SwaSan Five Shots -Her Eyes Speak…His Heart Listens…(Part 4)

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Her Eyes Speak…His Heart Listens… Part 4

Samaira was sitting in the hall of her home sipping a cup of coffee as she looked towards the walls of the room , though build by the hard work of Laksh , the whole Mansion now completely belonged to her and her husband and this was indeed what she wanted.
“ Bhabhi…” The voice startled Samaira who looked towards the entrance recognizing the voice.
Yes , It was indeed Swara , She walked inside as she stopped just next to Samaira.
“ Bhabhi , I know you consider me responsible for Laksh’s death but my Laksh only taught me that no one is bad for anyone , even San…” Swara stopped as she realized what she was going to say.
“ I can’t tell anything to Bhabhi ,Maybe the killer is around , if he listens to me then…” She thought as she smiled at Samaira.
“ Bhabhi , I wanted to say that I have had enough of my stay away from this home , this place which has all memories of my Laksh , I can’t do it more , specially when now I can see everything , I can see this home , this home which My Laksh made out of his hard work , I am sorry to disrespect your and Bhaiyaa’s words but I will be staying here…” Swara said , the smile still on her face , Samaira looked at her shocked as Swara moved in , Samaira was still absorbing what she heard when suddenly something made her pale.
“ By the way , Bhabhi you are looking amazing in that Yellow Saari…I saw you 1st time and feeling so good…Wish I could have seen my Laksh too while he was alive…” Samaira turned.
“ You got your eyesight back?” Samaira asked , tension visible on her face.
Swara smiled as she nodded and then moved inside.

“ What , she is able to see everything , but how can she…I had full information , she completely stopped the processes of her operation and all after Laksh’s death…” Rajat questioned , Shocked.
“ I don’t know but…we’ll be ruined Rajat , she’ll ask for the property , for Laksh’s property , now that she can see , it will enhance her confidence…Rajat…” Samaira sat down on the bed worried.
“ Bhabhi…tea…” Swara who just came in offered it to both of them , Samaria got up seeing her , she smiled.
“ Thanks…Swara…” She could only say as she took the tea.
“ I am sorry for throwing you out Swara…My brother’s death blinded me but now when I look back , I realize how wrong I did..”Rajat said trying hard to smile while Swara nodded smiling.
“ I can understand Bhaiyaa…” She said as she walked out.
Samaira kept a hand on his shoulder questionably.
“ We need to behave nicely with her…till we find a way to eliminate her…”Rajat replied to her while she nodded , still worried.

Swara was sitting in her room when something peeped inside from the window of the room.
“Sanskar…” Swara said as she realized that someone has entered her room and who else could be the one.
“ Not my fault , should I come by door now?” Sanskar asked as he came near her and sat next to her on bed.
Swara joined her hands and placed them on her heads , “ I know , I know , the Mahan Sanskar…don’t start now…” She said while Sanskar giggled seeing her.
“ Our plan is going perfect , thankfully your family allowed you , now see , I am sure Laksh’s killer is around only , if he killed Laksh there must be reason and I am sure your re entry in the house will bother the person for sure….” Sanskar said while Swara nodded.
“ Yaa Sanskar , I won’t leave the one who killed My Laksh…I won’t , you are helping me a lot , specially with these ear phones , we need to make everyone believe that I can see now…” Swara said in a deep thinking.
“ Yes Swara , and I’ll sneak in this house and help you too see things , through my eyes , we’ll find the killer together….” Sanskar said as he held her hand, Swara smiled while suddenly she heard a knock at the door , her eyes widened while Sanskar ran and hid under the table.
Swara opened the door , “ Ji Bhabhi…” She said knowing who the one must be.
“ Swara, I went to shopping to bring something for you , see these dresses , I am not able to think which one will suit you , tell me na…” Samaira said in a chessy tone while Swara gulped in tension.
” Blue one…Swara say you like the blue one in right hand…” Swara heard through her ear phone while she did the same , Samaira smiled and kept the blue one on bed.

After 1 week:
“ I don’t know what to do Sanskar , its been 1 week and we aren’t able to find a single clue…” Swara told Sanskar almost teary eyed while he held her face.
“ Swara , I don’t know , I am sure the killer knowing this would have come for sure…You know there can be only a few reasons for someone to kill Laksh…Some business rivalry or maybe Property…Business rivalry can’t be because Rajat Bhaiyaa is handling the Business , I thought it must be property by some distinct relative but no one claimed it till then , I thought after knowing you have come back , someone will but not until now…we are lacking in something…something for sure…” Sanskar said confused.
The both were in the Garden of the Mansion hiding behind a bush while talking.
“ What to do with this Swara ,Rajat? She behaves as if she is owning this house , tomorrow she’ll throw us out…do something…”They heard the shouts of Samaira.
“ Bhabhi…” Swara said confused , Sanskar kept a hand on her mouth to prevent her from speaking further , Samaira-Rajat were standing in the garden , they couldn’t see SwaSan as they were hiding behind bushes.
“ Samaira , what are you doing? Swara will listen…” Rajat said in a low voice while Samaira stared at him angrily.
“I know Swara will listen this , she’ll listen that , she’ll know we planned Laksh and her accident…We are only living in this fear now Rajat…We can’t…” Samira said angrily still shouting while Rajat tried to stop her.
“ Samaira…” He shouted while she calmed down.
“ Don’t worry , she isn’t in home currently ….gone out thats why only I am shouting but you know what we are only living in the fear of her approach now…” Samaira went inside angrily while Swara had tears in her eyes listening to Samaira’s words.

