kriyam – u r my strength Episode 148

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Episode 148
1 day after sayyam left for Mumbai
Krishna was in Her Room Sleeping n Weeping Silently by Holding sayyam’s Photo Near Her Heart…As Krishna was Sleeping with Teary Eyes Krishna Gradually Felt A Slight Pain in Her Baby Bump which Later Increased n Soon A Heavy Pain Took Place in Her Baby Bump which indeed Made Krishna Scream in Pain Making kushi who was sleeping next to krishna Scared n Worried…
Krishna : ( Feels Slight Pain ) Aaowow ( Holds Her Baby Bump n Feels More Pain ) Aaaoowow.sayyamm..Aaowow ( Cries Miserably in Pain )
Kushi : ( Wakes Up n Shocked ) Krishna.. Krishna.. Kya hua ? Labour Pain Shuru hogaya kya ?
Krishna : ( Cries in Pain ) Haa..bhabii..Plzz Do Something..Bahut Pain horaha hai..( Scream ) Aaahh ..sayyam…

Kushi : ( Worried n Tensed ) Haa..Haa..wait.. Let me do something.. Krishna..Ek Min..Main abhi aati hu…
Kushi Immediately Runs Out n Called yuvaan n Other Family Members n Informed them about Krishna’s Labor Pain
Kushi : ( Worried ) yuvaan…Maa..papa Ji..Plzz Jaldi aaiye..yuvaan..Plzz ( Spacing Here n There )
Yuvaan : ( Runs n Holds kushi’s Shoulder in Concern ) Kya Hua ?? Y r u Sweating ?
Suhani : Haa Beta..Kya hua ?? Itni Raat ko kyoun chila rahi ho ??
Kushi : ( Fumbles n Pointing Towards krishna’s Room ) yuvaan ..Krishna.. Is in labour pain we have to take her to the hospital..jaldi…. ( Crying )
As Everyone Outside were Shocked about Hearing Krishna’s Labor Pain They Heard A Scream from Krishna’s Room n Listening to The Scream Everyone were even More Scared n Rushed to The Room to Take Her to Hospital.

Krishna : ( Screams in Pain ) Aahhha… Sayyam.. ( Cries ) Maa..Plzz Do Something ..
Suhani : ( Rushed to krishna’s Room while Instructing yuvaan ) yuvaan Jaa..Go n Being Car Fast..Can’t wait fr a Sec Too..
Yuvaan : ( Worried ) Haa Haa Maa..i’m going..
Soon Everyone Carried Krishna n Took Her to Hospital n While Krishna was Suffering from Deep Pain there in Airport sayyam who was Siting in His Waiting Room with Mr Verma Felt Something Unwell n was Restless All The Time..He Kept on Looking at Krishna’s Pic on His Mobile n was Sweating too as it He Felt Krishna’s Pain…
Sayyam : ( Worried n Caresses Krishna’s Pic )( in mind ) Krishna..Kya horaha hai mujhe ?? Y m Feeling soo Restless n Tensed ?? I hope U r Fyn..Kash I would be with U this time… ( Sweating ) wait krishna i’m coming…just wait few hours..
As sayyam was Worried fr Krishna while Looking Her Pic in His Mobile He Receives A Call from yuvaan n was Shocked n was Trembling Seeing The Call at This time…He Immediately Picked Up The Call n was Shocked Listening to The conversation from Other Side..
Yuvaan : ( Calls sayyam while Driving ) Wait Krishna u don’t worry..Let me Call sayyam n Inform about ur Labor Pain ..He might be in Airport Only ( Interrupted n Did nt See the Call is Received )

Krishna : ( Tells in Pain ) Nnoo bhai..Plzz Don’t Call sayyam…Plzz Don’t Tell Him anything warna ( Screams ) Aahhh ( Continues ) He will Come Running n I don’t Want Him to Leave His Work n Come.. ( Shouts due to Pain ) Aaahaahh sayyamm.. ( Cries )
Yuvaan : ( Shocked ) but Swara..He should know na at least about ur Condition..He has the right to know..
Krishna : ( Fumbles ) Haa..Bbt Plzz..bhaii.. Nnnoo..
Sayyam : ( Shocked n Drops The Phone ) Ohh Noo..Isiliye i was Feeling Soo Restless n Tensed abt Swara..I should have Listened to My Heart..Bt nw wat cn I do ?? ( Blank )
City Hospital
Once Krishna Reached Hospital with Entire Family She was Taken inside The Operation Theatre to Strt Her Delivery Process.As Krishna was Taken inside The Operation Theatre Everyone Present in Hospital with Her Consoled n Encouraged Her In Order to Boost Her Will Power n Strength to Control The Pain She is Suffering From…
Saumya : ( Cries bt Consoles too ) Krishna..Sun Beta..Don’t Panic..Just Do as Doctor Tells U to do..Ok ?? N Fikar Mat kar sab kuch acche se hoga bas tumhe Thodi Himmat Rakhni hogi fr sayyam..Samjhi ?? ( Caresses Her Hairs Lovingly n Concern )
Suhani : ( Worried too bt Consoles ) Haa Beta..We know U need sayyam The Most now bt Since He is nt here we r there Beta for U..Bas tum him mat harna..sayyam too does nt Like when U Loose Ur Will Power..So Plzz Beta Himmat rakhna..We all r Praying fr U n Babies…
As Everyone were Consoling Krishna fr Her Delivery Process She was Taken Inside n The Delivery Process was Starts with The Red Light Blub On Outside The Operation Theatre..As soon as Krishna was Taken Inside Sayyam Reached The Hospital n Rushed to The Operation Theatre Side n as He Reached Near The Theatre He was Shocked n Worried Seeing Everyone Pacing Here n There In front of The Theatre with Tensed n Worried Face..Seeing Everyone Tensed n Worried sayyam too Got Worried bt He Somehow Composed Himself n Decided to Confront All..

