Kriyam- U r my strength (Episode 10)

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Episode 10

Sayyam & Krishna both are sitting near a pond.
Sayyam: She didn’t even trust me for a once Krishna..I loved her soo much..i never thought that she will do something like a relationship trust is an important thing…i left the place becoz I don’t want to hear anymore…it hurts ….it hurts when the person whom u lv didn’t trust u n when they are not believing…it hurts Krishna…(sayyam had tears in his eyes.) and then I didn’t went to campus for few days…i wanted to runaway soo I told my sister about this matter but not the whole thing.. But she is my sister..may be she understood something…she talked to my parents idk wht she told but no one asked anything from me..papa got a transfer to here… So we came and settled here…suddenly sayyam felt a weight on him..Krishna side hugged sayyam with her both hands…

Krishna: Sayyam she doesn’t deserve u…thats y she left u…don’t think about it… If u left ur pervious place… U should left her memories there itself…begin a new life sayyam… Abi ke abi…(Krishna want to cheer up sayyam)
Krishna wiped sayyam’s tears ..sayyam turned his face towards Krishna..sayyam and Krishna’s faces are soo closed… They have a passionate eyelock… They didn’t even realised they closeness…? suddenly they realised their closeness…krishna removed her hands from sayyam’s shoulder… They was a few minutes silent between them…
Krishna: Sayyam how do u feel now.. Are u ok?..
Sayyam: Ha Krishna..i’m feeling light…just like my heart got saved from drowning… Thank u Krishna..thank u soo much…

Krishna: Then hereafter no sorry no thank u okey…kyuki dosti me aur pyaar main no sorry no thank u.. Ok..(in love & frndship there is no sorry & no thank u)
Sayyam:(think) Yeh pyaar yah dosti(is this love or frndship)???
Krishna: Ab sab rona Dona dand karo..(now stop crying) in life we will get lots of moments to be happy and yeah..we have to face sad situations also in life…but y should we waste our happy moments becoz of our past sad moments… Zindagi se pyaar karo ( love ur life)… Everything will be alright sayyam…u have to start afresh ….
Krishna: Ok now no more lectures from my side..kyunki u have to attend to a lecture now…am I ryt?

Sayyam smiled and nod his head… Krishna and sayyam went towards the canteen area…but Krishna said I’ll go to the lecture hall. Sayyam: Ok..c u ltr..
They attained to the lectures…and went home..
Krishna’s POV —- sayyam is scared to love becoz of his past…let his wound heal… Then he can move on…sayyam ek achcha ladka hai..(sayyam is a nice boy) why will karishma do something like that if she really knows about him… How can someone hurt someone else feelings…may be god has some other plans for sayyam… bagawan ji kabi koi achchi insaan ko buraai nahi karogi…(god will never punish good ppl)… Krishna’s POV ended—–

Sayyam’s POV—- today becoz of my heart feels very light… But still I have the fear…if i started to love someone again will the same thing happen to me… Sayyam’s POV ended–
Sayyam give a call to Krishna (they are frnd now and they have shared their phn numbers also)…but Krishna didn’t answer it…

He thought that she is busy with her studies…
Yuvaani entered to sayyam’s room..
Sayyam: Di tum yaha..?( Sister u here?)
Yuvaani: Kyu(why) can’t I meet u? Do I need to take permission..
Sayyam: Asa nahi hai di..(it’s not like that sister)
Yuvaan: Look like some ppl r spending time without me ok..ok carry on…i will not Interfere…
Sayyam: Aree mere bhai….kasa hai tu yaar…how is ur office work going on.. Did u found any girl to flirt…
Yuvaan: Sayyam ek nahi bohot saare ladkiya Mila hai muje…(not one I have met soo many girls)

Yuvaani looked at his both brothers and smiled then 3 of them spend some quality time with each other .
Precap- not yet decided…

Guys I’m writing and submiting the episodes…but it take soo much time to upload…so guys u have to wait till they upload it…becoz they get soo many ff…and also they have to update the original story also na… Read n give ur ideas n suggestions….

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  1. This is so good.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much…glad that u liked it..I have uploaded 12th episode read that one also..

  2. Really nyc …I loved the part when krishna hugged saiyyam…good work shaani…plz update ASAP 🙂

    1. Shaani

      Thank for reading and commenting…Glad that u like it….Dr I have submitted upto 12th episode 13th episode will be uploaded 2mrw…

  3. Hey shaani I have got a small idea there should be a freshers party and they should go in pairs & u can pair up kriyyam,Swasan and others…u add some nyc moment which will just spice up the epi… 😉

    1. Aarti32

      Good idea..Plzz use it Shaani

      1. Shaani

        Yeah sure I will sure it??

    2. Shaani

      Thanks for the idea…yeah I have organized something but not a party..but yeah now I can include it …when u read next 2 episodes u will understand about the event..after that event I’ll organise a party for them..thank for the ideas…i was lacking with ideas..thanks, for reading…

  4. Aarti32

    It was vry heartwarming..But Saiyyam is still little bit scared..But no worries, his fear will go away with Krishna’s togetherness..Good job dear

    1. Shaani

      Thanks Aaru…glad that u like it…read the next parts also…

  5. Their closeness??

    1. Shaani

      ? this is my first attempt to write a story…so I’m feeling really shy to write romantic scenes..i’m sorry about that..

  6. Rockstr

    I love sayyam-yuvani-yuvan bonding..its so cute..and kriyyam tho dont ask….cant wait for the nxt part..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much… Glad u liked it…I have uploaded the next 2 parts also u can read them..

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