KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 13)

Its 7 in the morning…
Suhani’s shack.. all are having breakfast
Suhani put an extra plate on the table
Yuvaan : for whom is this plate ma
Suhani : its for saiyam. He said he has some work in this area and that he will do breakfast here..

Krishna gets happy…, yuvani was sitting next to krishna
Yuvani : (softly ) work Is all an exuse.. he is just comimg to see u
Krishna : shh. .someone will hear now
Saiyam comes .. kriyam smile at each other their was only one seat next to suhani… Saiyam was about to sit there but yuvani stops him
Yuvani : saiyam… I will sit with mama u come and sit here wid krishna
Kriyam sit together…

All have breakfast while krishma looks at saiyam all the time
Yuvani : mama I need to tell u something… actually krishna needs ur permission
Saiyam chokes..krishna worries and gives him water..
Suhani : r u ok beta
Saiyam : yes aunty..

Saiyam signals krishna what is yuvani saying… Krishna signals yuvani to remain quite…
Yuvani doesn’t listen
Yuvani : mama u know kaira??
Suhani : who kaira?
Yuvani : arey mama krishna’s best friend in school… u know her marriage is fixed.. and she has invited krishna to mumbai for 2 days..
Saiyam : ( softly to krishna) but i asked u for only 12 hrs..
Krishna : I don’t know what she is doing… she will get me killed
Suhani : yes its ok.. but how will krishna manage alone… she never goes alone somewhere
Yuvani : mama u don’t worry kriya is with her and many more friends will also be there..
Suhani : but Beta how will she
Pratima; let her go suhani…

Suhani agrees
She goes..all go one by one
Krishna also goes to her room saiyam follows.
Krishna is sitting on the sofa and is angry with yuvani…Saiyam comes
Saiyam : ( sits with her) now why that sad face.. .. Krishna .. tell me what happened
Krishna : I don’t like lieing to aunty…why did yuvani. Shes mad
Saiyam : so u don’t wanna come
Krishna :(gets irrtated and gets up and moves forward) saiyam plz.. I didn’t say that. Don’t u see im so confused..
Saiyam : is this the only reason… or is it that you don’t trust me?
Krishna : saiyam. I
Saiyam : look at me..

She looks
Saiyam : do u trust me?
Krishna : yes..I really do.. I just don’t like lieing
Saiyam :(puts his hand on her cheek) ok.. … I promise I will tell about this to ur aunty… plz only this tym… for me??
Krishna : ( smiles ) ok.. but only this time…
Saiyam : thank u ….nd becoz of yuvani I got 2 days instead of 12 hrs.. this means god is also with me.. u know krishna I promise. These are going to be two best days of ur life.. k I will leave now .. tomorrow 8 am at airport I will wait for u… bye..
He goes and then smiles evilly

Next day..

Suhani gives something to eat in the journey. She leaves
In the airport,
Krishna is finding saiyam… he comes from behind and scares her
Krishna : saiyam! ! I got scared…
Saiyam : ok sorry.. now lets go..
They go to plane and sit next to eo.. saiyam is talking to the air hostess continously which makes Krishna angry…
Air hostess: sir.. u should try this orange juice
Krishna : no! ! He, s allergic to oranges.. we will call u if we need something
Air hostess goes
Saiyam : who said im allergic.., I like oranges
Krishna : no.. she was just sticking to u like that so..
Saiyam : soo u felt bad..right?
Krishna : no.. nothing like that

Saiyam : then?
Krishna : ok ..that was a mistake… forgive me now
She looks away
Saiyam : btw krishna… it doesn’t matter whom I am talking to.. what matters is with whom I wanna talk.. but that whom is looking away right what do I do..
Krishna looks at him
Saiyam signals her to smile
She smiles
saiyam smiles back

Precap : saiyam and krishna in the orphanage
Saiyam : this is where I spent my childhood

Guyz thank u so much for ur support. ? Keep on letting me know how is it going.. and I hope u will like my ff even more cuz their is much kriyam romance coming further now.

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