Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 42) season 3

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thank u friends…next episode is last….. leave a command u lik this ff r nor…

Episode 43:
Somu ask dadi to do preparation for next day function..she ask dadi to announce her as birla company model…dadi left from there..
Next day: dadi walks to yuvraj suhani room…. She stops near door seeing them…
Suhani makes yuvraj wear his tie, yuvraj hold suhani by her waist…
Suh- u r going to became father still now u cant make ur tie properly… u need me!
Yuv- so wat suhani…. U r my wife and I need u all my life time.. is there any problem? And I know how to wear tie, but if u make me to wear, I feel good…..and I can spend few min with u….. tats it… then y not ready till now..?
Suh- (she looks here and there….) yuvraj…. wat I do in function… am not coming.. u go…
Yuv- suhani, u r my wife….now.. and in this function I announce our marriage to all…u must be there with me….
Suh-but yuvrajjjj…dadi…. Not lik , if u announce without her permission….
Dadi- (hearing dadi voice they move apart…. Dadi gets inside…….) no…I don’t have any problem ..if yuvraj announces about his marriage…and it’s the right time to announce…bcz ur going to be mom(5 months….)…we can hide long time…
Dadi cups yuvraj cheek and tells,”yuvrajj…. Ur happiness is mine…not only now..but always……I will announce ur mrg… function and v should take a new family pic….. suhani u too get ready and come…” she left from there….yuvraj suhani seeing each other face…..
————- function starts,
Yuvraj and suhani comes there holding each other hands, somu was signs one reporter he too nods…
Somu dadi rags and yuvraj sits together…. Dadi announces somu as their company model… dadi ask yuvraj to give agreement papers to somu… yuvraj gets up and give to her…
Reporter- yuvraj birla, pls wait shall v took pic of this moment… (yuv stops..) all took pics of them…
Dadi gives interview to all about her company, and family…..
Dadi-u all know my elder bahu rags, then menka… now I wish to introduce my new bahu to u all.. bcz of some issues I cant able to announce yuvraj marriage…
Reporter- chandrakala birla, v know ur all bahu s were doing modeling…. And they were very beautiful… and this time also v sure ur bahu s very preety… and I guess this new model soumya as ur new bahu… congrats… (all claps when tat reporter says……)
Dadi and yuvraj gets shocked… yuvraj- wat u say? Cant u wait for us to announce… soumya s not my wife….mind it. She s just only a model to our company…
Reporter- wat u say… in ur home all bahu s moldels…by profession.. and infact soumya s staying in ur home…and doing modeling for ur company… wat wrong v guess… infact all big persons are lik tat only, they use models, and having affair… poor models don’t have options…. U r not any exception birla!
Somu smiles at dadi.. dadi makes a face and ask yuv to be calm…
Yuv- pushes the chairs near him and walks towards the reporter….he was about. To hold the reporter shirt…. Suh hold yuvraj hand…she talks with the crowd.and defends yuvraj…..
.”how can u say lik tat, one girl and boy cant be a friend…. Now u talk bad about a girl tat was my frnd, don’t dare to talk bad about her…. ”
“see mam, she may be ur frnd or anything but who r u ? in this house……..” suhani was speechless and facing yuvraj…..
Somu- (acts bfre all, stoping yuvraj to talk further abour him and suhani……) yuvraj let v go inside, these people wont understand us……. He hold yuvraj hand…. He shook his hand and walks forward to the reporter…..
Yuv-“she s my wife……. suhani yuvraj birla… mind it….! ”
Dadi- yes she my new bahu..suhani…. dadi hold suhani yuvraj hand and introduce them infront of all…
Somu fumes in anger…and went inside…. All clicks yuvraj suhani pic….and the function ends….
——————- next day… yuvraj in his office…they took shooting for their product….
Somu come back from her shoot and sits near yuvraj… yuvraj take his phone and he was busy in it…
Yuvraj orders juice , and she intentionally make fall on yuvraj… yuvraj gets up and goes to clean his dress…. she follows him… yuvraj came back from cleaning…
Somu- “yuvraj , y u ignore me…u know very well, I do modeling only to get time to spend with u… if u ignore me lik this, u know this will reflect in suhani….”
Yuv- soumya , wat u want.. y u after me and suhani.. cant u let me happy?
Somu- yes , now u ask me right question, (she cups his face….) yuvraj, I let u happy , I just need ur love , and care only, I lost everything in my life, krishna, mom…even my frnd suhani… only for u…. I did not expect big from u, just give ur attention to me… tats all..
Yuv- I need a relief from u..just tel me wat should I do now tel me…- he burst out in tension.
somu –ok ok..dont took shal v go out for few hours… its enough.. shall v? – she begs to him.. yuvraj thinks for a while and says ok…!
————-in restraunt…… somu orders juice for them….
yuvi talks in phone”I am in Sky restraunt, with my frnd, u do ur work… I came home late”..
somu smiles yuvraj talking and sits near him…and she hiddenly mixes something in juice..
.somu-”acha, u inform suhani….i forget to inform her..
Yuv-takes juice and drinks….. he checks his phone often…. Somu- yuvraj. y u see mobile. U inform suhani na.. then y u took tension? Just talk with me… I don’t want to miss this time….
Yuv- u took me here, so u talk, am not in mood to talk… -he makes a face drinking juice..
Somu- suhani says right, u r really a sadu.. –she smiles at him.. and thinks”just few more mins yuvraj , then u forget not only this phone, but also suhani, and this world……..”she smirks….
Yuv gets up – shall v leave, somu nods…. Yuv feels daizy… and hold his head…..
Somu hold him…-and calls server and took him to room… (someone hiddenly sees her…..)
Server makes yuvraj lies in bed…… somu gives money to him…. She sees yuvraj and goes near to him….
She traces his face….”yuvraj, u cant understand my love for u, tats y I did this, am helpless in love.. am sure one day u should understand me…” she was about to kiss his forehead….her phone rings…
Voice-“mam, someone ask about u, can u pls come… ” somu- (who s that fellow ….)yes I will come… she cuts the call and switch off lights and goes out…
Aftr few mins , ——————————
Reception-man says v did not make any call to u..may b u wrong…. She gets shocked and came back to room… and locks the door, she was about to put lights… someone knocks the door..
she gets thinking…….and scared to open the door… the knocking sound became loud…. She opens the door…she was totally shocked , and speechless……..

