Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 22

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Episode 21

Hey guys, today will be the maha episode and maybe this ff will end in two or three days but I will try my best to start another ff.

Episode begins with Saiyyam and Krishna talking.

Krishna: So what’s the plan?
Saiyyam: She is very clever so we must plan everything properly.
Krishna: And what about other members of family?
Saiyyam: What do you mean?
Krishna: I mean that we must also tell them or may be someone interups in the plan.
Saiyyam: Yeah!
Krishna: Let’s gather everyone in suhani Aunty’s room.

Saiyyam looks upset.

Krishna: Why are you upset?
Saiyyam: Maa is angry with me. She will not talk to me.
Krishna: Don’t worry. I will handle.

They both go to suhani’s room.

Suhani: Saiyyam! What are you doing here. I don’t wanna talk.
Saiyyam: But maa…
Krishna: Aunty, I know the Truth and he is right.
Suhani: What.

Krishna tells her everything that how Saiyyam found sleeping medicine, his suspicion etc..

Suhani (tears in her eyes): I am so sorry beta! I am a bad mother.
Saiyyam: No maa, you are not.
Suhani: I am so sorry for slapping you and not giving a chance to you to explain.
Saiyyam: I don’t have to say sorry.
( They both hug eo)

Krishna: So aunty, Saiyyam has a plan and wants everyone to gather in this room.

They call everyone and tell them the truth of Elsa. Everyone is shocked..

Saiyyam: I have a plan and I will start it at night. OK?
Everyone: OK!!

They go to their rooms.

Krishna comes to Saiyyam.

Saiyyam: Are you going somewhere?
Krishna: Yes, I am going to market and then shopping. I want you to complete the plan.
Saiyyam: OK but don’t come late like last night.
Krishna: OK.

While going
Krishna: Um.. Saiyyam.
Saiyyam: Yes.
Krishna: Best of luck and I trust you and am always with you.
Saiyyam smiles: Thanks.

Screen fades on both their smiling faces.

Its 7:00 pm in night.

Krishna was standing on roadside to go home and there is no rickshaw or taxi to be seen. 4 mans come and stood behind her. She was feeling ackward.

Man 1: Now is the time.
Man 2: You are right. Let’s start the work.

Hearing this, Krishna became scared and started to walk away. Those man also started to follow her. She became more scared. And was chanting.

Krishna: Saiyyam, where are you Saiyyam?
But he was at home.

She started to run. She felt that she was trembling and shaking with fear.
They started running after her.

Man 1: Hey stop!!

But she didn’t and run with her full strength. Finally they caught her. She was panting due to running.

Man 1: Finally, we caught you. (Hahaha)
Man 2: Let’s finish the work.

They gathered round her and she was so scared.

Krishna: Please! Please let me go.
Man 1: How can we? We get money for this.
Krishna: I will give you double money.
Man 2: No way.
Krishna: Please let me go. What have I done to you.
Man 1: Nothing but we have been given orders.

He grips her hand.

Krishna: Leave me. I said leave me.
Man 1: I won’t.

He forwarded his other hand and removed Krishna’s dupata and was eyeing her. She started to cry.

Krishna: Please leave me.

He told his man something and they put the napkin on her mouth. It was chloroform. She slept.. They picked her up.and took her away in a van.

While in BM…

Saiyyam was continuously watching the time.

Saiyyam: Why isn’t Krishna home yet.
(He remembered that she told him to start the plan)

He thought to start the plan.

He called Elsa. She came out.

Elsa: What happened?
Saiyyam: I have found the truth?
Elsa( hesitantly ): What truth?
Saiyyam: About last night. How dare you do something like that.
Elsa: I didn’t do anything.
Saiyyam: Oh yeah. I have proves and I am going to call police.

He picked his phone when.
Elsa: No wait.
Saiyyam: What?
Elsa: I will tell the truth.
Saiyyam: Tell me or else..
Elsa: OK ok! I did everything. From Krishna’s falling till your sleeping with me. Now I told everything. Please don’t send me to jail.
Saiyyam: I knew it.