She wanted to speak a lot , cry a lot , break down but she couldn’t as Sanskar had held her mouth and was in deep thinking listening to their words , As Samaira left , Rajat followed and seeing then leaving Sanskar left her mouth.
“ I told you Swara , I already had doubts on them but you never believed me and so I thought you were right but today , we not only have proof but even witness , we both ourselves saw them…” Sanskar said turning her to him , He saw her eyes , they had tears clustered up which were not ready to fall down , they were not falling…
He held her face , “ Swara…” He spoke while he was cut by Swara.
” Sanskar , I won’t leave them…I won’t , Sanskar how can they…How can a brother plan his own brother’s death? , They treated Laksh like their son and me like their daughter , I could never…never ever imagine that behind those faces hid such a heinous side which is responsible for the death of my Laksh…Sanskar I won’t leave them…I won’t…” She angrily said , her tears falling down now.
Sanskar nodded , he himself had tears seeing her cry , he didn’t knew why but he felt bad , bad like someone didn’t hurt Swara but Him.
“ Swara , we can easily arrange for a recording of this conversation from the CCTV camara in the garden , I just need a few hours…” He said while Swara nodded.
“ Ok Sanskar , I’ll come with you to get the recording…” Swara said as she walked out from the bushes , wiping her tears.

She has faced a lot in life and co-operated with every challenge that her destiny threw at her , this was another one , the challenge to fight her family , for her Love.
Sanskar soon took out the camara with the help of the ladder , “ I ‘ll just get my car , have parked it a bit away so I’ll come with it here…wait…” Sanskar said leaving Swara standing in the garden.
Swara stood there waiting for Sanskar when suddenly Samaira saw her standing there.
“ Swara…what are you doing in the Garden..Come Inside…” Samaira said coming the Garden while Swara turned worried.
“ Bh…Bhab….Bhabhi… Actually I was just coming inside…” Swara rushed to her tensed , the thought of the heinous crime Samaira committed scared her and the thought of the person to whom she did that boiled her anger.
She walked inside with Samaira tensed while escaping through Samaira’s eyes she messaged Sanskar what was the situation and told him to go alone and get the police and recording , Sanskar did the same.
Her mind was not setting up in one place , her life was revolving in front of her eyes as she was thinking about Laksh…Samaira…Rajat…Sanskar and her family , in her thought processes , she hit the table in the sitting room.
“ Ahhh..” She screamed while Samaira rushed to her, “ Swara what happened , you can see now then now…” Samaira questioned her as Swara was holding her foot , Her eyes widened as she realized that Sanskar wasn’t around and so she will not be able to act as if she can see things now.
“ Bhabhi…By mistake…was thinking about Laksh and…” Swara had tears in her eyes out of tension while Samaira saw her confused.

“ Ok Swara..Let me call Rajat..you go and sit on the Sofa…”Samaira said looking at Swara, Swara’s face giving her hints that Swara had some other tension.
Swara nodded and tried to go but she was still worried and in the thoughts wasn’t able to find the Sofa either , She tried searching with her hands looking for a support when suddenly she dropped her phone , she searched for it sitting down while Samaira looked at her actions confused.
She picked up Swara’s phone and tried to hand it back to her but a thought hit her , “ Why is she juggling to see it?” Samaira thought confused as she looked at the phone in her hand and then a worried Swara searching for it on floor.
She opened the phone and the first thing that she saw was the open chat between SwaSan, she read it and then looked towards Swara who was still searching for the phone unknown to what Samaira has got.
Samaira ran inside and to Rajat , “ Rajat , we need to do something with..with Swara…she knows our truth…some Sanskar is involved with her , they both will ruin us..do something…” She was visibly worried.
Rajat got up from the bed worried and then looked towards Samaira , “ I thought to kill her tomorrow but seems like she wants us to do it today…I have already planned it all , we’ll kill her and leave for Dubai with the money and start afresh there , I thought it for tomorrow but will pre-pon the tickets , lets move…” He said worried.
“ Bu…but her partner…” Samaira asked confused.
“ A dead body with no clue…what will he do , We’ll do it fast…” Rajat said as he ran out followed by Samaira.

“ Ahh…” Swara screamed as Rajat caught her , made her stand and held her hostage putting a knife on her neck.
“ Bhaiyaa…what are you doing…leave me…” Swara screamed while Rajat pressed the knife on her neck.
“ Swara , you know I killed Laksh…right…then why acting…” He said while Swara ‘s heart sank.
“ Bh…Bhaiyaa..what are you saying…you killed Laksh…” She acted while Rajat pressed it further , A drop of blood flowed down Swara’s neck.
“ Ahh…” She screamed in pain.
“ Why is Swara not replying?” Sanskar thought confused as he send in a message to Swara that he was coming with the police not getting any reply.

“Rajat , stop it…just kill her…” Samaira said worried.
Rajat nodded while Swara realizing what was happening tried hard to free herself , She screamed for help , tried pushing him but to no avail.
At last , she bit his hand while he dropped the knife screaming in pain.
“ Rajat…” Samaira who was till now holding Swara rushed to Rajat leaving Swara who ran from there and tried searching for the door.
She heard some sounds of Traffic from a direction and ran towards it.
“ Leave me…run to catch her…” Rajat said to Samaira who realizing Swara has left further ran behind her.
As Swara was running , she hit a hard surface , she felt she had hit a rock but this rock seemed to be the softest rock she had ever come across , she felt relief as she closed her eyes , “ Swara , what happened? Why are you sweating? Swara…” Sanskar , into whom Swara had banged realized that she had fainted now.
Samaira came out running as she saw the police standing behind Swara and Sanskar , she tried to run inside but was caught up and the police even caught Rajat who was inside.
“ Swa…Swara…are you fine?” Sanskar asked as he held an unconscious Swara’s cheeks who was gaining conscious , Swara opened her eyes and as soon as she did , she hugged Sanskar.
Credit: Jasminerahul and Piyali

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