kriyam – u r my strength Episode 149

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Episode 149
5 years Passed Post Krishna’s Delivery n Everything has Changed in Krishna’s n sayyam’s Life.These 5 years Krishna n sayyam Faced Many Difficult Problems but They Crossed Many Problems Together n Has Proved Their Essence Of their True Love Everytime…Everything was Perfect n Both Krishna n sayyam were Living Happily n were On A Business Trip to Goa
Krishna : ( Getting Ready ) sayyam ( Shouts fr sayyam as He is In Washroom ) Jaldi karo..We r Getting Late…Clients might be Waiting for Us..Come Fast… ( Applies Sindoor in Her Maang )
As Krishna was Getting Ready She Feels A Wet Bare Back against Her Back n A Hot Breath on Her Shoulder…Sensing The Touch of Her Lovely Husband,Krishna Blushes n Tried to Avoid Her Eyes to Meet with Her Husband’s Eyes.Seeing Krishna Avoiding The Eye Contact sayyam Moves Her Silky n Shiny Long Hairs to Other Side of The Shoulder n Places A Soft n A Kisses On Her Bare Shoulder Sensuously

Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) ( Whispers Slowly ) Don’t Even Try to Avoid Me Mrs Krishna Sayyam Birla when i’m romancing with u..warna u know wat all i can do with u ( Smirks n Winks Naughtily )
Krishna : ( Blushes ) sayyam..U r Still The Same..5 Saal hogaye bt still u have nt Changed at all..when will U change sayyam..Come On Grow Up..n Stop Romancing ( Frees Herself from sayyam’s Grip n Turns Towards Him by Removing His Hands ) n Get Ready..We need to go to The Meeting with Our Clients.. ( Strictly )

Sayyam : ( Smirks Victoriously n Holds Krishna by Waist ) Kaunsi Meeting My Princess. . ( Kisses Her Neck Sensuously ) I don’t Remember about any Meeting ..I Guess U r Mistaken..There is No Meeting Today fr Us.
Krishna : ( Shocked n Releases The Grip n Moves Backwards ) Kaunsi meeting matlab ?? don’t u remember yesterday morning in our room only u told ki we have meeting in goa today..n that’s y toh we came here ..n u only forgot.. ( Questionable Eyes )

Sayyam who was busy in Staring His Beautiful Wife with a Smirk Smile Came More Closer to Her n Pulled Krishna Towards Him More Closer n Whispers Something Slowly
Sayyam : ( Pulls Krishna Towards Him ) ( Whispers Slowly ) There is No Meeting My Princess. .I have Lied to U about The Meeting in Goa to Spend Some special Moments with U..warna ( Makes Angry Faces ) in Our Home toh U r Completely busy in Ur Own n House Work..n U Avoid Me in Ur Work..So thought to Bring U to Goa by Lieing U..becoz I knew if I would tell ki We r going fr A Holiday U will Deny it.Toh i had to Use The Business Trick to Bring U Alone Here.. ( Smiles Naughtily )

Krishna : ( Surprised n Hits sayyam’s Chest Playfully ) Haaww..So Shameless U r Sayyam… To Bring Me Here All Alone U Lied to Me n Entire Family…what will they Think when they come to about Ur Plan ?? ( Tensed )

Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily n Kisses Her Cheeks Romantically ) Don’t Worry Princess..They already Know it..In fact yuvaan bhai Helped Me in This Plan n Nt Only bhai bt bhabi too Helped Me ( Winks Naughtily n Sees Krishna’s Shocked Expressions ) Nw Come On Stop Ur Shocking Expressions n ( Hands A Gift Box ) Wear this n Come..We will Go fr Shopping Today..n then We will Go to Beach n then Have Soo Much Fun Together..So ( Pushes Krishna to Washroom ) Soo Go Fast..

Sayyam After Pushing Krishna to Washroom to Get Ready,He too goes to His Bed Side n Wore The Clothes Kept by His Wife..Soon Both got Ready n As Krishna Stepped Out of Washroom Wearing The Clothes Given by sayyam,He gets Mesmerized n Awestruck seeing Krishna in Blue Top n Black Jeans with Loose Hairs.

Sayyam : ( Mesmerized n Pulls Krishna Towards Him ) Wow..Krishna U Look soo Hot in this Modern Look till nw..Feeling Like to ( Smiles Naughtily ) ( Interrupted )
Krishna : ( Blushes ) sayyam Stop It Plzz..nw Let’s Go Plzz..We r getting Late fr Shopping… Abb Bola hai toh Plzz Take Me fr Shopping..I won’t Listen Nw..So Plzz Come Lets Go Fast..
Sayyam : ( Laughs at Her Blushness n Leaves Her from His Grip ) Ok Ok..fine My Princess.. Chalo Let’s Go..

