Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 27

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Hey guys, I am back with a new episode. Thanks everyone for sharing your views about this revenge track and liking it.

Episode begins??

Next day, everyone is sitting together and eating lunch. Suresh was also there.
After eating lunch, everyone went to their respective rooms. While kaira was in the kitchen. She makes something and takes it to Krishna’s room.

Kaira: Krishna, here you are. Eat this salad.
Krishna: But I am not in the mood.
Kaira: No, you have to eat as its good for baby’s health.
Krishna: OK OK.

Suhani also comes there.

Suhani: Yes, you need to eat this salad.

Krishna was about to eat salad when Suhani stopped her.

Krishna: What happened?
Suhani: This salad has papayas.
Krishna: So?
Kaira: You would have loses the baby if you have eaten it.
Suhani: But how They came in here. Kaira you made the salad. How could you try this thing?
Kaira: But I didn’t add any papayas.
Suhani: So? How will they come in here?
Kaira: Maa, I don’t know. You also know that I am also a mum then how could I try to do this.
Krishna: Aunty, I believe in kaira. Someone else must have done this.

They get suspicious…

While someone was watching them, went away.

In suresh’s room:

Suresh: Ugh.. How did they know that there are papayas. But I have many plans. Now its time for Saiyyam..

Screen fades…..

At night, Saiyyam was coming from the office. He was taking to someone on call when a truck came in front of him. He quickly applied the breaks but they didn’t worked. He then changed the direction and he hit the tree.
He was on a road where there were no lights and there was no one but only trees and trees. He got a scratch on his head and his hand was bleeding.

Saiyyam: How did this happen? When I was going to office, the breaks were OK but now what happened? I must call someone. It is not safe to be here.

He tried calling but there were no signals. After waiting for half hour, he saw a cab coming. The man dropped him at home. He went inside the house.

Suhani(tensed): What happened beta? Why are you so late and your hand is bleeding. What happened??
Saiyyam: Maa maa, it was just a small incident.

He told everything to everyone..

Saiyyam: The question is that when I went to office, the breaks were fine and when I was coming, they were failed.
Krishna: Someone must have done something when you were in the office.
Saiyyam: Whoever this is, I will find the person.
Suhani: I also wanted to talk to you about something alone. Krishna, finish his aiding.

Krishna did his aiding and Suhani and Saiyyam went to Suhani’s room.

Saiyyam: What happened maa? Did something happened?
Suhani: I have a suspension.
Saiyyam: About what?

She told him what happened with Krishna.

Saiyyam: What? Is she OK?
Suhani: Yes, she is but I have a suspension on…
Saiyyam: On whom?
Suhani: On Mr, suresh. Look I know that he is your client but he acts so strange.

When kaira went leaving the salad oin kitchen, Suhani was coming when she collided with Mr. Suresh and something falls from his hands. He went away. And when she was passing sueresh’s room, she heard him talking to someone about breaks and said that the work should be done.

Fb ended.

Saiyyam: Hmmm. We must keep an eye on Mr. Suresh.

The screen fades.

Bad things started happening in birla mansion. Sometimes with dadi or sometimes with kriyam. Day by day, Suhani and Saiyyam’s suspicion were getting bigger. They both started watching and following him but each time , they failed.

Suresh’s reality and his big step.

I know guys that this revenge track is little short but it will lead to something big. Please comment..?

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  1. Amazing storyline and fantastic depiction of characters. The villain is surely adding some much needed zing to this story in the form of his damnation-worthy actions. The acts performed and the dialogues spoken were meticulous in their conception and usage.

  2. Shaani

    Woow… Waiting for the next episode… I love this story…. Sayyam u should punish this Mr. Suresh for hurting ur family…. I know something will happen…
    Waiting for the next episode…? keep writing ?

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm?? and I will try updating asap.

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