Sayyam : ( Composed Himself ) sayyam..U can’t get Weak at this Moment..Ur Family n Especially Ur Princess needs U in this Case if U Get Weak who will Manage n Console Ur Princess,Ur Wife,UR Krishna..Soo Plzz Come On Compose Urself n Go n Confront them.. ( Moves One Step Ahead bt Stops in Shock Suddenly )
As sayyam was Moving Ahead Step By Step with Fear in His Heart towards His Tensed Family He was Stopped All of A Sudden in Shock Hearing Doctor’s Words which Broke Him Completely n Tears Fell from His Eyes Continuously.
Doctor : ( Comes Out of OT with Worried Face ) Dekhiye..I won’t give U any False Hopes Nor Tell U Lies..The Truth is Mrs Krishna ki Tabiyat bigadti jaarahi hai..She is Loosing All The Strength of Controlling n Keeps On Telling Only Mr Sayyam Name..agr aisa hi chalta raha toh i’m Sorry to Say we won’t be Able to Save Both Mother n The Babies..
Yuvraaj : ( Shocked ) what ?? Bt Doctor Plzz Do Anything n Save Our Krishna..She is More important to Us..Baby toh Krishna n sayyam Both can Plan Anytime na..So Plzz Save Our Daughter Krishna Plzz..

Doctor : ( Heavy Heart ) i’m Sorry Mr yuvy bt if We Save Krishna nw as Per Ur Wish..Mrs Krishna won’t be Able to Expect or Conceive anymore.As I already Said Unki Ovary is already Weak n Risky..So incase if She Looses Both Her Babies Today She won’t be Able to Conceive in Future Anymore.. ( Sees Everyone’s Shocked Faces ) I know U All r In Shock n Nt in Any Condition to Decide Anything Ryt nw bt As We Have Very Less time Left..U all Have to Decide to whom to Save Babies ?? Or Mrs. Krishna…Decision is All Urs ..
Hearing The Doctor’s Words Everyone who were Present their was Shocked n Totally Blank n were Out Of Words to Respond Anything..All They were Able to do was to Weep n to Cry on Krishna’s Condition.As Everyone were in Immense Shock They Heard A Familiar Determined Voice which Made Everyone Present there More Shocked n Surprised bt Seeing The Person A New Hope n New Happiness spread On Their Faces..