Soon Both Krishna n sayyam Set Out for Shopping in Hand in Hand n to Have A Memorable Moments Together n with Each other with A Bright Smile on Their Faces..
After Leaving from their Hotel Both Krishna n sayyam Reached The Famous Mall of Goa n Started for Shopping fr themselves n fr their Family Members too…

Krishna : ( Happy ) Wowow..sayyam this Mall is just Amazing..Thanks Alot My Prince..I Always Dreamt of Visiting this Never got A Today U Fulfilled this too..Love U.. ( Kisses sayyam’s Cheeks )
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Ur Welcome Princess.. ( Touches His Cheeks ) n Thanks fr The special Gift..I Loved It.. ( Smiles Naughtily n Sees Krishna Blushing ) Ok Ok..Nw Stop Blushing Like this n Come Lets go to Shops n Start Ur Shopping..warna i know u take Soo Much of time to Shop A Single Item.. ( Giggles )

As Krishna was Shopping Happily Along with sayyam there were Someother Boys in The Shop who were Staring busy Krishna from Top to Bottom with a Strange Smile on their Faces wich was Noticed by Sayyam…Seeing The Boys Staring at His Princess, Sayyam Immediately Flipped His Hands Around Happy Krishna’s Waist n Pulled Her Closer to Himself in a Securely Manner n Passed A Lovely Smile to Krishna n Indirectly Passed A Message to those Boys who were Staring Krishna with A Strange Smile on their Faces..

Sayyam : ( Holds Krishna By Her Waist Closely in A Secure Manner ) Listen ( A little Louder ) Princess..If U r Done with Ur Shopping for Others then Buy some things fr U too na My Jaan.. ( Stares those Boys Angrily ) Buy whatever U want Today My Princess ( again Looks at Krishna with A Smile ) Ur Prince will nt Stop U at all..Think it as its A Shopping Treat from Ur Prince Side..
The Boys who were Staring Krishna got Scared Gulped n went back to their Own Respective Work wen they Noticed sayyam Glaring n Passing An Indirect Msg At them in A Anger Tone..Soon After Shopping Ladies Both Krishna n sayyam Headed towards The Men Section n Started Shopping fr The Men in Their Family.

Krishna: ( Shows A T Shirt to sayyam ) sayyam..Listen Try this T-Shirt na.i’m Damn Sure it will Suit U..Plzzz Plzz ( Pleads with A Pleasing Expressions )
Sayyam : ( Makes Faces ) No Krishna..U know na I don’t Like this Color ..I Hate this Color.. Plzz Select some other T Shirt na..
Krishna: ( Pout Face ) sayyam..Plzz Na..Can’t U Do this Much fr U ( Childish Pout Face ) U don’t Love Me Anymore na ( Fake Teary Eyes )

Sayyam : ( Agrees Finally ) Ok Fyn..U r Just Impossible Krishna ( Extends His Hands fr T-Shirt ) Laao Give Me The T-Shirt..
Krishna : ( Grinned Naughtily) Thank U My ( Pulls sayyam’s Cheeks )..Love U..
Sayyam : ( Smiles Angrily) Haa.Haa Bas..Theek Hai..

Soon Krishna n sayyam Completed The Men Shopping too n Headed Towards The Beach Hand in Hand Happily..As They Reached The Beach Krishna saw Some Girls Playing in Water with Swimming Costumes n Felt Awkward n Looked at sayyam Immediately.As Krishna Turned Towards sayyam She was Shocked to See sayyam was nt Besides Her bt a little Far Taking to A Girl Freely Manner.
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Hello Beautiful..what’s Ur Name ??
Girl : Rosey ( Smiles n Holds sayyam’s Hands ) N Ur Name ?? U r Really Handsome I must Say..R U Single? ? ( Winks at sayyam )

Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily n Sees Krishna through Corner of His Eyes ) Nyc Name…n the Answer to Ur Question is Unfortunately i’m nt Single..i’m Married n My Name is sayyam
As sayyam was Talking Very Freely to A Girl,Krishna Noticed it n was Fuming in Anger even after knowing sayyam is doing it All Purposefully to Tease n to Irritate Her..Seeing sayyam Close to that Girl Krishna Avoided sayyam by Looking Here n There in Anger n Suddenly saw A Man Standing Near A Beach n Had A Naughty Smile on Her Face n Headed towards The Boy.
Krishna : ( Glares sayyam Angrily n then Sees A Boy n Smiles Naughtily ) Ohh Wow..Teasing Me na..Nw U see My Dear Husband..Main kya karti hu.( Goes towards the Boy )
Sayyam who was busy in Teasing Krishna by Talking to A Girl Noticed Krishna going towards A Boy n was Shocked to see The Boy..

