KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 16)

Krishna is blushing red as they break their hug.
Krishna: i love u too
Saiyam : now that was quite obvious.. no one can resist hot guys like me u know..
Krishna hits him playfully..
Krishna: so u brought me here for this
Saiyam nods…
But you could have praposed me in goa also… then why here
Saiyam : coz i wanted u to know me completely first.(thinks).. i am sorry Krishna.. im doing wrong.. u don’t know me
Krishna : so now i know u completely

They smile and have an eyelock..
Slowly.. saiyam comes close to her.. he holds her by waist and touchrs her hair, cheeks and chin.. Krishna holds his shirt tight and closes her eyes… they both are coming closer and closer..and are about to kiss when saiyam suddenly realized what was happening and breaks off..
Krishna opens her eyes..
Saiyam : NO!!!

THERE was a brief pause..
Saiyam : im sorry Krishna ..i don’t know how.. i really sorry.. i really didn’t mean to do that..
Krishna: itx ok saiyam.. im sorry.. i shouldn’t have….
They both feel awkward
Krishna: leave it saiyam.forget it..
Saiyam: i really didn’t mean it

Krishna:(holds his hands).. i know..u won’t do anything wrong.. u know ur limits..
Saiyam : ok leave it u just go and change we wil go for dinner..
Krishna goes
Saiyam thinks… how can i do that.. how couldn’t i control myself.. no saiyam.. u can distract urself.. just remember dhe is just a pawn for u… nothing else

After 6 hrs… kriyam are coming out of a hotel after dinner and driving when it starts raining..
Krishna: (looks outside and smiles) saiyam ..stop the car..
Saiyam : what? What happened
Krishna: stop na
Saiyam stops

Krishna gets off and dances in rain
Saiyam looks at her lovingly.. he feels sorry for betraying her..
Krishna asks him to come..he doesn’t.. she insists and he comed out…
Krishna: now just enjoy..
Saiyam watches her.. he then goes to.her and hugs her from back.. Krishna turns around.. he kisses hrr forehead and they hug

Precap: kriyam come back to goa

  1. Aww so cute

  2. Aarti32

    Mujhe diabities ho jaegi..Itte sweet sweet episodes na likha kro..

  3. Shaani

    Omg..this scene is sooo sweet..i loved it yaar…very nice…keep writing…u r a great writer…soo sweet…waiting for the next part..

  4. Rockstr

    Im in love…update asap

    1. Taniasharma

      Yeah.. i have submitted 2 of them.. but they are talking time to upload it.. think it will take few hours

    2. Rockstr

      Thank god,finally you updated…iam waiting since yesterday…

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