precap- yuv says, “its all because of u only soumya, u spoil ur life ,by ur cheap thinking…… u got punishment for wat u done… I cant do anything… u have to accept this…I promise u, I wont tell anything to suhani… she will be with u always lik ur frnd….its time for u to left from my life …..u should leave now….”…somu cries badly……”no I wont left anywhere..i wont…”

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  1. sarita sharma

    nice epi in party yuvi hold suhani’s hand and announce she is my wife scéně nice.hi subha how r u.enjoy these days

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      ya am fine Sarita.. am really enjoying these days…

  2. may b suhani hogi door pár.superb epi interesting precap and vote for yuvaani

  3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    ya I vote them..ssel fans.. wait tomorrow I post next episode.

  4. superb epi …yuvraj is fighting for suhani and dadi too announce suhani as her bahubut is it real r she is doing becoz soumya is blackmailing her..that tie scene very nice .

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      tas real.. dadi don’t lik suhani but she accept her for yuvraj…thanks sri

  5. A.Tejaswi

    Very Nice episode.Waiting for next episode. Post it if u r free.Can understand if u r busy….Enjoying the celebrations dii??

    1. Vote for yuvraj n suhani

    2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      ya I post tomorrow.. I wish to wrote somwat long..nd want to include some yuvani moments… so I post tomorrow..
      I really very much excited about celebration nd feeling to left my home….

    3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u tejaswi … I post soon with yuvani moments…

  6. Superb di nice episode when u ‘ll update next di

    1. Hii…!! Vote for yuvraj n suhani

    2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks sharu.. I post soon… in this link it’s mistakenly came season 3…

  7. Nice n awesome… Pls do vote for YuvAni

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      yes somi dear… I put vote….

  8. Hey guyz…!!pls vote for yuvraj n suhani

  9. superb superb superb fantastic di yuvani scene is awesome as usual.. all the best for ur future di..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks abi…tysm…

  10. di.. its beyond words.. shameless somu and smart yuvi.. i miss those days.. plz update today.. I can’t wait for next epi.. and plz write few more episodes.. it shouldn’t end now..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      here it’s full page filled with kriyam ff… thy post daily ..if thy post aftr getting enough cmnds it’s gud..

      1. i agree.. it seems they forgot YuvAni 🙁

  11. hi somi vote kárné ka kya faayada jab vote increase hi nhi ho rhe h m half hour se vote kar rhi hu but koi increasement nhi ho rha h thapki bihaan ke bhut speed se increase ho rhe h

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      but keep doing…frnds. inform ur frnds in fb insta….

  12. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    Thanks di….if I left in middle it’s not gud na tats y I stop.. If got Tim.. then wrote season 3 of their life with child’s….also. aftr complete I post.. I got new idea to wrote ssel story in different way.. to recall old episodes… I have idea but not having time… 🙁 🙁

    1. same here di.. i would have started both ‘socha na tha’ and the sequel to ‘tera hone laga hoon’ now if there were no exams.. I’m thinking to write an OS now if I find time..

  13. Ayesha Siddika

    Hi, dii. How are u ? This epi was awsome as always. Tie scene was lovely.Dadi accepts suhani.WoW.Please continue with season 3 & if u get tym write a new ff also as u have got idea.can u please tell me about this voting? I’m not aware about it.Enjoy ur time.Stay blessed

  14. sarita sharma

    hi ayesha link send karna mujhe aata nhi h but aap india forum open karo uske 2 page par vote for yuvraaj suhani ke name ki post ko open karo to aapko voting ke baare m pata chal jayega .or aap vote kar paaogi

  15. saumya was so selfish…
    anyways episode was good as always.
    yuvani moment was awesome as always… i hope di u enjoy ur days..
    good luck for ur future di… 🙂

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks anshi sharma…..

  16. Ayesha Siddika

    Thanks sarita and subha di.Maine vote kardiya

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      ayesha…tat was unlimited poll.. so vote wen u getting time.. then only voting increase…. aftr outing vote every half an hour check vote result.. it wil increase or not

  17. Wish you a happy married life and epi was nice …

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u avani….!!!

  18. Wow di lovely episode..the way yuvraj announces suhani her wife was awsm loved it n i hope u are enjoying ur pre-marriage days:-)

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