Kriyam- U r my strength (Episode 03)

Episode 03
Same day after lectures sayyam bid a bye to his frnds & goes. While going sayyam passed a lecture hall but again he came and peep from the window.. he is mesmerized to see that girl who make him crazy…that is Krishna . she was working with her frnds… he went inside the hall. He is not in his sense. Suddenly he fall down with a big sound. Krishna and her frnds look towards him.. Nandani is laughing..but our Krishna run towards sayyam and helped him. All this while sayyam is looking at Krishna. Her concern about him. Krishna also looked into his eyes…
Krishna: Are you ok? What are you doing here?

Sayyam was going to say something but it was interrupted by Nandani..
Nandani: hahaaa….In mrng someone told me to walk with open eyes but looks like that person is also not walking with open eyes..
Sayyam got up and went from there without saying anything Nandani also got up and turn towards nandani
Krishna: nandani wht r u talking? Plz don’t talk to him like that don’t make fun of him…(Krishna told it in one breath. She also surprised about wht she said)
Nandani and other frnds open their mouths and stared @ Krishna
Swara: Aree hamari Krishna is worrying about a boy that too a boy like sayyam Birla woow…

Krishna is embarrassed and she said It’s not like that she diverted their mind by reminding about their work
Krishna: ok guys we have to finish this…my mom will be waiting for me..let’s finished this off.. Sayyam was listening to this hiding behind the wall.. unknown smile appeared in his face.. sayyam. while thinking about Krishna he left the place. When was stepping out from the campus Yuvaani is already waiting for him. He goes happily towards her..

.Sayyam: aree dii tum yaha..
Yuvaani: why can’t I came and pick up my bro. Sayyam get in the car we are going to see a movie.
sayyam: really cool.. while traveling both of them were talking…
Yuvaani: Sooo how was your day Sayyam remembered about Krishna
Sayyam: it’s good not bad..
Meanwhile yuvaani saw sayyam’s hand is bleeding she stopped the car.
Sayyam: Di kya huwa why did u stopped the car..
Yuvaani took the first aid box Yuvaani: Sayyam ur hand is bleeding let me bandage it…(then only sayyam felt the pain)
Yuvaani: kya huwa sayyam? Did u fight with someone?

Sayyam: nahi..woo bas asahi hai… I fell down in the ground..that’s it..
Yuvaani:u should be careful na.. then they went toward the film hall and watched the movie and came it’s around 6 o’clock. While they are going back they used the same route which they used before.. when they passing the campus sayyam saw Krishna with her frnds Sayyam turned back and look at her..yuvaani was seen this so she look from her side mirro and saw 4 girls yuvaani smile
Yuvaani: are they ur frnds?

Sayyam: No girls can never be frnds..
Yuvaani: Sayyam tumhari problem kya hai yaar..why do u hate girls soo much…
Sayyam: Di I don’t want to talk about it…soo plz.. Yuvaani; ok fine..but when u want to talk tell me huh..i’m ur sister may be I can help u..
They went home…

  1. So good ?

    1. Shaani

      Thanks for reading…??❤

  2. Aarti32

    I don’t like Nandini..Who told her to interfere in Kriyyam’s talk???

    1. Shaani

      Haha… Yeah..they should be someone who interfere na…otherwise it will be booring na..thatz y I used her…they will be more kriyam scenes in next episode…becoz of the kriyam scene demands I have shorten their small I jumped to the frndship part…hope u’ll like it.thankx for reading..

  3. Rockstr

    Loved it..update asap

    1. Shaani

      I have uploaded the next part…? read that also …thanks for reading this part…hope I’ll like the next part also…

  4. Yeah this nandani??

    1. Shaani

      U have to bare her for few episodes.. Thanks for reading this part..i have uploaded the next part read it also..

  5. Santhiyalathamanian

    Awesome I like yuvaani’s role.. but more kriyaam scenes

    1. Shaani

      Ok I promise I’ll give more n more kriyam scenes when they get united… I have uploaded episode 04 n 05… Read them also…u’ll get kriyam scence soon…thankx for reading my ff..

  6. Honeypriya

    Hey yaar it’s nice. Wht abt sayyam y is he like this

    1. Shaani

      It will be revealed to u guys …but not soo soon…the complete truth will be revealed later..but I have revealed part of it …soo guys can read next part I have uploaded it..thanks for reading my ff…

  7. Fantastic ff. plz unite Kriyam soon

    1. Shaani

      Thanks for reading..yeah I’ll unite them’ll take little time…after they united…i’ll give more n more kriyam parts for u guys…

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