He signed everyone to come out of the hiding place. Suhani comes towards her and slaps her.

Suhani: This is for making Krishna fall.
She again slaps her.
Suhani: and this is for making misunderstanding between us.

Elsa holds her face.
Saiyyam: Leave it maa! Have you recorded everything.
Suhani: Yes.

Suhani was so angry that she was again going to slap her when Elsa holds her hands.

Elsa(angrily): Enough! I knew this that its your plan and I pretended that I don’t know anything.

Everyone is shocked.


Everyone was in suhani’s room. Elsa was passing the room when she stopped by Suhani’s room. She heard their plan and smiled evilly.

Fb ended.

Suhani: What!!
Elsa: Yes!
Saiyyam: I am going to call police.
Elsa(hahaha): You will not.
Saiyyam: Yes! I will.

Screen fades.

At those goon’s place.

Krishna was tied to a chair with ropes and her mouth was shut with a cloth.
She wakes up. And saw herself tied and in a unknown room.

While at birla mansion.

Saiyyam: Why will I not? I have proves and I don’t need anything more to prove you.
Elsa: Hmm.. I know you won’t as I have a very precious thing of you.
Saiyyam: What do you mean? Say in simple words.
Elsa: No! I will show you.

She opens the TV. Everyone is shocked.

Saiyyam (shocked): Kkkrishna!
Elsa: Yes! She is in my capture now and you can’t do anything.

They all look in the TV. A man was coming towards her with a bucket of hot water. She was crying and noding her head negatively saying them not to do anything.

Saiyyam: No! Don’t do anything to Krishna.
Suhani: Leave her!
Elsa: I won’t that easily.
Saiyyam: If you what money then I will give you money. Just leave her.

The man pour some drops of water on her and she screams. And her hand burns.

Saiyyam: no! Don’t hurt her.
Elsa: No.
Saiyyam: What do you want?
Elsa: I want you.
Suhani: What!
Elsa: Yes, I want him to marry me.
Saiyyam: No way! You are her best friend but you area doing this to her.
Elsa: No. I am not her best friend. I hate her.
Suhani: why? She trusted you.
Elsa: No, she always snatched my opportunities. I hate her.
Suhani: She earned those opportunities rather than snatching.
Elsa: Stop this nonsense.
Saiyyam: I am begging you. Leave her.
Elsa: I have a condition.
Saiyyam: What?
Elsa: I want you to marry me.

Everyone’s shocked faces are shown.

Saiyyam: I can’t…
Elsa: You have no other choice. If you want me to leave Krishna than marry me or else I will kill her.
Saiyyam (thinks) and said: Ok! I am ready but please leave her.
Elsa: Not until I marry you.
Suhani: But how can you? She is your wife.
Saiyyam: I know but this is the only way. I can’t let you all lose her.
Elsa: Enough of this drama. Tomorrow we will marry.
(She calls those mans and said them to not hurt her)

Screen fades on everyone’s sad faces.

Precap: Will this marriage happen or not?

So guys, do comment and tell me that how’s the episode?
Till than bye and Tc

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  1. Mithila Farzana

    It was superb.sad that it’s ending soon..waiting for next episode….

  2. Superrrrr thanks

  3. Awesome dear
    Waiting for next

  4. I can’t wait?plz update asap?

    1. Princessporsha

      I will try to post asap.

  5. This was really marvellous. All the actions and dialogues were worded gloriously and were indeed lovely to read. The episode was truly beautiful and depicted the actions of the birla family in a fantastic way.
    Villains like elsa are the sole persons who are capable of giving a story more of drama and new aspects. The story has found a really good antagonist in elsa who is so helpful in making the story increasingly adventurous and suspenseful.

  6. AnahitaAnnie

    Plzzz don’t seperate kriyam…its a request princess…and the twist was awesome..and sad that u r going to end the ff so soon. Anyways…can’t wait for the next one..

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