Krishna : ( Smiles Naughtily n Goes towards The Boy ) Hello Excuse Me..i need ur Help..cud u plzz Help Me ( Smiles Normally )
Boy : ( Surprised First n Looks Krishna from Top to Bottom ) Hello ( Smiles Evilly ) ..Yes Sure ( Holds Krishna’s Hand ) Beautiful .. Y will Anyone Deny to Help Such A Beautiful Girl..
Krishna : ( Shocked n Tries to Free Her Hands ) Excuse Me..what do Mean ?? Leave Me.. ( Angry ) I said Leave Me..

Boy : ( Smiles Evilly n Comes Closer ) Hw can I Leave U without Helping U ( Comes More Closer n Moves His Hands Towards Krishna’s Waist )
Krishna : ( Shocked ) Leave..I Said Leave..n I don’t need any Help Just Leave Me..
As Krishna was Trying to Free Herself from The Boy’s Clutches,At The Same Time The Boy was about to Touch Her Waist wen A Strong Hands Stops The Hands of The Boy making Krishna Happy n The Boy Shocked.

Krishna : ( Happy ) sayyam..Thank God U Came..( Goes towards sayyam n Hides Behind Him )
Sayyam : ( Angry n Looks At Krishna n then at Boy ) R U Done ?? Done with Ur Teasingness with My WIFE .. ( Sees The Boy’s Expressions ) If Yes then Go..N If No then Also Just Get lost ( Jerks The Boy’s Hands in Anger n Points His Finger to Boy ) n Don’t Dare U Touch My Wife again..Warna … ( Before sayyam could Complete The Boy Runs from there in Fear )
As The Boy Ran sayyam Turned Towards Krishna in Anger

Krishna : ( Shouts fr sayyam n Rinds Behind Him ) sayyam..Plzz Suno..i’m Sorry..i know U were Teasing Me with that Girl..So to Tease U back i went to that mujhe pata thodi tha ki He will Only … ( Interrupted )

Sayyam : ( Angry n Stopped n Held Krishna’s Shoulder Tightly ) Krishna tumhe Pata kya hota hai ? U never know anything..Do U know while u were Shopping in Mall Few Men were Staring at U..n were Looking at U with Different Intentions.( Shakes Krishna ) Tell Did U know ?? N The Boy to whom U went to Tease Me is One of them..Thank God I came On time..Warna.. ( Jerks Krishna ) Come On Krishna when will U Learn to Identify People ?? Wen will U Start Keeping An Eye around ur Surroundings.Plzz Be Careful.. ( Holds Krishna’s Shoulder ) Dekho Krishna All I want is ki U should be Careful..what if when i’m nt there with U..what will u do that time..Soo Plzz Be Careful..( Angry )

Krishna : ( Teary Eyes ) but..sayyam.. ( Interrupted )
Sayyam :but what Krishna ?? Tumhe Zarurat kya thi uss Anjaan Ladke ke paas jaane ki..Kuch kardeta toh woh tumhe..Have U ever thought what would happened to Me if He would have done something to u ??
Krishna : ( Sad ) becoz U were Teasing Me with that ( Angry ) Stupid Girl..U were soo Close to Her n She was Touching U..nw U tell Me..what could i do ?? I was Fuming in Anger when I saw U n that Girl Close..So I thought to Tease U back.. ( Pout Face )
Sayyam:( Irritated ) Ohh God Krishna..U saw that Girl Close to Me n Touching Me na..Bt did U see me Touching that Girl or did I even Trying to Touch Her ( Raise His Eye Brows in Anger ) Tell Me Did U ??

Krishna : ( Realized n Speechless ) Nnoo…
Sayyam : Then..hw did u think to go that Boy ?? n even if u were going to that Boy u should have First Known Him Properly na..just in Anger without Thinking anything U went to Him.Didn’t u see His Dressing Style..hw he looked ?? His Look,Dressing n His Attitude was Clearly Showing His Nature.. ( Angry n Jerks Krishna n Went )..Bt No..jab tumhe Ghussa aata hai toh U won’t Think Anything just Do whatever comes to ur Mind..seriously U r too Much.. ( Jerks Krishna n Goes from There )

After Scolding Krishna,sayyam Left from there Leaving Krishna All Alone n in Crying State.As sayyam Left Krishna too Followed Him n Went Behind Him to their Room..
Soon Both Krishna n sayyam Reached their Room n As They Entered their Hotel Room sayyam Threw His Blazer on Bed in Anger n Went to Washroom to Freshen Up . While Krishna was Still Upset n Sad seeing sayyam’s Anger..All The Time till sayyam is in Washroom She Only Thought Hw to Reduce sayyam’s Anger.Soon Sayyam Came Out of Washroom n Went to His Bed Side while Krishna Tried to Talk to Sayyam bt seeing His Anger still Hot n Fuming She Went to Washroom with a Sad Face to Freshen Up.

