be out of senses and fooling everyone including her family,there is someone else behind all this,who is not in the picture yet.Yes ,Subodh is there,but Manasi’s threatening letter that Anandita finds indicates that Subodh loves his wife and daughter.
    Most importantly ,the precap shows Subodh admitting that Pihu was killed by Manasi.Most probably ,she wanted to kill Anandita but Pihu became the victim .This unexpected death of a child must have tortured her psyche,that is if she has really lost her senses.If she has not ,then there is no doubt that she is behind all these attacks.But how can she see her brother taking the blame?I still feel that I am missing something that is there for us to see.Friends ,any ideas who is behind all this?

  2. Acting wise & story wise, one of my favorite episodes it has been.

    It had everything, Pihu & Suchi’s cute bonding, Suchi’s confession, Aarav’s helplessness – everything.

    I do think there was someone with Mansi. Probably Mansi wanted to back off from her plan but when Pihu died, she lost her sensibility due to extreme guilt. Now this other person may be a enemy of Subodh. Otherwise, how can a mentally unstable person plan an attack on Suchi???

    I actually want Mansi to be innocent. You can’t control for whom you’ll fall but such obsession that can make you kill someone – not a good message.

    Genuinely felt bad for Aarav. Poor guy can’t see his sister in pain & also can’t see his love suffer. He knows Suchi is right here but neither he can prevent her nor he can support her 🙁

    But Suchi is still acting insensitive. If she can love a spirit this much that she is ready to die, then why can’t she understand Aarav’s love for his sister? Not saying she has to let go off the culprit for her personal gain but she should understand Aarav’s situation also.

    Anyway, I am glad that finally she said she knows she doesn’t deserve Aarav’s forgiveness but still begged him to take her back. She should understand the pain earlier Aarav had gone through when he was chasing her & she was just brushing him off.

  3. First line Pl read as ‘confusing’
    Sorry for ty.po errors

  4. Update is incomplete, when I saw in the beginning it was shown suchi was admitted in the hospital and she was talking to Sheetal then anandita and subod were in lawyer office. Where is all that

  5. Aleya.marzan

    feeling confusing but its interesting

  6. It’s high time to reveal the mystery

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