Raglak ff : Tere liye (Part 3) by Aahana

Hi everyone. Thanks for your support and response. I know previous part was a bit boring but this will be interesting and from next part I assure that it will be loving and different. You all will like it. Now i will stop my bakbak and give you tha next part. Did any guess why ragini is in that condition. Let us see now did i meet your expectations or not.

Laksh’s house
Rags observes her surroundings which are different. She then touches her head and neck to see if she got married and sighs in relief not finding them. She then sees Laksh and moves back saying please don’t come near me. Is he your friend. Please don’t help him. He is a wicked one. I don’t want to marry. He is marrying me forcefully. Please save me. Pleaseee and she cries. Laksh somewhat understands the situation that she is forced to marry someone.

Laksh gives her some water and says don’t cry. I am an IPS officer and u are safe here. No one can come here to take u. So please don’t get tensed. He notices changes in her face. She is relieved now and looking calm but also has a doubt if he is saying true. Laksh then takes his ID card from his wallet and shows to her. She believes him. He says u say me your problem. I will help you. U will get justice. She nods and is about to say something and at that time only he gets a call
Laksh : one minute. It is from office. She nods and he goes to attend the call. She feels happy as god sent someone to get her out of the problems. After sometime he comes back dressed in uniform and says sorry, it is an important meeting and i must attend it compulsorily. I will try to come as soon as possible.
Rags : she is about to say something but he cuts her in the middle and says
Laksh : no one will come and there will be security outside. Malati is there, she is maid and will help u. I will ask her to stay with u till i co
me back and this is my sisters room. Her dresses are here and u can change into them. She nods and says thanks

Laksh : by the way I am Laksh Maheshwari, head of special crime branch and u
Rags : ragini. She was about to say something more but he gets a call again and he says ok ragini, i will come early. There is no problem and u stay comfortably.
Rags nods and Laksh leaves after giving instructions to malati tai ( all calls her tai as she is elder to all and age is around 50). After some time malati comes to rags room ( i know its janvi’s room yaar but what to do, she is staying there na) and comforts ragu saying that Laksh is good and will surely help her. She asks her to get freshenup and gives janvi’s dresses. She gets ready and tai gives her breakfast.
Rags : aunty voh I

Malati : i can call me tai. All will call that only. Rags nods
Rags : tai who all will stay here. I didn’t see anyone. Tai says : beta laksh baba will stay here alone. His family stays in pune and she continues saying everything.
In the office all friends notices that Laksh is in some hurry during the meeting. After the meeting Laksh goes to his cabin and all follows him. He immediately calls tai and asks about ragu. She says that now only ragu slept. He says ok and keeps the phone. All are looking at him and observes his tensed posture
Santosh : what happened Laksh. What are you thinking about?

Laksh : ragini is in some danger. I need to go home and speak with her. No one understands about whom he is speaking
Payal : who is ragini lucky? And then laksh explains them everything what happened from the time he found her on the road. All listens to him and says we all will come with you and speak to her.

Puja : ha, if girls are there she might feel comfortable to say what is happening. Laksh nods his head and all leaves to Laksh’s house.
Malathi opens the door and Laksh asks her to call ragini. She calls ragini who is sitting on the bed and thinking what happened in just one week span. How her life changed totally. Ragini comes down and sees all and gets a little scared, but after Laksh saying that they are his friends and Co-Workers she gets relieved. Tai got coffee for all and serves them. She then goes to her house after taking Laksh’s permission.

Laksh : ragini u say what u wanted to say. What happened and first of all who are u? She nods and starts saying and all looks at her
Ragini : i am Ragini Gadodia, chairman of Gadodia group of companies. All looks at her shockingly. She was not seeing their faces. So she continues saying : i stay alone sir. When i was months baby my ma and bro died in a car accident. From then my father took care of my every need. He loves me a lot and for my sake he didn’t marry anyone. I studied my engineering in London and returned. When i came here, i got a big shock. My father was suffering from cancer. He made me the chairman of our companies and left me. From 3 years I am looking after the companies. Aayush and suresh uncle are my support. They helps me in handling the business. Few months back my mamaji (mother’s cousin brother) came to me and said that he don’t want to leave me alone and asked to come and stay with him. I refused and he forced me saying when i have a family, why should i stay alone. I asked him to come and stay in my house. He agreed and shifted to my house. He old me that his wife died and son is in USA. From that day he tried to interfere in the office works and asked me taht he wants to help me and i should handle him the business, but i politely refused it and asked him to stay out of it. He tried again but he was unable to do anything.

Actually papa prepared Power Of Attorney in a different way. It has few clauses. Inspite of being chairman i cant transfer the shares or property to anyone. I can buy but can’t sell the shares and that too under the supervision of Suresh uncle. I am just a guardian to the property and after i get married only i will get the powers along with my husband. We both will have equal powers and rights on it. If anything happens to me or if i die then the whole property goes to the trust. This is known to me, papa, suresh uncle and aayush.

My mamaji tried to find about the will but he didn’t find any. 10 days before he showed his true colors. He sais thst i am not thinking about my life, i am only concentrating on work, he told that he will handle the business and i should get married. He asked me to get married to his son Rakesh and that Rakesh loves me a lot. Then i understood that they are behind the property and i asked him to leave the house. He went away. I informed it to suresh uncle. He increased the security and asked me to be careful. Few days back suresh uncle and Aayush went to london for meeting. I was in airport with them and i got a call from security that mamaji came home. i don’t want them to stop their trip, so i didn’t tell them and it is my mistake. I should have told them.
Laksh thinks that may be i saw her on that day in airport.

Ragu : i went to home and saw one more person along with mamaji. He was Rakesh. I greeted them and that Rakesh asked me to marry him. I refused and asked them to leave. She cries and stops saying. No one understands what happened.
Laksh : Ragini, if u say then only we can do our work. Please say. She nods and again continues.

Ragu : mamaji then told him, my son i already asked and she refused. So before marriage only u make her yours and then she should compulsorily marry u. Now even her so called uncle is also not here. I was shocked listening to their words. He gave me an evil look and i was scared. I tried to call security but they dragged me to room closing my mouth. I pushed him and said that if they do anything wrong with me then i will do suicide and property will go to trust. They were shocked. I told them it is truth and i will die if they do anything to me.

Then mamaji said to his son to lock me in a room and he will do marriage arrangements. They locked me in a room taking away my phone. I thought to escape and took some money and passport. Just then they came and saw them in my hand. He tore my passport and took money saying for the marriage arrangements and went away locking me. Two days passed and i was unable to come out. One day early morning i came down from window and ran away and they saw me. I went to nearby park but they caught me and took back. They decided to do marriage as early as possible and arranged it yesterday night. They took me to temple and I escaped from there. Then i ran and somewhere in the middle of road i fell unconscious. And after that u know. She stops and cries a lot.

Puja, payal and swetha tries to make her calm. All sits near her and comforts her. Laksh thinks on that day she escaped and went to park and i saw her there. If i was a bit fast they might not have taken her again.

Episode ends

Precap : will ragu stay with laksh? Will the friendship blossoms between them.
Its done finally. I know its a bit boring but what to do. It is the base of the story. It is not proof read. So sorry for the mistakes. I will update Do dil bandhe ek dori se on Monday. Thanks everyone. Please comment.

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