Krishna : ( Sees sayyam going to His Bed Side ) sayyam..Plzz Listen to Me na Once..i’m Sorry na Plzz ( Trying to Convince )
Sayyam : ( Angry ) Krishna Plzz..i’m already Tired nw..Let Me Sleep..U also change n Sleep then Tomorrow Night we have to Leave back for Kolkata..
Krishna : ( Upset ) Plzz sayyam ( Stopped with Teary Eyes as sayyam Covered His Face with Blanket )
Seeing sayyam in Anger till nw Krishna went to Washroom to Freshen Up n after 5 Mins wen Krishna Came Out,She Called sayyam n Listening to krishna’s Voice sayyam saw Her n was Stunned n Surprised to See Krishna with His Mouth Wide Open.

Krishna : Sayyam …
Sayyam : ( Surprised ) Krishna..what is this ??
Episode ends with sayyam’s shocked face..

Question of the day???
Is kriyam kids alive? Will sayyam forgive Krishna??

U’ll find it in the next episode… Keep reading..
Hi guys how r u all… I have seen some of my silent readers commented on my previous few episodes I would like to thank all of them.. Thank u so much… And I would like to thank all the support u guys showing… It means alot to me… I love u all soo much… Without u guys I won’t be able to come this far… Thank u so much..
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  1. Suspense suspense killer episode shani can’t wait for the next one u r srsly born writer specially wh n it comes to sayyam naughty side ❤️

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much dr… I have submitted the next episode as well it’ll be published soon… Keep reading..?

  2. Nice and confusing episode. I think that kriyam kids are alive. Shaani keep alive kriyam kid

    1. Shaani

      Yeah I know that this is little confusing… It’ll be fine in the next episode… Keep reading… Let’s see what will happen.. I have submitted the next part also.. It’ll be published by 2mrw… May be..
      Whr do u live? I live in Sri Lanka… Hope u know that…. Say hii to ur son…
      Sorry I couldn’t reply to ur comment on my pervious episode as I was busy writing this episode sorry…

  3. I think they are alive..He will surely forgive his princess?…loved the epi di..Really romantic epi ?..update Asap..Precap looks surprising..

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much isha ? I have submitted the next episode also.. It’ll be published soon…keep reading… Let’s see what will happen…

  4. Nice episode. Kids are alive.I part update soon.

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much… I have submitted the next episode also.. It’ll be published soon… Keep reading ?? let’s see what will happen..

  5. Since February one more silent reader also here. Hmm It’s me. but today’s episode made me speaker ???.really ur writing skills r superb.hope kriyam’s kids r alive. Already so much tired to see kriiyams troubles, not more plz ?

    1. Shaani

      Aww… Soo sweet.. I’m soo glad u commented today…thank you so much ? ur words means alot to me.. I have submitted the next episode’ll be published soon…? keep reading thank u so much for loving my ff ? keep smiling ?

  6. Awesome episode
    Waiting for next
    Plz upload asap

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Dwidha?

  7. Shani plzzz I infact not only me but everyone want kriyyam kids alive??and the episode was on fire?

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ?

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ?

  8. can i ask u a questiojn. who is sanskaar and swara i these ff s…..

    1. Shaani

      Krishna n sayyam’s frnds…

  9. This was fantastic. There is so much suspence about their kids still enjoyed the epi because of ur amazing writing skill.

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ?

  10. Awesome episode ? Loved it ❤ suspense everywhere haha ? I think the kids are alive. And sayyam cant stay without forgiving and his princess ?? Its impossible for him hihihi ? keep posting . Waiting for the next episode

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ? u r ryt ? I have submitted the next one also.. Enjoy… Keep reading

  11. Fidato

    Such a lovely episode… Naughty Sayyam is too hot to handle… Shaani…You are Queen of suspense… Please confusion…. Confusion… Waiting for next… Hope babies are fine…

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ? I have submitted the next episode… Keep reading ?

  12. I m 100% sure that kriyyam kids r alive bcs u can only think positive. & about forgiving krishna, it’s always yes.

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much.. Ur answer r correct? I have submitted the next episode also… Keep reading..? enjoy..

  13. P112111

    Hmmm….. Yes both are alive nd healthy.. He has to forgive

    1. Shaani

      ? correct… I have submitted the next episode also… Keep reading… Enjoy

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