Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 21

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Hi guys, I am back. I need your help. Can anyone tell me how to give a link of our previous episodes. Tia.

Episode begins??

Krishna goes to her room. She saw Saiyyam sitting at the corner of bed. She went to him.

Krishna: Saiyyam…

Without any reply or anything, Saiyyam holds Krishna’s hands.
Saiyyam: Krishna, Come sit here.

She sits with him.

Krishna: What happened Saiyyam?
Saiyyam(had tears in his eyes): you saw everything.
Krishna: But..
Saiyyam: Do you believe me??
Krishna: Yes, I do but.
Saiyyam: But maa doesn’t. She just hates me.
Krishna: No. No she loves you.
Saiyyam: No, she doesn’t. She always supports her other children but not me.
Krishna: You are equal to her.
Saiyyam: Then why did she slap me? She didn’t even waited for me to explain.
Krishna: You tell me. What happened there?
Saiyyam: I was telling that I ate dinner and went to sleep in our room but when I woke up, I was in Elsa’s room.
Krishna: Hmm.. I trust you. You will do nothing that will hurt suhani and Yuvraaj uncle.
Saiyyam: Really! You trust me?
Krishna: I sure do.

Saiyyam stands up. He was going when.

Krishna: Is there anything else that you want to tell me?
Saiyyam: Why?
Krishna: I know that you are hiding something.
Saiyyam: Um.. I actually want to tell you something.

He makes her sit.
Saiyyam: You know Krishna, I have a suspicion on elsa.
Krishna: What?
Saiyyam: Yes, from the first day, I saw always eyeing me.
Krishna: How do you know that?
Saiyyam: She is always trying to come closer to me. When we went shopping, there also she was trying to come closer.
Krishna: Hmm…
Saiyyam: I don’t know about you but I think she is not good.
Krishna: So what can we do?
Saiyyam: We will spy on her and try to seek her intentions.
Krishna: we will see tomorrow.

****next day*****

It was 5:00 pm.

Elsa comes to Krishna’s room.

Elsa: Krishna, I am going for shopping.
Krishna: Um. OK.

She goes.
Krishna: Saiyyam! Now is the time. You search her room.
Saiyyam: OK…

Saiyyam goes to her room. After some times, he came.

Krishna: Have you found anything?
Saiyyam: Yeah, I found this bottle.
Krishna: What’s this.
Saiyyam: It is a sleeping medicine. I think because of this I slept and she picked me and did some acting to make misunderstanding between us.
Krishna: Maybe you are right. We don’t have any prove.
Saiyyam: I will find the prove.

He goes.

Saiyyam’s plan.

Guys, I know this episode is boring but next episode would be the maha episode. So please comment…

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  1. Awesome next post soon

  2. Shaani

    Aree yaar this is not boring… I’m excited about the next episode… About sayym’s plan.. Upload soon…

    And about the previous link…
    Go to ur previous ep n copy past the URL code to ur new chapter
    (ex: -relationship-episode-20/
    Copy n paste this to ur new chapter)
    Simple as that..
    If u r not clear… Then tell me I’ll explain to u again

    1. Princessporsha

      Thanks for the help and commenting?

  3. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow its amazing….though its short but I just loved the kriyam scenes Princess…it was fscinating…
    And to post ur previous episodes link….
    First enter ur episode…and above in the search place there are always sites name written like ……...(and a lot more)
    U need to copy that and paste it in ur next epi….
    I hope I could be helpful and fantastic epi…

    1. Princessporsha

      Thanks for help and commenting??

  4. Dinu

    Wht r u saying yaar.dis is nt boring at all. Loved dis epi.happy dat Krishna supporting sayyam.waiting 4 nxt epi dr.plz post soon. tc byeee

  5. That elsa?and dear episode was awesome?plz update ASAP?

  6. Lovely episode. It depicted the immense amounts if trust and belief in the krishna-sayyam relationship and their heartfelt care for each other. The episode was indeed very good and meaningful. Their doubts upon elsa indicate her being caught and exposed soon. This might be really awesome and a great relief to krishna and sayyam’s excessive problems..

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