KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 14)

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Kriyam land in mumbai
Krishna : so. Where first?
Saiyam : ahh.. choose 1 finger…out of 2
Krishna chooses 1
Saiyam : ok 1st we will go to orphanage
Krishna : and what was the second finger for?
Saiyam : it was for….. um orphanage
Krishna : ur mad
They laugh

They drive to orphanage and reache there..
Saiyam : here I spent my childhood
Krishna sees a small orphanage with children playing around… yhey all get happy seeing saiyam and come to meet him. Krishna looks at him lovingly as he plays with kids he was really attached to them…
Saiyam : so this is my family… quite big I know…
Krishna meets them
Saiyam then takes her around the orphanage….telling how he spent his childhood there…. he was in reality enjoying with her…
He then takes her to a small room with 2 single beds..
Saiyam : and this was my room…. u see that corner… that was my studying place.. I used to sit on the floor and study for hours together…
Krishna gets emotional on seeing with how much hardships he used 2 live
Krishna : saiyam…achaa tell me. which was ur bed among these 2?
Saiyam : my bed?. Huh.. we were 6 boys in this room.. I usef to sleep on the floor… hardly I got to sleep on the bed…
Krishna : saiyam… that’s why I say u r very strong
He gets emotional and sits on the floor

Saiyam : u know krishna… when I came to know that su…. ah I mean my mother left me here.. I was only 7 . I remember how I couldn’t sleep at night and usef to cry… for whole nights…
Buut then I realised that nothing is there in shedding tears… that’s how I became strong…
Krishna starts crying..
Saiyam : ( wipes her tears) krishna… I told this to share my feelings..not to make u cry
Krishna hugs him tight…and cries
Krishna : I didn’t knew u have been through so much..
Saiyam : ok now leave it…. shh.. enough. Krishna… come let, s have lunch
They go for lunch in a hotel….

Krishna is thinking about saiyam’s words and feels bad for him
Saiyam : what happened?
Krishna : how can u act like nothing has happened….how can ur mother leave u like that…. how can a mother be so heartless… ..
Saiyam : hmm.. I too get angry thinking about this…but I didn’t bring u for this but for something else…
Krishna : for what?
Saiyam : that u will know at the end of the day..
They have lunch
Saiyam and krishna thenn go for shopping… and then beach… they are seen laughing and enjoying together…
At the beach
Kriyam sit on the sand..
Krishna : saiyam I haven’t enjoyed so much as I did with u today…
Saiyam : this is nothing .( keeps his hand on her shoulder )
They have a loose hug..
Saiyam : ok time for ice cream…
He brings ice cream
Saiyam makes her eat ice cream

Precap : saiyam leads krishna to a decorated rooom..
Saiyam : now u will know why I brought u here

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  1. So good ?
    Waitingfor the next update

  2. Zai

    Superb dear
    Eagerly waiting for the next one

  3. Krishna & Sayyam

    Post the next one now already plzz before I pass out of excitement . Ur the best . I used to do the ones the sweet world of Krishna and sayyam and a lot of pple used 2 compliment me . But mines is nothing compared 2 urs

  4. Aarti32

    Now it’s becoming my fantasy yaar..

  5. Rockstr

    Im dead too god man..update asap

    1. Rockstr

      Too good*

  6. Shaani

    Woow…amazing yaar..i’m also writing a kriyam sorry but compared to u my ff is nothing yaar…day by day ur ff is getting interesting…i love it yaar..keep writing…god bless u…

  7. Taniasharma

    Thanks everyone. And sorry for late update of 15th episode… just a bit busy today

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