Sayyam : ( Determined ) Krishna.. ( Goes Near Doctor ) Yes Doctor U Save Krishna First…. Krishna is More important Fr All Of Us..n It Does nt Matter if She Can’t Conceive after This..i’m In fact ( Sees Entire Family ) we All r fine with it..U just Save Krishna First..
Doctor : ( Agrees ) Ok fine..As Ur before We start Further Procedures Mr Sayyam U need to ( Hand Over Some Papers ) Sign This Concern Papers..It says that if Anything Happens to Mother or Babies Or Both Mother n Babies while Operating We Hospital Staff r nt Responsible for It..So Kindly Plzz Sign this Papers Fast so that We cn Start The Operation Further..
Sayyam : ( Determined n Signs The Papers ) Yeh Li jiye Doctor..I have Signed It..nw Plzz Hurry Up n Go n Start The Delivery Process Fast..Plzz
Doctor : Ok Sure..Bt Mr Sayyam..We being A Responsible Doctor Its Our Duty to Save Her n Babies Both n I will Try My Best to Save them Both..
As soon as sayyam Signs The Papers Doctor Turns n Starts Going Inside The OT wen She Heard A Pleading Voice again.
Sayyam : ( Teary Eyes ) Doctor can I come inside with U..Krishna needs Me..( Pleading Voice )
Doctor : ( Thinking ) Ok fine..Bt Only U..nw Come Fast we don’t have time..Every Second is Very important fr Mrs Krishna..
Sayyam : ( Happy n Wipes His Tears ) Haa..Ha Chaliye..
Soon Both Doctor n sayyam went inside The OT n as soon as Sanskaar Entered The OT He saw His Princess Crying Miserably due to Pain n was Sweating Very Badly..
Krishna : ( Screaming ) Aahahh.. ( Sees Sanskaar ) sayyamm ( Cries ) ssayyam Plzz Do Somehing..I can’t Handle this Pain anymore.. Its Killing Me..Plzz Kuch Karo…humare Bacchoon ko Bachalo..I don’t Care about My Life bt Plzz Save Our Babies n Free Me from this Pain Plzz.. ( Interrupted )
Sayyam : ( Runs Towards Krishna n Consoled Her ) Ssshshh Princess ( Caresses Her Hairs n Wipes Her Sweat ) Nothing will Happen to U nor to Our Babies..main aagaya hu right..Nw Plzz Calm Down n Relax n Let Doctor Do Her Work…
After Consoling Krishna Immediately Doctor Started The Operation n As Time Passes The Operation was still going On n Krishna was Screaming in Pain where as sayyam Consoled n Diverted Her Mind by Keeping Krishna busy in Talks..
Doctor : Krishna..Come On Push..U cn do it Mrs Krishna..Thoda aur ..Plzz..Push..
Sayyam : ( Encouraged n Diverted Her Mind ) Haa Princess..Come On Push..Push The Way U Pushed That Raj in Mandir when He was Troubling U..Yaad hai na ?? Think like someone is Troubling U..n U are Pushing Him..Come On..Princess..

As sayyam was Encouraging n Diverting Krishna’s Mind The Babies were Finally Delivered which Made Both Krishna n sayyam Take A Sigh of Relief
Doctor : ( Worried ) Mr sayyam Babies r nt Crying which is Very Bad News..We should somehow make The Babies Cry warna i’m Sorry to Say … ( Interrupted )
Krishna : ( Shocked ) No..No ( To sayyam n Holds His Hands ) sayyam..Aisa nhi hosakta..sayyam Humare Bacche..Plzz Do Something..( Cries n Hug sayyam Tightly )
Sayyam : ( Shocked n Blank too bt Consoles Krishna ) Haa ..Wait Krishna.. ( Caresses Her back ) Main Kuch Karta hu ( Cups Krishna’s Face ) First U Stop Crying ( To Doctor ) Ddoccttorr ( Fumbles ) Give The Babies to Us..Plzz Maybe They will Cry when they r in Our Arms..Plzz.
After So Many Attempts wen Babies were nt Crying Doctor Gave The 2 New Born Babies to kriyam n as soon as The Babies were in kriyam’s Arms they Received Another Shock of Their Life Making Doctor too Shocked n Surprised..
Krishna : ( Shocked ) sayyam !! Yeh kya Hua ??
Sayyam : ( Shocked too ) Krishna..Calm Down…
Both Krishna n sayyam after Receiving A shock Both Stared Each other in Utter Shock n Surprised with Sweat Flowing from Both of Their Foreheads

  1. AnahitaAnnie

    Thats was a killer episode. All the expressions were written so beautifully. I loved Saiyyam’s care towards krish and the suspense u are maintaining… I can’t wait to know what happens next..and I don’t need to tell u that u slayed the episode like everyday.. Ur writing are luke professional and i love the way u portray each scene… It was Amazing… Getting restless for the next one..and had a question, are u going to end it? I mean I will miss it a lot ??..and even if u end it, are u going to start a new one? I can’t afford to pass my day without ur fabulous writing… Plz plz try not to end this one and even if u want to complete this one plz don’t stop writing. Start a new one… Anyways, loved the episode…

    1. Shaani

      Aww..thank you so much Dr…. It’s a secret let’s see what will happen… I have submitted the next episode also.. It’ll be published soon… I have finished writing 2 more parts also… Let’s see… I hope I will be able to upload those 2 episodes 2mrw… Thankx for yr support Dr… Even if I ended this ff… I won’t forget u ever.. U r one of my good frndz I found in TU.. I love u my Dr little sis… ??

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      I will miss u too much ???.. But that can wait becoz right now I am enjoying ur beautiful writing…and ur episodes are slaying.. And love u too☺☺..

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      Thank you so much sinni?

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      Thank you so much for ur Appreciations Dr it means alot to me… ? I have submitted the next episode also.. It’ll be published soon I guess..

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    Great !! Epi and v beutiful and emotional

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      Thank you so much. …. Glad to know that you liked it ? keep reading keep smiling ?

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      Hii yura… How r u ? Hope u r fit n fine.. Thank you so much… I have submitted the next part also.. It’ll be uploaded soon..? keep reading..

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